Renogy IP67 50A DC-DC Battery Charger with MPPT

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Product Description

Renogy IP67 50A DC-DC Battery Charger with MPPT, 3 Year Warranty.


  • Intelligent Boost and Buck Logic.
  • Extremely Compact and Lightweight.
  • Prioritize Solar Green Energy.
  • Smart Living Unleashed.

Adapt to Divers DIY Configuration
The device utilizes 'boost and buck' logic for efficient voltage management, allowing 12V solar panels or generators to power a 24V system. Conversely, when connected to 24V solar panels or generators, it seamlessly switches to 'buck' logic, automatically reducing the voltage to charge a 12V house battery.

Extremely Compact and Durable
Crafted from high-quality sheet metal, this charger features IP67 waterproof and withstands temperatures up to 600°C. It offers adaptable installation in tight spaces, giving you the ultimate off-grid energy freedom without compromising comfort.

Charging Mode Auto-Switching
Featuring dual charging options, this charger utilizes the alternator-linked starter battery and solar panels simultaneously, reducing charging time with 99% MPPT tracking efficiency. During travels, it maximizes solar charging in ample sunlight and seamlessly switches to alternator charging in unfavorable sunlight conditions.

Smart Living Unleashed
Equipped with built-in Bluetooth, this charger enables remote control via smartphones or other smart devices to monitor battery levels, adjust charging settings, and initiate remote starts. Additionally, it supports wired CAN communication, allowing connectivity with computer-based CAN monitoring tools for data transfer and sharing.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x RENOGY IP67 50A DC-DC Battery Charger with MPPT
  • 1 x Battery Temperature Sensor
  • 1 x Quick Guide
  • 4 x Terminal Ring
  • 1 x Install Screw



Brand Renogy

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Battery Chargers

Output Current Rating (Amps) 50

Enclosure Rating IP67

Weight (kg) 1.86

Voltage 12V/24V

Charger Voltage 12V

Input Fuse Rating 75A-100A

Humidity 0%-95%, No Condensation

Terminal Range 8AWG-4AWG

Output voltage 9-16 VDC

Output Power 720W

Dimensions 178.2 x 121.5 x 37.5mm

Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • How much solar can I run through this charger?

    This charger can receive up to 720w of solar and 50VOC.

  • Is this charger compatible with smart alternators?

    Both conventional and smart alternators can use the charger; however, the voltage at which each operates will vary. The device itself has a Bluetooth connection feature. You can use this feature to connect to DC Home or Core via Bluetooth, and then modify the charger's input voltage value based on the various alternator kinds' operating voltage characteristics.

  • How can I configure this charger's battery type?

    Method 1: There is a button on the charger itself to change the battery type. Press the button, which is adjacent to the "Type" indicator, for a brief moment to choose a different battery type.

    Method 2: The charger has Bluetooth connectivity built in, so you may link it to our Core or DC Home to switch out the battery type.

  • How can data be viewed without a screen?

    The charger itself has Bluetooth connectivity; to examine the charger's data, connect to our Core, DC Home.


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