myCOOLMAN Review: How Are Their Fridges Different To The Big Brands?

myCOOLMAN are a fairly new entrant to the portable fridge market in Australia but how do their portable fridge freezers compare to the fridges from the big brands such as Dometic, Engel and Evakool? Lets find out in our myCOOLMAN review:


myCOOLMAN Review:

myCOOLMAN entered into the market in early 2019 and some of the founders of this new brand were the pioneers of the original Waeco fridge (now Dometic) many, many years ago.

If you are looking at buying a quality portable fridge then the main brands in the market are Dometic-Waeco, Evakool, and Engel... now you can add also myCOOLMAN to that list (you can see our Best Portable Fridge Brands article HERE). Essentially the portable fridges from these brands will all perform the same basic function and have the same main components, i.e:

  • 240 volt and 12/24 volt operation (hence the portability so you can run the fridge from your camping battery source)

  • Temperature range down to approx. minus 20°C (i.e. fridge temp capability and freezer temp capability)

  • Energy efficient compressor (won't drain your battery in a hurry)

  • Sturdy handles for portability/tie-down

  • Tough but (mostly) lightweight exterior to handle the knocks

  • Internal baskets for easy contents removal & packing etc.

  • Optional extra accessories including fridge slides, covers etc.

So really they will all do a great job of keeping your food & drink at your desired temperature on your adventure! These leading brands also all have comprehensive warranties and have a national service agent and spare parts network. Therefore you know your fridge is well supported should you need any help.

Best Camping Fridge Brands


So, once you have made the right call to opt for a fridge from one of these leading brands, you will then likely compare pricing of models/brands and also fridge dimensions/size (litres) to fit your specific needs.

Often after this process there can still be several models of similar size from these brands to choose from. E.g. if you're in need of a portable camping fridge of around 45-55 litres in size, you would still have over half a dozen options of models from the leading brands.


So How Do I Choose Then?

To help you narrow in on your selection, you can delve a bit further into the finer specifics of each brand/model to see what smaller features might appeal to you. These finer attributes or aspects of the product might not be the main deciding factor, but they can help you elect for one particular brand/model over another.

Examples of finer portable fridge features are things such as; WiFi/Bluetooth control, USB charging outlets, LED lighting, lid opening type, handle type etc. This comes back to our original question posed for this myCOOLMAN review article: how are myCOOLMAN different to the existing big brands?... the answer is; the differences are mostly the small finer features.

So the only way to distinguish myCOOLMAN is to have is to look at these finer differences:

The Finer myCOOLMAN Portable Fridge Features:


myCOOLMAN fridges feature 2 x 12 volt and 240 volt sockets (one of each at either end of the fridge). This is convenient when packing your vehicle and you have the flexibility to run the power chord to either end of the fridge.

myCOOLMAN Fridges



myCOOLMAN fridge handles are built into the ends of the fridge, meaning they don't protrude beyond the end of the fridge like some other brands. This is helpful when you are tight on space in the back of your vehicle.

myCOOLMAN Fridges



The brands fridge lids are slightly thicker than many of the other brands to ensure there is no bending or warping over time. Please note however; check fridge model weights during your comparison process.

myCOOLMAN Fridges


Bottle Openers:

An interesting design inclusion is that myCOOLMAN fridges feature in-built bottle openers at each end of the fridge.

myCOOLMAN Fridges


Power Pack:

The above finer features might offer some appeal to certain customers, but they are not neccessarily game changers... probably then the most notable feature with a material point of difference is the myCOOLMAN Powerpack; this is a 15Ah portable lithium battery that attaches to the side of your myCOOLMAN fridge magnetically. No other brands (as yet) have this kind of offering where you can attach a power source to the fridge - pretty cool (pun intended!). To give you an idea on run time, it will run the 44L model for around 14 hours (depending on ambient temp and other variables) - so its suitable for those quick trips.


See video below for a review on the myCOOLMAN power pack:

Closer look at myCOOLMAN fridge and power pack | 4X4 Australia


myCOOLMAN Review Verdict:

In summary, myCOOLMAN has released a quality range of portable fridges that are equal to the existing leading brands in the Australian market.

They perform the main function of a portable camping fridge that you would expect. They have a handful of small variants from the other leading brands (as does each brand in their own right). The difference worthy of note is the Powerpack; this is quite innovative and it would not surprise us to see other brands follow suit with somehting similar in time. The Powerpack is small, but will no doubt suit some customers looking for a simple power option for day trips, picnics etc.

Since we started offering the myCOOLMAN range from early 2019, there have been some customers which have found the above finer fridge features appealing. However, it will take time for this new entrant to get the awareness that the likes of Dometic-Waeco or Engel, which have the proven track record of building high quality portable fridges over decades.

This is often the challenge with a new brand entering a mature market: the new offering needs a significantly appealing point of difference. We think the myCOOLMAN Powerpack will spark the interest of campers looking for that short term power solution, as there isn't much else like this yet. For the travellers relying on their larger camping batteries or dual battery systems then this powerpack option will likely not be as appealing.

Aside from the Powerpack, if the above other finer features are particularly appealing to you, then you should be quite happy opting for a
myCOOLMAN fridge - they have made a quality product. If you are not especially swayed by those features, then check out the other leading portable fridge brands and there will definitely be a model with pricing and features that you'll love.


Need help choosing a portable camping fridge? Give one of our product experts a call on 1300 400 122!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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2 May 2021
What compressor do they run and what warranty do they come with?

My Generator Response
Hi Mos, myCOOLMAN design their own compressor which is called the "myCOOLMAN blue compressor". This is featured in every one of their compressor fridges. The myCOOLMAN compressor fridges have a 5 year warranty. Their coolers, drinkware, iceboxes, power pack and thermoelectric coolers come with a one year warranty. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Kind regards, Jessica,

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