Dometic Review: Are They The Best Caravan Appliances, Or Not?

Millions of people around the world use Dometic products. But does that automatically make them the best caravan appliances on the market?

Grab a cool drink, sit back and let our Dometic review reveal all.

Who is Dometic?


Dometic has been in the caravan game since the 1960s. It was originally set up as an arm of Electrolux, which started to make inroads into the leisure market in the post-war period. Now a public company in its own right, Dometic provides mobile living solutions for adventurers all around the world, including Australia. In fact, it holds the crown of global leader in products for RVs.

One thing Dometic prides itself on is building products for convenience and comfort. As it says on the Dometic Australia website:

"Our job is to meet your essential needs on the journey. Like cooking, keeping food fresh, taking care of personal hygiene and maintaining a pleasant temperature. That way, you can explore more, see more and stay away longer. We call it mobile living made easy."


Why We Love Dometic


Let's be honest, there's a lot to love about Dometic. So much, in fact, that we've made a list:

  • High Quality Products

One of the first things Dometic appliance owners will want to share around the campfire is how incredible reliable and durable their gear is. Whether you buy a fridge-freezer or an RV toilet, you get the same durable, quality design and construction.

  • Long warranties

Dometic doesn't scrimp on its warranties. Back in 2017, it set the benchmark in the market with a longer standard warranty period on its core range, which meant up to 3 years on selected RV air-conditioners, refrigerators and cookers. Plus, you can also opt to extend the warranty for an additional two years with the Dometic Care program.

  • Service agents around the whole country

Dometic products are supported by service agents across Australia, and the world. Use their simple online tool to find your local support agent.

  • Innovation

This is a brand that doesn't stand still. Dometic is always looking for new and exciting product innovations, whether that's a new portable insulated cooler bag, an air con solution for mid-sized RVs or a compact drawer fridge. Case in point, the brand won the 2019 iF Design Award for its PLB40 portable lithium battery pack.

The Best Camping Battery to Run Your Camping Fridge: Dometic PLB40 Review



Camping Furniture:

When it comes to camping chairs and tables, you want durability, longevity and comfort! Dometic have released a range of chairs, recliners, tables and a stretcher bed that tick all these boxes, yet are also lightweight.



Innovation is the cornerstone of Dometic's success and their inflatable tents are a shining example. Gone are the days of fighting with tent poles and complex instructions, simply plug in the included 12V pump and watch it inflate. Dometic have four sizes for singles, couples and families.

How To: Setting Up The Dometic Stradbroke Inflatable Tent

Travelling in a 4x4? Dometic also offer rooftop tents: a manual and electric model. These are manufactured with water resistent and UPF 50+ two layer fabric.


Portable Cooking Appliances:

Dometic's versatile range of portable cooking appliances includes:



Dometic have always been a leader in refrigeration and iceboxes, they continue to innovate with the new Dometic Patrol series of iceboxes starting at a 18.8L right up to a 55L model. The thing about these iceboxes is the sleek and modern design in a range of contemporary colours. All of Dometic's iceboxes come with a 5 year warranty!


Dometic's Core Range:


Still need convincing? Take a look at some of Dometic's most popular and celebrated products.

Dometic CFX Camping Fridges


The Dometic CFX camping fridges are designed for Australians who need a fridge that will perform in a range of climates. Choose from sizes from 28 litres up to a generous 95 litres for longer trips.

Not only do they feature the celebrated Dometic Waeco compressor, you can also choose from single and dual zone options, depending on whether you need a fridge, freezer or both.

In fact, Dometic was the first brand to bring out a dual zone model which features two independently temperature-controlled zones so you can set one as a fridge and one as a freezer, both as fridges or both as freezers. The Dometic CFX-95DZW Dual Zone is the most popular portable camping fridge the industry has seen!

Dometic CFX fridges are made from polyethylene, which conducts less heat than metal fridges and strikes a cool balance between being tough but not too heavy.

Camping Fridge Freezers: The Best Dual Zone Models

In 2020, Dometic released the CFX3 series which succeeds the original CFX range. Dometic undertook extensive customer research to pinpoint the latest consumer demands and expectations. This lead them to upgrade and add new features into each CFX model and introduce a new sleek design to create this new portable fridge freezer range.

To learn more about this range, check out our dedicated blog here.



Dometic CRX Fridge Freezers


Now you know we couldn't have a Dometic review without mentioning the Dometic CRX Caravan Fridges. Specifically the 108-litre CRX110 model which happens to be the most popular upright caravan compressor fridge on the market!

We love these caravan fridges because they have unfailing operation even in tilted positions and high ambient temperatures, making them a reliable caravan and RV appliance.

Best 12v Caravan Fridge?


Here are more things customers love about this range:

  • You get greater temperature control, reduced noise and enhanced energy efficiency, even in high ambient temperatures.

  • Fridges operate on either 240 volt or 12/12 volt power sources for maximum convenience.

  • Greater Temperature control with LAC (Low Ambient Control)

  • These fridges range from 46 litres up to 135 litres, so there's something for everyone!

If that still isn't enough, the CRX50, 60 and 80 can be a fridge, a fridge-freezer and a freezer. How? It's all down to the removable freezer compartment and patented electronics that regulate the compressor speed. Simply pull out the freezer box to make a larger fridge or freezer, and set the desired temperature.

The result? You save energy while getting the most convenient solution for your trip.

Looking for an Upright Absorption Fridge? Dometic makes those too! Check out these fridges here.

Dometic Air Conditioners


Dometic boasts the widest selection of caravan air conditioners on the market. If that's not enough, they are also hands-down the best on the market thanks to their excellent cooling performance, energy efficiency and outstanding design.

Take the Harrier Plus. The original Harrier was the first air conditioner to come kitted with efficient inverter technology. This eliminates the typical start-up issues you might have when running an air con unit from a generator or restricted current supply, meaning you can run it off a 2000W generator.

It's also extremely quiet, even when running at top speed. So you can enjoy a cool night's sleep.

Okay if you've heard of Dometic then you likely would have heard of their Ibis 4 air conditioner - the most popular caravan rooftop model on the market! It superseded the very popular air command Ibis 3, packed with even more advanced features (compare the two Ibis models here).

Dometic Ibis 4 Review


And that's not all.

The brand recently stunned the market with the Harrier Lite, combining the best of the Ibis 4 and the Harrier. This air con unit is specifically designed to fit small to medium-sized caravans/campers. Phew!

Dometic Slide Out Kitchens


Who can argue with a brand that brings out a slide out kitchen for RVs? The Dometic slide-out kitchen set a new benchmark in RV appliances. Designed to slide out of the side of RVs, the kitchen features a 3-burner cooktop, sink, bench top and heaps of built-in dual side storage to keep your dining and cooking equipment secure. Choose from a small slide-out or standard size, depending on your vehicle.

No other big brand has a slide out kitchen option. Just saying.

Caravan Slide Out Kitchen from Dometic


Wait, There's More!


Dometic also supplies cooktops, sinks, toilets, doors, service hatches, iceboxes, inverters, washing machines, awnings and other appliances. We just don't have time to list them all here!

What Do Our Customer's Say?

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