Small Single Phase Diesel Generators (Up to 11kva)

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These small stationary diesel generators up to 11kVA are idea for a wide range of applications, from trade sites to offices and more. Single phase small stationary diesel generators offer lots of advantages over their petrol equivalents. They tend to be more fuel efficient, safer and longer-lasting, due to lower maintenance requirements.

With the most popular stationary generators on the market, including the Kubota Lowboy's, Pramac Perkins and Genelite Kubota's, you can experience the true advantages of a diesel generator. For example, the Kubota 8.8kVA Lowboy boasts a very low noise level, making it an ideal generator for residential areas or outside normal working hours. Not to be outdone, the Kubota J108 has an advanced design to minimise both space and weight so it will fit in the tightest work areas.

Brands You Can Trust

Searching for a trusted brand that performs solidly? Browse this range of single phase small stationary diesel generators from Kubota, Pramac, FG Wilson, Genelite and Powerlink. Looking for power for your satellite office or construction site? Our small stationary diesel generators will keep you powered up. Need back up for solar power or mains power on your rural property? You can rely on these small stationary diesel generators when all else fails.