Caravan Gas Heaters

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Stay toasty on cooler days and nights with a caravan gas heater. There are lots of places to explore in Australia where temperatures can drop low enough that extra layers and blankets is no longer enough. That’s where caravan gas heater comes in extra handy.

These caravan gas heaters are designed to efficiently heat your vehicle to your desired temperature in a short amount of time.

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters, made by manufacturers like Truma, run on LP gas. Air is drawn from an external intake pipe and passed into the combustion chamber, where it’s mixed with LP gas and automatically ignited. This heats up the large surface area of a heat exchanger.

If you already have other gas appliances, like a water heater, three-way fridge or gas stove, adding a gas heater is easy.

Heaters and Hot Water Systems

Get a water and air heater in one unit. Manufacturers like Truma make combo water and air heaters that are also gas fuelled. What a space saver!