The brand that covers all portable power needs: Yamaha Generators

Like car manufacturers, we find that generator manufacturers are typically good at different things. Some are the best at industrial generators. Others have a knack for backup generators. And of course, there are those who know exactly how to make the most lightweight and compact portable generators.

But with Yamaha generators, there seems to be no limit to their skills. Yamaha produces the gruntiest generators for the worksite. The lightest generators for on the road. The quietest generators for camping and domestic use. In short, Yamaha is the brand for all uses. And here's the proof:

Yamaha EF2000iS Generator Product Demo 2014

Camping, fishing, Caravanning, 4WD and recreational use

Looking for a quiet, reliable and super lightweight travel companion? Yamaha inverter generators are the ultimate in portable power. In fact, the Yamaha 1000w inverter generator weighs only 12.7kg, making it the lightest generator in its class. Besides the portability, the best thing about Yamaha inverter generators is the inverter system (no surprises there!). This stabilises the amount of voltage and frequency produced by the petrol energy to provide clean, controlled power. So clean in fact, that it is perfect for sensitive equipment such as laptops and tablet devices. Don't forget the Yamaha 2400W inverter - recently rated by Caravan & Motorhome on Tour Magazine as the best Generator on the market for your Caravan.

Yamaha 2400W Inverter Generator - voted best in class by Caravan & Motorhome on Tour Magazine

Around the house and garden

Portable yamaha generators are not only great for on the road, they also deliver massive benefits closer to home. One of the best features of the range is its volume - or lack thereof. Thanks to Noise Block, Portable Yamaha generators are so quiet you'll forget they're running. This acoustically engineered sound reduction system combines sound absorbing materials, moulded cases, an intake silencer, fibreglass insulation, plus newly designed mufflers and fans to make each generator whisper quiet. So there will be no angry neighbours as you go about your weekend warrior duties...also, when the power goes out, you can still watch your TV and run your fridges without a racket disturbing your home.

Events, markets and festivals

Behind every great outdoor event is an inverter generator. Chances are, it's a Yamaha inverter generator! For market stalls, festivals, school fetes and food trucks, Yamaha inverter generators have the goods for success. Not only are they easy to move and transport, they are also provide stable power that won't surge or spike and ruin equipment. And because they are whisper quiet, you won't need to worry about breaking any stringent residential noise restrictions.

We've sold countless Yamaha Inverter units ranging from the 2000 watt right through to the 6300 watt model to mobile businesses who run their stall or truck all day, every day - the feedback on Yamaha reliability is unmatched!

The Yamaha EF6300iSE - very popular for mobile businesses

On the Job site

It's not always been hard to find a generator that's tough enough for the jobsite, but when it comes to powering sensitive power tools - that's a different matter. That is, until Yamaha inverter generators came along. Thanks to the clean sine wave power produced, the portable range of Yamaha inverter generators are a wise choice for any jobsite. The Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator with its tough metal-framed design is built to handle the rougher environments and is a favourite on the work site and on the farm.

Yamaha EF2800i Inverter Generator: Best All-Rounder?

Emergency backup - home or business

All the features that make Yamaha generators great for camping are the same that make it great for emergency backup. It's that reliable power that can confidently run high-demand items like pumps, as well as sensitive equipment like laptops. It's the quiet operating and lightweight design. But it's also the economy mode that puts Yamaha ahead of the rest - this highly effective feature slows down the engine speed to match the minimal load so you get more out of your fuel...Yamaha really wrote the book when it comes to the eco-throttle technology: the rest of the market has just tried to copy.

Check out the Yamaha Generator Selection Chart for the model best suited to your applications:

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