The Best RV Drawer Fridge

Tight on space? Keep your food fresh and drinks ice cold with an RV drawer fridge.

RV drawer fridges are designed to fit into the tightest spaces, such as the back of your 4-wheel drive, on a boat or in smaller RVs. They are easy to use, efficient, secure, and can really look the business.

There's a huge range of RV drawer fridges to choose from: 12/24v and 240v options, large and small, fridge and freezer combinations. So if you're thinking of buying one, check out our guide to the best RV drawer fridges on the market:



Dometic Waeco Coolmatic 20 Litre

One of the most common models, this smart RV drawer fridge ticks all the boxes.

The 20-litre capacity is a snug size for 4WDs, while also making a great second fridge for camper trailers and caravans. The compressor fridge runs on roller bearing slides and features a stylish black front panel to match most vehicles.

Dometic Waeco CoolMatic 20 Litre Compressor Drawer Fridge

If you are looking for something a little bigger, this fridge is also offered in a 30 litre capacity with all the same features!

RV drawer Fridge

As with all Dometic products, you can count on the sturdy construction to last the distance. There are metal latches to lock it securely into place. At the same time, unlocking is as easy as a single movement. Another bonus of this RV drawer fridge is that it can be operated by solar or 240-volt power.

This fridge won't break the bank either - expect to pay around $700-$800, which includes a 3-year warranty. Read more about this product


Engel 30-litre Drawer Fridge

Another smart little option is the Engel. This 30-litre drawer fridge runs on a Sawafuji Swing Motor. It's built tough with a steel cabinet and stainless-steel runners. You also benefit from a handy internal LED light and built-in ventilation with dual fans.

Another bonus of this RV drawer fridge is that the compressor unit can be located up to 1.5 metres away from the fridge. The Engel model comes in at a similar price to the Dometic, but only has a 1-year warranty. Learn more about this fridge

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Evakool 40-litre Drawer Fridge Freezer

This newer model has quickly become our most popular RV drawer fridge option. Why? Because you can choose between using it as a fridge OR a freezer. The 12/24-volt compressor fridge-freezer boasts the ability to get down to minus 16 degrees (whereas many other RV Drawer Fridge models will only get down to around minus 8 degrees). You simply store all of your food and drink in the drawer, and slide it out when you need them: either frozen or nice and cooled.

Evakool DC40

At only 326mm high, the Evakool unit is ideal for the back of your 4WD. Especially because it also has a fully insulated powder coated cabinet and will operate on angles up to 30 degrees.

Other highlights include an internal tray which can be easily removed for cleaning, easy digital controls and a handy turbo mode for faster cooling. All this and you still only pay between $900-$1,000, which includes a 2-year warranty. Check out all the details.

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Isotherm Cruise 65-litre When you're looking for a fridge for your boat or yacht, you can't go past the Isotherm Cruise Inox 65-litre compressor drawer fridge. This RV drawer fridge is a stylish as it gets, with a pull-out drawer featuring a super-smart interior design of bins and bottle racks. The door has a totally flush design with an integrated latch. Inside, take note of the stainless-steel interior detail trims and a sequence of five LED lights that provides blue internal light.

It's these details that really make it worth the $2450 price tag! If you've got budget leftover, match it with the 55-litre drawer freezer made to the same dimensions. See all the features.

Rv Drawer Fridge
A space-saving, front-opened drawer fridge

Vitrifrigo DW70

Last but definitely not least, the Vitrifrigo DW70RF stainless steel drawer fridge is a great all-rounder. A single drawer boasts a generous 75-litre capacity. The external compressor can be used with a 1.6m line stored in a cupboard or other well-ventilated space. The result is a sleek RV drawer fridge that fits into a more compact area to optimise your internal space.

Vitrifrigo DW70

Also, as you'd expect from Vitrifrigo, the stainless-steel drawer and trims are designed to last in the marine environment. Expect some change from $1,800, which includes a 1-year warranty. Read more about this fridge.


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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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