Our Guide To Purchasing Replacement Caravan Windows

Are you upgrading all your caravan windows? Replacing a broken window? It's something you only want to do once. Get it wrong and it can be an expensive mistake!

That's why we've created this guide to help answer your questions and make sure you buy the right replacement caravan windows first time.

Ready? Let's go...


How To Measure The Cutout For Your Replacement Caravan Window:

Start by measuring the cut-out for your replacement caravan window.

Remember - you are measuring for the whole window, including the frame.

As a rule of thumb, windows are normally 45mm wider and 30mm higher than the cut-out size to accommodate the frame.


What To Consider When Choosing A Replacement Caravan Window:


Choose from two styles: hinged or sliding.

Hinged windows are the most popular style on the market. They come with security features that you don't get with sliding windows and can stay open to the desired position thanks to the friction design. There are also lots more sizes and styles available for hinged windows than sliding windows.

Caravan Window Range

With hinged windows, there are two different types available. You can choose windows that have three opening positions and a click clack design. Or opt for a friction design, which means the window will stay in whatever position you open it to.



Glazing is essential for replacement caravan windows, as it can make or break your insulation. Look for double glazed windows, as they will provide the best insulation. For example, the Dometic S7P boasts a double glazed acrylic pane which reduces noise by up to 65% and provides thermal insulation.


Let's face it, you can't travel in Australia without flyscreens! Depending on the window model, the flyscreen can be integrated or bought separately. With Dometic DLux and S4 windows, the flyscreen can be clipped to the blackout roller blind so they can be adjusted simultaneously. Easy!



There's more than one type of blind available for caravan windows! Choose between normal blinds, block out blinds and privacy screens depending on your preference. Some windows come with built-in blinds.


Look for windows that feature a secure locking system. For example, the Dometic DLux hinged windows have a safety interlock system which means the window cannot be opened from the outside.


Reputable Brands We Recommend:

When it comes to replacement caravan windows, you can't go past Dometic or Camec.

Dometic really knows caravans, so it's no surprise that their huge selection of caravan windows feature all the design details you could want. We're talking about security locks, smooth opening and closing, block-out blinds and flyscreens, and easy installation. Dometic windows can be installed in a vertical or horizontal orientation, and come in lots of sizes. Check out the Dometic S4, S7P and DLux models in our online store.

The Dometic S4 is a click clack design and comes in silver and black, while the S7P and DLux are both friction designs.

Camec might not offer the range of Dometic, but their products are a reliable choice for replacement caravan windows. Camec windows are all aluminium framed with a smooth finish. Check out the Camec Odyssey, which comes in black or white designs suitable for most wall thicknesses. The window features a single glazed tinted acrylic, wind out operation and a fixed flyscreen.


Tools Required For The DIY'ers:

If you're looking to install or replace a caravan or motorhome window yourself, here's the tools you'll require:

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Masking tape

  • Silicone - high quality non acetic

  • A cloth

  • Drill or screwdriver

  • Hole saw (only if you are installing a new window, with no existing hole)

  • Grinder (or metal saw if cutting hole in caravan/van)

  • Safety goggles

PRO TIP: if you have never replaced or installed a new window we strongly recommend you consult a professional


Ready to buy your replacement caravan windows? Compare the products in our range.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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