Dometic CFX3 Portable Fridge Freezer Range Review: What's New?

You don't have to be a caravan or camping enthusiast to have heard of the Dometic CFX fridge freezers - the Dometic Waeco brand is a household name. This global leader in RV products has just released a new portable fridge freezer range that has the entire industry talking. With extensive new features and designs, the question on everyone's lips is whether the Dometic CFX3 range meets the same standards of the old CFX's?


And what's new about this range? Let's find out in our Dometic CFX3 review:



Dometic undertook extensive customer research to pinpoint the latest consumer demands and expectations. This lead them to upgrade and add new features into each CFX model and introduce a new sleek design to create this new portable fridge freezer range. The CFX3 compressor fridge freezer range offers six new models:

  • 3 single zones

  • 1 single zone with ice maker

  • 2 dual zones

This range includes a 36L, 46L, 53L (with ice maker), 55L, 75L and 94 litre models. The 75 and 94 litre models are both dual zones, meaning they have two independently temperature-controlled zones, so you can set one as a fridge and one as a freezer, both as fridges or both as freezers!




Physical Design:

The CFX3 range introduces a new rugged design that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally smart. The new XOS frame is a lightweight thermoformed plastic shell for protection and is combined with structural insulation for tough outdoor conditions. These fridges also feature durable fender frames and all alloy hinges that protect the edges of the fridge freezer, so it can endure the knocks and bumps of your off-road adventures.


Plus, the new aluminium handles are spring loaded, comfortable grip and solid anchors for tie down straps.


Layout Redesigns:

Dometic have also made some simple but highly effective layout redesigns. The CFX335, CFX345 and CFX355 have a removed diary compartment to accommodate for a fully wrapping evaporator plate. This improves the temperature consistency of the fridge, cools the compartment faster and optimises the internal fridge space. These three models now also feature the same lid gasket as the dual zone models, which ensures low power consumption!

Now let's get a little more technical; the entire CFX3 range feature a new dynamically ventilated condenser. The anti-condensation tube reduces sweating in high humidity conditions, and prevents water collecting and freezing around the gasket and top collar of your fridge. But no need to stress, this new design does not draw any energy as it doesn't require electricity!


Game Changer:

Okay, drumroll please.... one of the most exciting and impressive new designs in the CFX3 range is the built-in ice maker in the CFX355IM model!

This fridge features a rapid freezer plate which forms ice in two included silicon trays. These feature a snap on lid and are secured by the ice tray compartment, so you can make ice on the road without the stress of water flying around your cooler. Best of all it doesn't compromise the temperature elsewhere in the fridge. Did we mention this is a world first?!

Dometic CFX355IM Portable Fridge Freezer, 55 Litre with Icemaker



Let's be honest, when we head away for a trip its hard not to pack everything except the kitchen sink! But space and more importantly weight, is a major thing to consider when preparing for a trip, in fact there are strict towing regulations in Australia to ensure both your party and other road users are safe. That's why we are happy to inform you that most of the new Dometic CFX3 range are lighter than their predecessors! See the weight comparison between the CFX and CFX3 range below:

CFX Models: CFX3 Models:
CFX35W = 17.5 kg CFX335 = 16.9kg
CFX40W = 18.5kg CFX345 = 18.7kg
CFX50W = 20.4kg CFX355 = 20.4kg
CFX75DZW = 31kg CFX375DZ = 27.8kg
CFX95DZW = 32kg CFX395DZ = 29.8kg

These new weights are exceptionally impressive considering the CFX335, CFX345 and CFX355 all have an increased storage volume!


Energy Efficiency:

Dometic knows that an appliances energy efficiency is an important decision-making factor for modern consumers, that's why they've ensured the CFX3 range ticks all the boxes.


Each model contains Dometic's new Variable Motor Speed Optimization (VMSO3) compressor which has been tested in Australia's harshest climates and terrains. These compressors make improvements on the VMSO2 compressors which are present in the market favourite CFX models. The VMSO3 compressor combined with active gasket technology (retains cool air) ensures low power consumption in the entire Dometic CFX3 range.



This entire fridge range has flexible power options including AC, DC and solar. In fact, due to their low power consumption using DC power, these fridges are ideal to pair with solar for the ultimate off-grid setup.


Not sure what's required for your solar setup? You'll need at minimum, a 40 Ah battery and a 120W solar panel. We highly recommend the Dometic PLB40 lithium battery and Dometic PS120A portable solar panel.

For additional solar input, we'd recommend Dometic's PS180A portable solar panel which provides 180 watts.

These coolers also feature a 3-stage battery protection system, this prevents a dead car battery or allows deep draw on dual batteries.



The new Dometic CFX3 controls have us impressed! Each model features a new high-resolution display panel which provides the current temperature and operating status of the fridge. This panel has soft touch control and is certified as weatherproof, so you can trust your fridge is safe from dust and water during your adventures.

Dometic fridge freezer
Dometic's new user interface with colour display & soft-touch controls

Now for those of us who hate waiting for our electronics to charge (guilty as charged), we have some great news - the Dometic CFX3 range features an upgraded USB port which provides faster charging! This port has increased from 0.5A to a massive 2.0A - we told you we were impressed!

How To Operate Your CFX3 Powered Cooler


Modern Electronics:

The electronics on the Dometic CFX3 range have received a major upgrade from the older CFX series. These fridges are now equipped with Bluetooth functionality which provides increased usability and lower power consumption.


Dometic have also stepped up their game with the release of the new Dometic CFX3 app. This app allows users to remotely adjust the temperature of the fridge and track energy consumption - so you don't have to leave your camping chair (unless you want a beer). Users can also rest easy knowing this data is stored and can easily be accessed in the unlikely event something does happen to their fridge.

Dometic app
The new Dometic CFX3 app allows you to remotely monitor and control your portable fridge freezer

One of our favourite features about the new app is that an alert will appear on your smartphone if you happen to leave the lid of your fridge open - talk about convenience!


"What's New" Quick Summary:

  • New rugged design: XOS frame, aluminium handles, al alloy handles

  • New VMSO3 compressor cooling technology

  • Removed dairy compartment on CFX3 35, 45 & 55

  • Built-in ice maker (CFX355IM only)

  • New high resolution colour display with fast touch controls & faster USB charge

  • New bluetooth connectivity

  • Track fridge performance on the new CFX3 App

  • Flexible power options including AC, DC and solar

  • CFX3 fridges are lighter than their predecessors

  • LED light(s) for easy retrieval of items

  • Anti-condensation tube reduces condensation around gasket & top collar in high humidity conditions

  • AC/DC input connectors, with added weather protective rubber covers

  • M6 threaded inserts for hard mount applications

  • New more intuitive, easy to open latch (CFX335 and CFX345 only)

  • 12V plug fuse from 10A to 15A (CFX395DZ only)



Dometic is committed to maintaining their market leading position in the portable fridge freezer market and their CFX3 range is no exception. This range meets the demands of the modern consumer including energy efficiency, Bluetooth connectivity and advanced electronics.


The rugged design also ensures the fridge remains intact and operating efficiently even in Australia's toughest conditions. The Dometic CFX3 range are the ultimate caravan and camping accessories for your setup!

Check out our entire portable fridge freezer range here!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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