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Camping Generators are light weight and portable generators which fulfils the power requirements for outdoor remote activities. These are an important accessory for any unpowered camping application. These are easy to pack and transport and commonly used to run Caravans, Motorhomes, Camper Trailers and for 4WD adventures.

Camping Generators are typically pure sine inverter generators, to provide clean power output. This feature makes them suitable for power sensitive devices such as laptops and mobile phones. They are much quieter and more portable than their conventional counterparts. Inverter Camping Generators are also very fuel efficient as their auto throttle feature idles the engine speed up or down depending on the required power output. 

Our range of Camping Generators are super silent in their operation and are from leading brands including Yamaha, Cromtech, Briggs & Stratton, Hyundai and DeWalt. Whilst the most popular size of camping generator is typically between 2000 to 3000 watts of power output, our range includes models from 1000 to 7000 watts in size.  

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Guide to Choosing a Camping Generator!

Camping generators are very popular and are critical to powering up your campsite when in remote locations or away from mains power. There are a number of important factors to consider when choosing a camping generator. These are:

Power Output Quality: A critical part of choosing the right generator comes down to the ‘power output quality’... Getting it wrong could result in damage or destruction to your appliances. So, for camping and other recreational applications an inverter voltage control system is recommended. Inverters produce the purest power of all and their control system maintains an extremely high accuracy level of voltage. These units are ideal for sensitive electronics, such as computers and are a common type of generator for recreational uses and small domestic appliances. Inverter generators offer a number of other benefits including less noise, lower weight, and greater fuel efficiency as compared to traditional conventional models.

Noise Level: Check the decibel level and ensure the generator muffler is good quality so that it doesn’t sound like a V8 engine – this is especially important for recreational applications like camping or caravanning as high noise levels can be frowned upon in camping grounds not to mention ruining the relaxed atmosphere. As a guide, refer to the below Noise Level Table to see how quiet a Yamaha Inverter Generator can be - great for camping and caravan use.

Weight & Size: This factor is very important when camping or on the move. By the time you’ve packed up all your camping equipment, fridge, food and clothes - your car is jam packed! The size and weight of a generator are important factors to consider when choosing a camping generator.

Fuel Efficiency & Run Time: You want a generator that is fuel efficient, but also one that holds a decent amount of fuel. Some engines adjust their engine speed (RPM) based on the load demand (inverter generators) for greater fuel efficiency. Both fuel efficiency and fuel tank size will affect the run time. You can find the generator run time under the spec details for each unit.

12V DC Battery Outlet: Many recreational users will require their generator to charge their batteries, so a 12 volt DC battery outlet is important in this case.

Warranty: Many of the cheap models available online today come with limited warranties and no Australian presence. Now that might be ok if there were servicing centres in your local area but you’ll soon find out, they are extremely hard to find. Not only that but the warranty provided is very limited, it only covers the bare minimum. You can avoid this hassle though just by purchasing a good quality brand name generator. It’s not as expensive as you think either. Make sure the generator you buy has a decent warranty period. 

Don’t you want the peace of mind knowing that your generator won’t break down after 3 months? I’m sure you don’t want to be half way through a job or camping on an island and have your cheap generator stop working.

Service Network and Level of Technical Support: Make sure the camping generator you choose comes with a service network and after sales support located in Australia. Generators at come from manufactuers with an Australian presence. This means there representatives located in Australia that can look after any warranty or service issues that may arise. The brands available at My Generator pride themselves on having excellent spare parts and service back up.

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Frequency of Use/Durability: There are many different generator manufacturers. The quality of generators varies considerably. If you intend to use your camping generator frequently, we recommend you look at the higher quality brands like Yamaha and Briggs and Stratton. If on the other hand you only intend to use your generator infrequently, you may prefer to look at a brand like Cromtech. Without going into the technical differences, the easiest way to tell the difference in quality is by the length of warranty, service network coverage and price.

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