Thetford Review: How Does Thetford Stack Up Against Dometic


Thetford has been around for more than 40 years, making RV appliances and accessories that are loved by travellers worldwide. But how does it stack up against its closest rivals, Dometic?

Our Thetford review reveals the answer.


Who is Thetford?

If you have a caravan, Thetford is a name worth getting to know. While it's not Australian born and bred (hailing from the USA and Europe), Thetford has a strong presence in Australia with an extensive network of more than 250 service agents.

The company has been around for over 40 years and is a leader in all things caravan - you've probably seen some of Thetford's products including caravan absorption fridges, caravan cooking appliances and caravan toilets, or even their service doors and accessories.

The Thetford Journey


Now, it's time for the part of the Thetford review you've been waiting for...


How Does Thetford Stack Up Against Dometic?


Warranties and Service

Both Dometic and Thetford are European-based brands with extensive Australian service networks. Thetford offers a standard 3-year warranty across its entire range, while Dometic's warranty ranges from 1 - 5 years depending on what you buy.


Compressor Fridges

Thetford is lagging a bit in the compressor fridge market. It only released its first compressor fridge into the market in 2018. Meanwhile, Dometic offers 8 models of compressor fridges, including the market leading NRX115. Thetford offer a fraction of that with 4 models making up their range from 105 to 274 litre.


3-way Fridges

If it's a 3-way fridge (absorption fridge) you're after, Thetford is the only brand to measure up to Dometic in terms of range and features. Thetford's absorption fridges are extremely popular for the Aussie climate thanks to the fact that they all are T Rated (tropical rating). That means they are designed to work in temperatures up to 43 degrees C! Just like Dometic models, Thetford absorption fridges are designed to run on gas.

Both Dometic and Thetford have sizes ranging from 90 litres to 224 litres, though Dometic boasts the greater range overall. However, Thetford offers a popular slimline model which is only 438mm wide (compared to a standard 525mm width) but has a substantial 118-litre fridge and a 15-litre freezer.


Weigh up the differences between Thetford vs Dometic Absorption fridges in our dedicated article.


Cooktops and Ovens

When it comes to caravan cooktops and ovens, both Thetford and Dometic have the market covered with hobs, ovens, cookers, sinks and bowls, and combination units. But Dometic has something Thetford doesn't - caravan slide out kitchens.


Caravan Toilets

Thetford is the undisputed king of caravan toilets. In fact, Thetford invented the cassette toilet. It features a removable waste-holding tank making it the ultimate sanitary solution for your caravan or motor home. The company also develops toilet fluids and maintenance products in its own labs. No surprises then that Thetford toilets are more popular than Dometic's.

Thetford - How to use the Thetford Cassette Toilet


Our Verdict

No doubt about it, our Thetford review has shown that Thetford is a strong contender to Dometic. While Thetford doesn't always have the product range that Dometic offers, it's catching up on some fronts and is definitely the one to watch. Bottom line? You can't go wrong with either brand - it just comes down to which product is right for your caravan!

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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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