Medium Single Phase Diesel Generators (12kva to 18kva)

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These single phase stationary diesel generators include the latest technology to ensure they produce the most fuel-efficient and reliable power. Single phase stationary diesel generators can be used in off grid and on grid applications. Designed for safe and economical electrical power, single phase stationary diesel generators provide standby, continuous and prime power to many different business industries. Whether you need power on construction sites or backup power in offices, shops, clinics and the home, these single phase stationary diesel generators are a great choice.

Top Features of Single Phase Stationary Diesel Generators

We stock Pramac, Kubota, Genelite, and FG Wilson for their strong brand reputations for reliability and high performance. For example, Pramac generators are made in Europe and are built to the highest of standards. The brand is a leader in control panel and remote monitoring technology. In our range of 12kVA to 18kVA single phase stationary diesel generators, choose from features designed especially for tough applications, such as robust, weatherproof enclosures, state of the art digital control panels, anti-vibration mountings, high corrosion-resistance, soundproofing, and more. Each generator provides optimal access for ease of installation and maintenance servicing.