Large Single Phase Diesel Generators (19kva and above)

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Large single phase diesel generators are designed for various commercial and industrial prime or standby power applications. The products in our range start at 19kVA and increase to 33kVA.

What Is a Large Single Phase Diesel Generator?

Large single phase diesel generators are ideal for whenever you need a serious source of continuous power. They are powered by heavy duty diesel engines, which are ideal for remote Australian conditions. You can use large single phase diesel generators for all kinds of purposes such as residential backup, remote power in place of mains, industrial and commercial standby, pumping and irrigation, construction and mine site power, and more.

We stock respected brands such as Genelite, Pramac, FG Wilson and Powerlink. These companies build generators that are hard-working, durable and capable of handling your power requirements. Depending the model, our large single phase diesel generators boast user-friendly features like forklift slots, galvanised steel canopies and weatherproof control panels. Check out the optional inclusions, including mine and construction site compliance, automatic transfer switches and ultra-silent models for noise-sensitive installations.