12V DC to DC Battery Chargers

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If you own a battery, it’s essential to have a high-quality charger to recharge them. A stable power supply is crucial for creating a great experience whenever you’re far from home. So, check out our range of 12V DC to DC chargers. These versatile chargers are perfect for your RV, 4WD or trailer.

What is a 12V DC to DC Charger?

A DC to DC charger is the best way of charging your 12V battery power system. They work by isolating your main 12V battery system from the alternator, so the 12V DC to DC charger boosts the charge of the main battery from as low as 9V. The charge is delivered in a more stepped way, so you can get a possible 100% charge after a full day’s driving. Plus, a DC to DC charger doesn’t interfere with your starter battery charging – the best advantage of charging for camper trailers, 4WDs, caravans and more.

How to Choose a 12V DC to DC Charger

When choosing a 12V DC to DC charger, there are a few things to consider. Start by thinking about the brand reputation. The Enerdrive EN3DC40+ is the most popular 12V 40A DC to DC Battery Charger on the market. But we stock other excellent brands of 12V DC to DC chargers, too. This includes renowned brands such as Redarc, Projecta and CTEK. These companies manufacture reliable 12v DC to DC chargers. Choose from features such as LCD displays and temperature sensors.

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