Your No-Nonsense Guide to Yamaha Generators Australia

When it comes to generators, Yamaha is up there with the best names in the industry. It is continuously raising the bar to provide bigger and better benefits to Yamaha generator users worldwide.

Yamaha 2000w Generator

With a myriad of Yamaha generators on the Australia market, how do you choose the best one for your power needs?

At, we've put together a quick buyer's guide to Yamaha Generators Australia:

Yamaha Inverter Generators

Safe, reliable and compact, Yamaha's portable range of 4-stroke petrol powered inverter generators are the new wave in generator technology for when you need clean, high quality electricity in a lightweight package.

An Inverter system stabilises the amount of voltage and frequency produced by a petrol-driven alternator through the supply of "sine wave" electricity. This means the Yamaha inverter generators are the ideal power source when using precision equipment or microcomputer controlled electrical appliances. They are also packed with safe and easy-to-use features whether you need to operate equipment in the field, power your campsite, or get through a power outage.

Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator: Features and Benefits

Yamaha Conventional Petrol Generators

When it comes to conventional generators, Yamaha offers reliable generators that deliver an unbeatable combination of power and performance in a quiet, compact package. With many of the same features as the Inverter Generator range, the Yamaha EF7200E is the pick of the Yamaha conventional range, boasting a seriously powerful engine producing 6kVA, has a long range fuel tank and AVR alternator. Popular for trade/commercial use, home back up and agricultural applications.

The new Yamaha EF7200E generator is packed with additional features

What to look for in a Yamaha Generator Australia

When you're buying a Yamaha generator, take your time to understand the unique features it offers. Things to look out for include:

  • 4-Stroke OHV Engine: This is the heart and soul of your Yamaha generator. It provides powerful performance, precise valve actuation, excellent heat dissipation, low fuel consumption and reduced noise level.

  • Electronic Circuit Breaker: Safely cuts off the current when the output voltage exceeds the designated maximum output capacity.

  • Oil Warning System: Another excellent safety feature; the engine stops automatically when oil level is low, preventing engine damage and minimising costly repairs.

  • Auto Decompressor: This provides effortless starting for your generator by reducing compression.

  • Petrol Petcock: Reduces carburettor contamination when the generator's not in use by turning off petrol flow and allowing the carburettor to run dry. In the long run, this means fewer maintenance issues.

  • Fuel Gauge: Another handy fuel feature, this displays the fuel level without having to open the fuel cap so you don't need to worry about spillages.

  • Voltage Meter: Check the voltage at a quick glance.

  • DC Output Capability: Great for battery charging.

  • Electric Starter: The electric motor simply cranks the generator until it starts.

  • Brushless Alternator: Ideal for minimal maintenance, hassle-free service and a clean output, helping your generator last longer.

  • Long Range Fuel Tank: Provides a longer running time so you don't need to refuel as often.

  • Spark Arrestor: Excellent feature that prevents sparks from exiting exhaust system, reducing the risk of errant sparks causing a fire.

Why have one when you can have two?

One feature of the Yamaha generators that's hard to go past is the TwinTech™, or parallel use, function. This means you can hook up two generators of the same specification to enjoy almost double the power output, while retaining the same voltage and frequency of a single unit. Currently this is only available with the Yamaha EF2000iS and EF2400iS - but we're hopeful that it will be extended to more of the ranges soon!

Yamaha Inverter Generator EF2000iS: great for recreation or mobile businesses
Yamaha EF2000iS Inverter Generator Review

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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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