Caravan Heaters Buyer's Guide

Did you know temperatures in Australia can drop to minus 23 degrees? It's no wonder more Aussie caravan owners are investing in caravan heaters.

We might swelter in scorching temperatures during the day, but Australian temperatures have been known to drop below freezing at night. And we're not just talking about the peak of Mount Kosciuszko!

One of the biggest benefits of caravan heaters is that they allow you to travel all year round. No need to chase the sun! Venture into the mountains and outback knowing you'll be as snug as a bug when the sun goes down.


So, how do you choose the right caravan heater for you? Read on for our guide to caravan heaters:


Types of Caravan Heaters:

No matter what type of fuel you are running on, there's a caravan heater to suit all your needs. Nowadays you can opt for a heating system that runs on diesel, gas, electricity – or a combination.


Gas Caravan Heaters

For free campers, these units are a good option. They connect straight to your gas bottle to provide an economical source of heat that runs independently from the engine. In the past, gas caravan heaters had a bad reputation for being inefficient and expensive to run. These days, they have a higher level of efficiency, low power consumption and can generally heat the average caravan within 30 minutes.

Manufacturers are constantly developing models boast lower exhaust emissions, making them kinder to the environment and quieter. Truma – one of the biggest names in caravan heaters – has also designed gas units that take up very little space and can be installed in almost any position.

Remember, ventilation is an absolute must-have when using a gas heater. Your gas heater must be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas fitter.

 Truma Vario Eco Gas Heater


So How Do You Go About Choosing a Caravan Heater?


Gas Only Heaters

Lightweight, sleek and compact the Truma Vario Eco gas heater is a sure fire way to stay warm this winter. The advantage of this model is it's very quiet at night and heats the space quickly. It also is the most efficient gas heater on the market. It's no wonder this is such a popular heating method for caravanners in Australia. It only uses about 100g per hour on level 1.


Diesel Caravan Heaters

Love bush camping? Diesel caravan heaters may be the way to go. Diesel fuelled heaters are designed with the fuel tank, exhaust and air intake mounted externally to the caravan. Then, you can choose to have one, two or three air outlets inside the van. Alternatively, the heater can tap into the fuel line in diesel-powered motorhomes.

They may be more expensive upfront, but diesel caravan heaters are an economical option if you need to heat a larger caravan, or plan on spending lots of time in cooler climates. Some models, like the Eberspacher Airtronic air heater, can even be operated on the move!

Eberspacher Airtronic AS3 D2L Diesel Air Heater Kit, 12Volt, Single Outlet


Looking for budget diesel heater models? We recommend these units:


Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

240v reverse cycle air conditioners are another way to keep the chill away. Especially if you spend lots of time in caravan parks with access to mains power. You can operate it on a generator, but beware that nobody wants to be parked next to the noisy RV with a generator running all night long!

There is no better winter roof top air conditioner than the Dometic Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner. The Ibis 4 featurers a new generation compressor, making it super quiet! It is also very effective when operating in colder temperatures.


Dometic Ibis 4 Review


Combination Caravan Air Heater and Hot Water System

Another option is a combination air heater and hot water system. For example, Truma Combi models deliver air and water heating in one unit. The heater can be operated on heat water only, heat air without water, or heat air and water at the same time. Talk about flexibility.


The Truma Combi CP Plus


What's Your Budget?

Caravan heaters have come a long way, so think about what you really need for your budget. Will it be a basic model or advanced digitally controlled unit? And if you really want luxury, why not opt for added accessories like a heated towel rail?


Final Thoughts:

Whichever caravan heater you choose, there are lots of smart ways to keep your caravan cosy without power. Look at insulation to the caravan. Make sure your doors and windows are well fitted. Think about adding rugs or other soft coverings. And of course, you can always throw on some extra blankets and woollen socks!


Need help selecting a Caravan Heater? Give one of our product experts a call on 1300 400 122!


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