Best 8kVA Petrol Generators: the Expert's Picks

Our pick of the best 8kVA Petrol Generator

Searching for the best 8kVA petrol generator for trade, construction or farming? We're not surprised; 8kVA is the most popular portable generator size for work sites and on rural properties. That level of power will suit many pumps, welders, brick saws, air-compressors, cement mixers and a whole range of other power tools/equipment.

8kva Petrol Generator: for trade and farm use

There are lots of generators at this size, but only a handful of quality brands that deliver the level of tough power, reliability and value you really want. It is not recommended that you choose a cheap, Chinese import style generator for regular operation to run equipment on the job or farm want a quality, reliable Australian-assembled genset that is backed by a solid warranty and supported by a national service support network.

To help, here at My Generator, we've narrowed down the list to the three best 8kVA petrol generator on the Aussie market, that will stand the test of time. All are assembled here in Australia using premium quality engine and alternator componentry:

1. Powerlite 8kVA Petrol Generator powered by Honda

This Powerlite 8kVA petrol generator brings together a whole host of rugged features; built and tested by Australia's leading manufacturer of trade generator sets, this workhorse is tough to the core. The robust Honda GX390 4-stroke engine features a recoil or optional electric start to drive a totally maintenance free brushless alternator. The result is a continuous output of 6800 watts - enough for a range of appliances around the jobsite or farm. And it's all packed into one tough, fully welded steel roll-over frame complete with heavy-duty anti vibration mounts.

Powerlite 8kVA Generator powered by Honda: the recommended all-round choice for trade and farm use.

This unit comes as standard, or can be purchased as a Workcover Approved model which includes the necessary work cover safety features such as earth leakage protection and weatherproof outlets. Other optional accessories for the standard model include 18 litre long range fuel tank and wheel & handle kit.

Backed by a 3-year Honda engine warranty and 2-year generator warranty, Powerlite use Italian Made Mecc Alte alternators; considered one of the world leading alternator manufacturers. Powerlite is a trusted Australian generator manufacturer with over 50 years' experience and their 8kVA unit is one of our best-selling portable generators.

2. Gentech Petrol 8kVA powered by Honda

Again, the legendary Honda GX390 engine delivers reliable power complete with exceptional fuel economy. Add to that the 6.5-litre engine and recoil start, and it's no surprise the generator runs for almost three hours straight at 80% load.

There is also double GPO 15 Amp outlets and optional add-ons, like the long-range fuel tank, wheel kit, wheelbarrow kit and lifting bar kit. Finish the package with a 2-year warranty and you've got a high-performance Honda GX390 generator that'll last you for years to come.

The Gentech 8kVA Generator is also one of the most popular trade generators and is powered by the Honda GX390 engine

Overall, this unit is very similar to the Powerlite 8kVA as both units use the same Honda engine and are assembled in Australia. The Gentech uses an NSM alternator (also Italian-made) and can be purchased as a Workcover Approved Model too. If you're splitting hairs, then you'll notice the Gentech's continuous power of 6000 watts is slightly lower than it's Powerlite counterpart at 6800 watts. Gentech are also considered a leading Australian trade generator brand, with decades of industry manufacturing experience...they come out of Melbourne from the same production plant as Dunlite Generators - yet another respected Australian generator brand renowned for farming, industrial, mining, professional trade and government applications.

3. Crommelins 8.5kVA 

The Crommelins 8.5kVA petrol generator is built to thrive in harsh conditions. Powered by a world-class Subaru petrol engine, this powerhouse packs a massive 6,800 watts of running power into a neat package. Housed in a robust heavy-duty frame, this generator is a popular choice in the hire industry, with Crommelins being a multiple time winner of the HRIA (Hire and Rental Industry Association) Supplier of the Year Award.

Crommelins 8.5kVA Workcover Approved; popular in the hire and rental industry

This unit comes with a 2 year generator warranty, 3 year Subaru engine warranty and is backed by the Crommelins national service support network. This genset is often purchased as a WorkCover Approved model for suitability on larger jobsites as it comes with a comprehensive suite of extras including the necessary safety features, plus lifting bar, wheel & handle kit and earth stake. Again, quite similar to the Powerlite and Gentech options, but the Crommelins model has a slightly thicker roll over frame which you'll pay slighter more for overall.

Final Advice:

For info on 8kVA Generators for home/small business backup purposes, check out this helpful article here.

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Also feel free to give us a call on 1300 400 122 and have a chat to one of our generator experts, or visit for more information!


DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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10 May 2016
Where are you based? I live near Jindabyne and have a 8kva generator which needs to be connected to our stand alone solar system. It uses a Sunny Island inverter and has a 24v battery bank. Do you know any reputable electricians in this area?

My Generator Response
Hi Ray - we are based in Sydney. We do have relationships with solar installers around the country, but none that cover Jindabyne - I would be inclined to search for a local solar installer or qualified solar electrical contractor in the Jindabyne area and discuss your generator connection with them. Cheers, Lachlan

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