Small AVR Petrol Generators (up to 6kva)

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Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator

Cromtech 6kVA AVR Petrol Generator, 1 Year Warranty

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If you’re looking for a small AVR generators, your search stops here. Our range of small AVR generators includes Pramac, Yamaha and Genelite models. These generators are equipped with an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) to maintain a consistent voltage level, which is less likely to damage sensitive equipment.

Why Choose an AVR Generator?

Automatic Voltage Regulation(AVR) generators are ideal for when power is required for more sensitive equipment and to start electric motors. The AVR is a small electronic device that sits on the alternator to monitor the power output and maintain the electrical output terminal voltage within pre-set parameters. As a result, these small AVR generators provide a more stable voltage output than conventional generators making them a popular choice for lots of applications, including powering sensitive equipment.

Small AVR Generators

Browse our range of small AVR generators from 4.5kVA up to 6kVA. We only choose those generators that are reliable, durable and high performance. That’s why you’ll find top brands like Yamaha, Pramac, Genelite and more. Compare small AVR generators now.