Lectron Generators: Why we are discontinuing support for Lectron

Lectron Generators : A couple of years back, we told you how Lectron was the new kid on the generator block. We were excited about these budget generators made in China, especially because they came with some appealing features and were backed by a 1 year warranty.

However, 2 years on and we are withdrawing our support for the Lectron generators brand. We like to be open with our customers about why we do and don't stock certain products. So here's why we will no longer stock Lectron generators:

Poor product support

Lectron no longer provides the product support (warranty, service, parts support) that we have come to expect from a local supplier. The generators are okay - as they were when we first recommended them initially - but once a unit needs to be inspected for repair, or spare parts are required, or something goes wrong, Lectron generators leaves you high and dry.

Unacceptable levels of customer service

Lectron provides poor customer service. It's as simple as that. In fact, the company once had customer support available, but has disconnected its phone number, so it's not even possible to speak with a Lectron representative about its products. We've tried emails too but the customer service team rarely answer emails requesting product support. So despite starting out with lots of promise, the brand has ended up, like many other Chinese importers, forgetting about after sales support.

No service agents in Australia

The Australian distributor for Lectron generators does not have an approved network of service agents in Australia.

'Parts only' warranty

The Lectron manufacturer's warranty is a 'parts only' warranty, so if you have an issue with your Lectron generator, you will need to find a local small engine service agent that is prepared to inspect and repair the generator at your expense. In other words, you need to pay an agent to inspect and diagnose faults with your Lectron generator. And if that's not bad enough, you will also need to pay the service agent to fit faulty parts that are supplied under the manufacturer's warranty.

Poor spare part support

Our experience has revealed the spare part support from Lectron to be very poor. Sometimes the distributor will have parts, but often they won't. And in our opinion, that's just not good enough.

Meet Cromtech, a better affordable alternative

cheap generator
Cromtech is backed by a national service network

The good news is there are many quality affordable generators in the market that we are happy to recommend. And the Cromtech Outback 2400w Inverter Generator is a better, affordable alternative to Lectron. Manufactured in China, this generator is a great value budget option. And because it is distributed in Australia by Crommelins Machinery, it has the full backing and support of a reputable national service agent.

Crommelins is a trusted Australian manufacturer and distributor that has been in the generator trade for over 50 years. While the company still manufactures and assembles power equipment in Australia, it has also seen the opportunity of a 'budget' option in the inverter generator market.

2.4kw Cromtech Outback - Portable petrol inverter generator

Enter the Cromtech Outback

Great for caravans, camping, home back-up power and domestic use, this generator has the attractive budget price-tag with the backing of national service support. Cromtech products are supported by hundreds of approved service agents across Australia, something that really sets them apart from other budget brands on the market.

Another budget brand inverter generator made in China which also has a national Service Agent backing is Supaswift. These Supaswift generators are backed by All Power Industries and supported by the All Power nationwide Service Dealer and Spare Parts Network.

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

7 thoughts on Lectron Generators: Why we are discontinuing support for Lectron

5 June 2019
I have the 2kVa unit and after about 15hrs runtime began having issues with start the unit. The ebay company I bought it from was very helpful and although would not pay for the repairs, happily sent me parts to try and fix it. Eventually they sent me a complete front panel and when changing it out, I found that a dodgy connection in one of the plugs was the probable fault. Apart from that the unit has proven to very reliable in supplying power to our caravan after probably close to 80-90hrs use.. I think this unit is exactly the same as what Gentec and Kings were providing at the time.

2 January 2019
Hi, I have a Lectron EC3500i. Generator the motor runs fine, but no power is produced. Can't find a reset or circuit breaker and found only one fuse, that's good. Nothing looks or smells Burnt or off. Any advice?

10 November 2018
just bought a second hand unit,can I use the cheap or the good fuel for it,also can additive be added to keep it clean while running it,how often do u change the oil and spark plug...

9 February 2018
I bought a lectron 2kva generator 5 months ago & from day one it has not worked properly. eventually it was sent back to the dealer & returned to me supposedly working correctly. I asked what repairs were carried out, they could not or would not tell me tell me, the generator is still faulty. i exchanged many emails with the dealer about this but they did not want anymore to do with it. i left it too late to claim through Ebay, i then tried with Paypal all was going fine until it was realised that my email address was out of date even though i provided two addresses & phone numbers the case was closed because Paypal could not contact me. So now i am left with a useless heap of chinese junk, my own fault but do not buy one

8 February 2018
Downvoting, I think this post is biased. They are clearly using the name to bring traffic to a brand they are promoting. I couldn't be happier with my Lectron. I've had multiple contacts with Lectron support and always been helpful and quick. I did have difficulty starting at one point. I contacted Lectron directly and they were very helpful in returning the generator. Found a fault that they claimed was me not following the instructions. But they repaired it at no cost to me.

My Generator Response
Hi Derek; Thank you for contributing to the post, but we disagree with your comments, particularly the 'biased' reference. We are actually one of the best people to ask about Lectron Generators given we sold hundreds of them over a period of 1-2 years. Glad to hear you are one of the people who has had a good experience - however the amount of Lectron customers (either purchased through us or other sellers) who did not have a good experience, was in our opinion unsatisfactory. When there was product failure or requirement for spare parts, the after sales support from Lectron just wasn't up to the standard we expect. We are a premium brand retailer and go to great lengths to ensure our customers have a fantastic experience, every time. If a manufacturer/brand can't work with us to provide this, then we will discontinue our support for that brand. This was the case for Lectron. Once again, thank you for contributing and glad that you were one of the Lectron customers who had a positive experience. Cheers.

3 January 2017
I have used me Lectron generator for 2 years now in NZ and has been perfect starts up almost first time everything. The only thing I have replaced was the battery. This is the electric start model.

10 March 2015
i have just purchased a lectron generator it powers my caravan with all appliances working and at this moment i am very satisfied with the product

My Generator Response
Hi Owen - thanks for your comment; glad you are enjoying your new purchase. Happy Caravanning! Cheers

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