Best Camping Solar Blankets

We Reveal Our Best Camping Solar Blankets:

If you enjoy travelling light, solar blankets are a great way to get all the power you need.

Solar blankets are made up of solar cells attached to a flexible cloth backing, which provides flexibility and convenience. We take a look at the best options on the market and what you need to know to power your next camping trip:

Powering Your Trip With Caravan or Camping Solar Panels


You can also check out our Solar Power Calculator Page to help you size the correct amount of solar for your particular camping / caravanning needs.


Benefits of Solar Blankets

Solar blankets are really easy to set-up and even easier to pack-up and store. Drape it over your trailer, hang it off the side of the awning or spread it out across the ground to start soaking up those rays.

Then when it's time to find your next camping spot, fold up the blanket and pack it away - a lightweight design saves space and weight in crowded vehicles. No need to struggle with heavy solar panels, while they are still designed to be tough and durable.


Drawbacks of Solar Blankets

The biggest drawback is the price-tag. Solar blankets can be expensive compared to solar panels, but it could be a small price to pay for convenience!


Budget vs Premium Solar Blankets:

We have all seen the cheap mass produced solar blankets on the market and know how tempting it can be to choose this over a higher priced model. Here at My Generator we have a history of supporting premium power products and feel it is our duty to educate customers prior to making an important purchasing decision.

So why shouldn't you purchase a cheap mass produced solar blanket?

  1. These models are comprised of the cheapest components available.

  2. Warranty period is often only 12 months.

  3. After sales service can be a challenge when fault finding.

  4. The cheap materials used for lamination can easily cause the cells to be damaged, and render the panel useless.

  5. Out of the box output in amps is low, making the panel less efficient than premium models.


Here's What to Look For in a Solar Blanket:


Technology: Look for a solar blanket that use monocrystalline cells. Solar Blankets are generally thought of as less efficient than traditional panels so look for a model with a high efficiency percentage like the Sunman eArc 235W Portable Solar Blanket.

Size: Choose a solar blanket big enough to provide enough power to run your appliances and charge your batteries. Start by working out how much power your appliances will draw out of the system over a 24-hour period (in watts or amp hours). Your camping fridge will tend to be the biggest power drawing item. It's always a good idea to choose a solar blanket slightly bigger than you need, as conditions such as overcast days and extreme heat will affect how much power your panels generate. Again, you can use our Solar Power Calcualtor tool to help you here :)

You might consider a fixed solar panel and then supplement it with an additional solar blanket to provide more sustainable power when using more devices at camp or if you're parked in a shady spot.

Design features: Look for handy add-ons that will make camping life easier. For example, some solar blankets come with support legs on the back which help to capture the sun at different angels.

Sunman eArc 235W Portable Solar Blanket


Solar Blanket Comparison

Trying to decide? Check out our quick comparison between 4 top solar blanket brands:


Sunman eArc:

This panel is the highest wattage blanket we range at 235W! Sunman has the added benefit of sturdy, yet lightweight fold out legs to track the sun as it rises and sets.

Sunman use a patented material similar to those used in airplane windows for their lamination and construction. This impressive material is more durable than standard ETFE and PET panels. As a result, a thick fibreglass sheet behind the panel is not necessary and the weight of the portable solar blanket is minimised.

It comes with a handy carry case, regulator and all the cables and connectors you need to plug and play into your 12V battery. Unlike other solar blankets on the market this model boasts a long 5 year warranty!

Sunman eArc 235W Portable Solar Panel Close Up!



If it's value for money you're after, Baintuff has it covered. With high efficiency monocrystalline cells, Baintuff solar blankets provide more watts per dollar. The Baintuff 180W Solar Blanket will provide up to 10 amps an hour on sunny days. It boasts a solar panel efficiency of up to 18%, compared to 15% or lower for similar products on the market.

Check out Graham's cracking solar blanket set up!


They also come standard with a BlueSolar PWM-Light Charge Controller 12/24V 20A, which is wired with Anderson plug connectors so you can directly connect solar blanket lead to the solar controller. Baintuff solar blankets come with a one-year warranty.

Baintuff have also released a 120W solar blanket and also bundles with relevant accessories.

Compare Baintuff solar blankets HERE


Drivetech 4x4:

Looking for a cheap but powerful solar blanket? Check out the Drivetech 4x4 200W Solar Blanket. It includes a carry case, regulator and cables.



For more information on solar blankets, contact our friendly team here!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

2 thoughts on Best Camping Solar Blankets

23 April 2021
My one big question with all these folding blanket type panels is; How long can the connecting wires between the panels last before fatiguing. Having worked in material science, I know that copper and its alloys get fatigue cracks quite soon when continuously bent.

My Generator Response
Hi Craig, Thanks for your question - it is quite a complex one. I don't have any experience with material science, but I do know copper has quite a high fatigue strength. I did find a video online of a guy pulling apart a folding blanket panel (Adventure Kings), and it appears they use a braided type cable to connect between the individual panels. I believe this will reduce the fatigue and prevent premature breakages. I am not sure if that relates to all solar blankets, but it'd have to be close. Hopefully this helps answer your question. Kind regards, My Generator.

21 February 2021
Question: If I wanted to reduce my power output from a 200Watt solar blanket to a solar generator that is only compatible with charging from a lower 60-100Watt solar panel/blanket, could I achieve this by just exposing half of my 200Watt panels to sunlight?

My Generator Response
Hi Shaz, We would not recommend doing this. Be sure to follow instructions of your solar generator. Thanks.

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