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Product Description

Yamaha EF7200E, 6kVA Petrol AVR Generator, 4 year warranty. The Yamaha EF7200E provides a seriously impressive 11 hours of run time (quarter load) before having to refuel, thanks to a massive 28 litre fuel tank. A tough generator built to perform under demanding workloads, this new and greatly improved generator produces peak power of 6kVA and continuous running power of 5.5kVA. 

Additional features include an electric starter and digital multi-function metre display which shows running time and voltage details. This model has quickly become one of our most popular backup generators for homes that experience mains power blackouts.

This unit is capable of running most homes in an emergency situation (including taking on larger load items such as fridges and air conditioners). The AVR alternator further enhances its claim as one of the best multi-purpose generators as it can also run more sensitive equipment, including domestic appliances/tools with electric motors. 

The world-renowned Yamaha MZ360 engine is enclosed within high-strength pipe framing, making this genset also popular for tough farming and worksite environments. As an optional accessory (see Accessory List above), there is a sturdy Wheel & Handle kit which makes moving the generator around your property or worksite very easy. 

The all new 6kVA model supersedes the 5.5kVA Yamaha EF6600E which means you get more power and run time for your dollar. Exceptional value for money for a premium product that comes with a 4 year warranty and national service network.

  • Digital multi-function metre display. Displays cumulative running time (hours) and voltage
  • Large-capacity fuel tank
  • High-strength frame
  • Compact body - battery mounted inside frame
  • Wax pellet type automatic choke
  • Economy Idle switch
  • Brushless alternator
  • AVR voltage regulator
  • Auto decompressor
  • Electric starter
  • Non-fused circuit breaker system
  • Voltage meter
  • Fuel level gauge
  • Fuel tap
  • Oil level warning system
  • Noise level suppressor

EF6300ISE Product Manual



Brand Yamaha

GTIN 9334786003551

Warranty Period: 4 Years

Product Category Portable Generators

kVA 6

Continuous Output (Watts) 5500

Max Output (kW) 6

Continuous Output (kW) 5.5

Fuel Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity 28 L (full load)

Starting Method Electric & Recoil

Frequency 50Hz

Max Output (Watts) 6000

Cont. Working Time 14.7 hr (1/4 load ECO On)

Engine 0HV Forced Air Cooled - MZ360

Output Type 2 x 15Amp Outlets

Note Product specifications provided by Manufacturer. This is a portable air-cooled petrol generator designed for short term/standby applications - for pri

Displacement 357 cc

Alternator Type Brushless exciter with AVR voltage regulator

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 670(L) x 535(W) x 565(H) mm

Net Weight (kg) 96

Type 4-Stroke

Voltage 230 V

Noise @ 7m 71 dBA (1/4 load)


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Customer Reviews

Good Generator from Yamaha Review by
I am off the Grid and this 6KVA Genset is fit for purpose indeed. I only have 7 hours on it so far, however, it is going well.
(Posted on 26 August 2023)
Excellent Review by
Have your oil ready to go on hand as they are shipped dry. Have used the unit for a few hours, Starts easily, runs quietly and smoothly. Have set up with air conditioner legs on it to dampen vibrations. Small quibble would be to have lifting hooks on the frame. Looks like a good quality unit.
(Posted on 27 January 2023)
Purchased this unit to use during blackouts/loss of power - unit quite easily runs whole of house including ac units and shed (power tools etc.) without a hiccup. Fuel usage is great. Have purchase a trolley for ease of movement as unit is quite heavy.
(Posted on 9 January 2023)
Awesome Unit. Review by
I bought this generator to power the house during blackouts. It is a great looking unit and doesn't even break a sweat running my whole house including lighting, 4 refrigerators/freezers, Bedroom Air con, heat pump hot water system. The 4 year warranty was also an added bonus. I love it and can't stop patting myself on the back when I look at it. Awesome.
(Posted on 23 October 2021)

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Amazing product Review by
I run my off grid house off this generator, runs perfectly. Very happy. Fast delivery and I have no trouble recommending this generator to friends.
(Posted on 14 October 2020)
Yamaha EF7200E Generator, fantastic buy! Review by
Unit comes without oil and fill hole is difficult to get to, need a bent funnel. Started straight away and isn't too noisy. Very heavy unit (97kg) so would recommend a trolley or wheels. I am going to buy and after market trolley and strap it on. Overall, extremely happy.
(Posted on 20 May 2020)
Does the job well. Review by
Delivery good, assistance given to site off truck and onto trolley. Unit is neat and modern, filled with oil, you do need a bent funnel to do this without spilling. Electric start, no problem, is a bit on the harder side to manually start, even with the decompression. Runs a smidgen loud on full revs/large load, but quiet on idle. Be aware, it is very heavy, 97 kgs. Couldn't afford the extra for original wheel set, fitted to inflatable wheel trolley from Bunnings. 1/3 rd of the price, transports really well over grass, rough, etc. Overall a great machine, and great warranty period.
(Posted on 23 April 2020)
Good Budget end Generator Review by
Arrives needing to be filled with oil which is easily done but perhaps this should be mentioned at purchase so as a purchaser can use generator immediately. Unit is key start with automatic choke. Starts very Quickly. I have put 10 hours on Generator using power tools and an inverter arc welder using 3.2mm electrodes which it handles very easily with no apparent struggle.The Automatic idle setting feature allows a lower fuel consumption along with a lower noise operation when intermittent loads are between cycles. All in all I'm very pleased so far with this machine. Very happy to recommend it.
(Posted on 20 February 2020)
Fantastic product Review by
What an excellent unit, easy to use. Works wonderfully, and we are happy with the wheel and handle kit highly recommended.
(Posted on 11 February 2020)
Great Generator Review by
Perfect for what I bought it for.
(Posted on 11 October 2019)
No fuss buying and operating Review by
This unit was purchased as a whole of house backup and has only been tested under load once. I did test start the unit and ran it under some small loads on delivery without issue. Plugged through the fuse board the unit operated without issue. It easily ran two large fridges, a large chest freezer, water pump, lights, computer and the espresso machine concurrently and without issue. I have yet to try it with the electric ovens or the aircon; although it was not purchased to run these (On paper it should be able to handle one of those larger appliances, but I need to double check the load calculations). It should be able to handle more load (washing machine, small appliances, fans etc) with a little common sense (ie. manual load management). It was purchased to cover extended outages (mainly to protect refrigeration items and to pump water, and so far, I would say it is fit for purpose. The quality of the machine seems very good and I hope to have many years service from it.
(Posted on 8 March 2019)
5 stars all round Review by
Really excellent got quite a shock as to how well this generator performs supply to house plus out shed handled with ease all at once.
(Posted on 24 February 2019)
Good quality at a reasonable price. Review by
Runs well. Powers the whole house. Reasonably quiet. Recommended.
(Posted on 21 January 2019)
Great product and great friendly efficient service Review by
The Yamaha generator started first pull of the cord and first electric start as well. It's a handsome unit to look at and competently covers all tasks that our average sized home asks of it, when required. I would purchase the same unit again without hesitation and I would thoroughly recommend this unit to everyone as it represents excellent value for the price.
(Posted on 13 January 2019)
Excellent product Review by
A lot of quality generator for the money.
(Posted on 30 December 2018)
excellent product Review by
generator arrived. read instructions. made an earth lead. added oil,fuel and connected the battery. hit the starter and away it went. it is replacing a 3500watt lectron that is to hard to start for a 70 year old. this generator easily runs a big fridge, a deep freezer. and 2 room aircons. could do with more noise suppression.
(Posted on 28 December 2018)
Great generator. Great service. Review by
Generator works perfectly, easy to start, powerful enough to have a lot of the house working during power outages including our large fridge/freezer. Great price.
(Posted on 24 December 2018)
Good reliable Yamaha technology Review by
Product arrived well packaged and in good condition. Just filled with oil and fuel then as good as looked at the start key and the unit fired up. Runs a little rough on the choke, but when warmed up..... smooth as silk. Runs all appliances no problems and is very easy to move about with the wheel kit attached. Great unit no hassles, highly recommend.
(Posted on 5 December 2018)
Very satisfied Review by
Fits the purpose for which it was purchased.
(Posted on 27 November 2018)
Great generator great price Review by
Use this generator on a construction sites when there is no power on site. Easily runs my compressor and all tools with ease with the fuel lasting two days before needing refueling. Quiet generator and a reasonable price
(Posted on 29 August 2018)
Great Generator. Great service. Review by
Good quality generator. Mounted on garden cart/trailer so I can tow behind my mower to all parts of acreage. Runs bore pump and should run whole house during power outages. Highly recommend.
(Posted on 19 August 2018)
Best product I have purchased for a long time Review by
Excellent product with a great price and long term warranty
(Posted on 14 July 2018)
Good value and quick delivery Review by
The generator arrived fairly quickly and it was well packaged. The engine runs a bit rough on start-up with the automatic choke, when the engine warms up it runs smoothly, the volt meter doesn't seem to register a voltage on the LCD display, but other then that the generator seems to be OK so far..
(Posted on 1 July 2018)
Exactly what we needed. Review by
This generator has capacity to do everything we want during power outages, given we are in cyclone prone area.
(Posted on 13 May 2018)
Great product Review by
Powers the whole house with the exception of the ducted air conditioner but knew that when buying runs quite and has a long run time. Battery start makes it easy for starting. Had an electrician make a 32 amp lead to plug into the inlet on the meter box.
(Posted on 5 April 2018)
Extremely pleased with my purchase. Great price, v Review by
For me, the booklet is very easy to follow so therefore it's easy to use. We have quite a lot of power outages here, so it's a good purchase for me. Thank you.
(Posted on 16 December 2017)
Excellent product Review by
We know that as we live in SA we will have blackouts this summer & have purchased this generator to overcome thus problem. Our electrician has installed it so we can flick a switch or two & we will have the power to run the important things in our house. The generator is also able to be used around our farm as needed.
(Posted on 23 October 2017)
Excellent product Review by
We know that as we live in SA we will have blackouts this summer & have purchased this generator to overcome thus problem.Our electrician has installed it so we can flick a switch or two & we will have the power to run the important things in our house. The generator is also able to be used around our farm as needed.
(Posted on 23 October 2017)
Satisfied Customer Review by
I purchased this generator as a backup power supply because we live in South Australia. I have test run the generator about five times to familiarize myself with starting and it's capabilities. The unit is very easy to start either by the battery or the pull start first time every time ! My partner has also started the unit with the pull start with no problem at all even though she has never done anything like this before. We are very satisfied with this product. I had a boilermaker friend (also a happy customer) make two axles for me and the unit is now fully mobile.
(Posted on 16 October 2017)
Highly recomended Review by
This generator is terrific. Quiet, easy to start, easily supplies the rated watts and best of all a big fuel tank. I can start it and don't have to worry about it running out of fuel every few hours. Great value for money. Cheap Chinese generators don't compare.
(Posted on 12 October 2017)
Unbelievably great product, price, customer servic Review by
We needed a standby generator to handle grid outages predicted this summer here in Victoria. This was an essential step due to my wife's chronic health condition. We researched products from hybrid solar/battery systems and found them cost prohibitive to cover what "may happen". The logical choice was a capable standby generator. Yamahas brand has always been a name to be trusted, on line calculators provided the generator size. Product search revealed this generator to tick all boxes. Reliable product, exceptional price, exrremely helpful retail company and quick delivery. My installation electrician agrees that this was the one to buy, another box ticked. Peace of mind that in any form of grid outage, we have it covered properly. Thanks guys for a great product.
(Posted on 5 October 2017)
10 out of 10 Review by
Does the job we ordered it for. Started easily straight out of the box.
(Posted on 2 October 2017)
No hassle and free delivery Review by
Very compact, sturdy and robust looking.
(Posted on 26 September 2017)
Excellent purchase Review by
Good product, great price
(Posted on 23 September 2017)
Excellent product Review by
The generator is well built in a strong frame and should last a good many years
(Posted on 16 August 2017)
A quality generator. Review by
After filling with oil and fuel the generator started first turn of the key and has performed flawlessly ever since.
(Posted on 3 May 2017)
Reliable Redundancy Review by
Great peace of mind knowing that with a simple turn of a key all our essential power needs will be restored.
(Posted on 20 April 2017)
Great Product and Service from mygenerator Review by
Yamaha have a very good reputation for the quality of their motors and reliability of their products. This is a quality product that ran, once oil was added of course, straight out of the box. I now have a great backup for our flaky power supply system in SA :)
(Posted on 11 March 2017)
Highly recommend if this is the type of generator Review by
Couldn't be happier, powered up my entire house at a turn of a key... Quality unit great service from the guys.
(Posted on 26 February 2017)
Great value Review by
Just started this baby up for the first time and it runs beautifully. A noted reduction in noise and very easy to start. The instructions in the manual are easy to understand which is not always the case. Looking forward to a long and happy relationship lol...
(Posted on 21 February 2017)
Thanks My Generator for your service. Review by
Great Generator, Excellent price, works really well, we need a reliable genny in South Aust.
(Posted on 14 February 2017)
Awsome generator needed for emergency situations. Review by
Great generator, wanted something to run everything for when the power goes out in summer.
(Posted on 19 December 2016)
Excellent Review by
Have not run in anger yet . Waiting for sparky to update box on house.
(Posted on 22 November 2016)
Essential Product Review by
Will be setting up this product for emergency situation to power our home during natural disasters, etc. Chose this product for reliability.
(Posted on 22 October 2016)
You under promised and over delivered in terms of Review by
Not possible to review the product at this time as we have not unpacked the generator
(Posted on 20 October 2016)
Satisfied with the product Review by
This Generator runs my complete Opal Mining Plant.
(Posted on 14 October 2016)
Fast delivery Review by
Started first time I tried, easy to get going. Has all the power I need.
(Posted on 11 October 2016)
Starts and runs well. Review by
Very pleased to have the amenity of this genny when off main power. Pleased with the noise level as it was bearable outside of cabin. Not much use to date.
(Posted on 3 October 2016)
Excellent piece of kit Review by
I was so impressed with the price of this I told my mate and he bought one too. Not only was the price good but the generator is excellent.
(Posted on 12 September 2016)
Good product Review by
It is an excellent product however, it would be very helpful if it came with wheels to facilitate moving it from different areas.
(Posted on 30 April 2016)
Very well priced, reliable delivery and good produ Review by
The generator was exactly what I needed and the specifications were easy to find, accurate and detailed. The Geni is reliable and at this stage without fault. The 4 year guarantee offer gives great peace of mind.
(Posted on 12 April 2016)
Good overall Review by
Yamaha is a good brand and the generator itself is a good one.
(Posted on 11 April 2016)
Great alround value Review by
Used for busy household appliance's power backup, mounted on small trailer and used around the farm. Very quiet and easy start.
(Posted on 3 April 2016)
Very Happy Review by
We have just installed, and couldn't be happier with the quality so far.
(Posted on 31 March 2016)
Fantastic Review by
I'm really surprised at how quiet it is. It works extremely well, the automatic choke is a real bonus and has performed flawlessly. The generator is used as a backup for an off grid power system so I needed something reliable and this unit delivers. Plenty of smooth, quiet power, couldn't ask for more.
(Posted on 30 March 2016)
Fantastic Review by
I'm really surprised at how quiet it is. It works extremely well, the automatic choke is a real bonus and has performed flawlessly. The generator is used as a backup for an off grid power system so I needed something reliable and this unit delivers.Plenty of smooth, quiet power, couldn't ask for more.
(Posted on 30 March 2016)
Great all rounder Review by
Starts first turn of the key and looks to be very well built.
(Posted on 27 March 2016)
Great find thanks to this site Review by
Though this generator cost more than I had initially planned to pay, it has much much more going for it than I was prepared to accept - electric start, good running time, able to be fitted into mains power board and take care of most of the appliances etc in a large house, quieter than expected,and more 6000w was a lot better than I expected for the price. All round a great buy.
(Posted on 27 March 2016)
bloody good Review by
Very happy with the yami geni big watts, big fuel tank,and big vaule, it is used to power up a houseboat and is better than I expected it to be.
(Posted on 15 October 2015)
So glad i did get this one Review by
After seeing all the problems my mates had with under sized generators ,cheap imports i decided to bite the bullet and get the real deal. Firstly after my electrician wired the socket/plug to the house and test running the unit ,we were impressed with general quietness of the unit. Secondly ,it was even a greater outcome to complete an amp draw and find i was able to run 2 x split sytem air conds,water pump(Rain tank supply-house),all lighting and 2 x fridges. We actually thought that some things we will have to go with out.This was not the case.The whole house is up n running,not to mention critical water pump in our high risk fire prone area Toodyay. So all in all.You cant go wrong and im glad i did it right the first time. As doing wrong once put s you back so much further financially. Look forward to many years trouble free with the big name brand Yamaha. Oh and yes it was cheaper to freight than to buy locally.
(Posted on 14 February 2015)
Very happy with customer service and product quali Review by
Gennie has over 20 hours up now and is running like a charm to power an entire household including two air conditioners at times. The perfect solution to compliment our off grid system.
(Posted on 5 February 2015)
Great product and service. Review by
The Yamaha Generator we purchased arrived quickly and was well packaged. I am very happy with it, have run it a couple of times and its great.
(Posted on 15 January 2015)
really happy with this genny Review by
This is a great unit if you need AVR plus a fair amount of power. From what I could find the inverters over 5000 watts were damn expensive. I was rapt to get this for under 2 grand. Essential for my business now, I run my tools and computer when needed
(Posted on 14 August 2014)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Would this generator be suitable as a backup for an offgrid solar system, or is an inverter generator required?Thanks

    Hi there, yes this generator is often used for backup to many types of off-grid solar systems. We just recommend that you speak to your solar installer to ensure it is appropriate for your particular solar set up.

    The Yamaha EF7200E is fitted with AVR so the voltage is regulated, but again it is advised you discuss with your solar installation company what the best type of generator power supply suits your type of solar battery system. Thanks    

  • Is this a good generator for home power backup?

    Hi and thanks for your question; yes, this brand and this size generator is popular for home backup use, especially if you intend to run quite a few appliances including those with larger power draw such as; washing machines, larger fridge/freezers, pumps, small to medium sized air-conditioners etc. along with all your other smaller household appliances as well. 

    You can either run your required appliances directly from the generator (via extension chords etc.), or speak to an electrician about installing manual transfer switch to your home so the generator then becomes the power backup source to your house. Another option again, is to consider an auto-start generator which can also be connected to your house mains via an electrician; these type of generators will automatically restore power to your home in the event of a blackout, as opposed to manually switching the generator on.

    In all cases, just be sure you know how much power all your appliances you intend to run will draw so you get the right sized generator. Thanks, Steve.

  • I'm considering this generator for home backup. How much is it to get an electrician to fit a transfer switch to my home so this generator can power (part) of my house during a blackout?

    Hi Anthony, great question. You've certainly identified a popular generator model for home backup power. In terms of cost for an electrician to install a transfer switch to your home, the short answer is; it depends. Not every home install is identical in terms of works required, switch configurations etc. 

    However, to give you an idea, click HERE for a video from a My Generator customer who had a local electrician install a transfer switch to enable the power supply to their house to be transferred to a portable generator when there is a mains blackout. You can see from the video that the transfer switch install cost was around $600. We would suggest this is a pretty good price, and perhaps indicative of a straightforward install job. We have heard of higher install costs than this for other jobs, usually requiring more configuration works.

    My advice would be to get a quote from your local electrician. They can also help advise what size generator best fits your particular home backup requirements. Many thanks!     

  • Hi there, Will this generator run a small welding set around the farm? If so what would be the max size? It looks great for backing up the house which is its main use. Pat.

    Hi Pat, yes this generator is very popular for home backup power. In terms of running a welder, you are best to contact the welder manufacturer (Cigweld, Unimig etc.) and ask their technical department what size generator they recommend for the particular model of welder. 

    Some welders only need a 5-6kVA sized generator, but many need around 8kVA and above, so best to check with the welder manufacturer what size generator is required for your model of welder. Thanks

  • I'm looking for a generator for my home as back up power during blackouts. It will be running through a changeover switch. Is this one safe to run all household items ie sensitive items like TV and laptops etc? Cheers

    Hi Phil, yes this generator is suitable for your described application. The Yamaha EF7200E is fitted with an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR), which limits the voltage fluctuation meaning it is clean to run your electronic appliances. 

    This would be our most popular home backup generator to run through a manual changeover switch (also called a generator changeover switch). This switch can be fitted to your home by an electrician. 

    Many thanks

  • How frequently do I have to change the motor oil? Product info says to change it after the first 20hrs, and after this first change?

    Hi, after the first oil change, the recommended oil change time frame is every 6 months or 100 hours of use. When in doubt always consult our user manual for recommended maintenance. Thanks!

  • Along with running fridges, water pumps, lights etc, is this generator also fine to power up wifi, tv, charge laptops / phones etc?

    Hi, this generator is fitted with an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator), meaning it reduces the voltage fluctuation to +/- 2.5%, making it suitable to run all your domestic appliances, including the items you have listed. The Yamaha EF7200E is our most popular model for household backup power and other models in that 6to 9kVA range fitted with AVR from the likes of DeWalt and Pramac are also very good. Many thanks

  • Is the warranty on this product a factory warranty from Yamaha?Â

    Yes, you get the full manufacturer’s warranty from Yamaha Australia which would be covered by any local Yamaha service center that works on generators. 

    You can find a Yamaha local service agent by clicking HERE

  • Can this be wired for 2 Wire start as a auto start for my offgrid system? Or do i need to buy something else to do it?

    Hi - this is not a two-wire auto start generator. If you are after an automatic start generator to support your offgrid solar sytem, then you can check out our range of Auto-Start Generators here.

    You can use this generator as a backup option to your off-grid solar (although best to check suitability with your solar installer first), however the generator operation will need to be undertaken manually.  


  • Whereabouts are the Yamaha service agents located? Thank you.

    Hi Martin, Yamaha has over 200 accredited service agents around the country. The following website link has the full list and you can type in your postcode to find the nearest service agent to you: https://generatoryamaha.com.au/where-to-buy/

  • I am looking to buy a generator like this along with a transfer switch so my sparky can hook it up to our house for a backup power setup. Can I leave it outdoors in the elements?

    Hi Paul - unfortunately water and electricity don't mix! It is not advised you leave your generator exposed to the weather for long periods as ports and other components can be slowly damaged over time. It is recommended you shelter the generator, or store it under cover when not in use.  

    However, it is ESSENTIAL your generator is not confined to an indoor space when it is operating as it produces carbon monoxide. Cheers, Steve

  • Hi. Is this model made in Japan? Thanks!

    Hi There,

    As far as we are aware this generator is produced in China, by Yamaha.

  • Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

    Hi there,

    Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we'd recommend having a steady load on the generator and don't connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.


  • EF7200Is it waterproof. Can it be used uncovered during rain?Thanks

    Hi There,

    The EF7200E is not waterproof.

    It would not be recommended to have the generator out in the rain.

  • I want to have backup power for a water pump, from a bore, than another pump into the house, lighting in the house, fridge, computer, tv, . Will this model be able to do this for up to 5 hours?

    Hi There,

    The run time would really depend on how much power all those items draw when running.

    The generator will run continuously for 14.7 hours at 25% load.

  • our solar electrician has wired an auto start into our current generator a honda 30eui, which is powered by a stand alone solar panel. Is this generator able to have the same wiring done to it?

    Hi There,

    Unfortunately there is no automatic start unit currently availble for the EF7200E, sorry.

  • Hi there, I see that it runs at 71db when at 25% capacity. What is the noise level when at 50% and 100% capacity? I don't want to upset my neighbours!

    Hi There,

    Unfortunately Yamaha only provide the one decibel rating, sorry.

    They are a relatively loud generator in comparisson to the enclosed units we offer.

  • R.e. the economy idle switch which keeps RPM low when there's no load. Will a very small load i.e. charging a phone, one light on etc cause it to ramp up to maximum RPM or does it step up only as much as required?

    Hi There

    Initially it will rev up when first starting the generator, however once the generator recognises the loads it should idle down as required.

  • Where does one find spare parts for these generators? I'm looking for plastic arm and pin for the autochoke, are you able to source?

    Hi There

    Spare parts would need to be obtained from a Yamaha Generator Service Agent.

    You can contact Yamaha Generators Australia on: 

    1300 735 440

  • I recently purchased a Yamaha EF7200E and I cannot understand the function of the volt/hour meter? I started the generator (after I put oil & petrol in it) and plugged in a 240v drill and it worked fine. How should I read the meter and do I adjust voltage

    Hi Vince, you don't need to adjust the voltage, this is set in the factory. In terms of the meter; It displays cumulative running time (in hours) to indicate when periodic maintenance should be performed, along with the current voltage. Many thanks

  • I am told by my electrician that to wire this into my home - the generator must not have a "centre tap" - Can you advise if this has or hasn't?

    Hi, these portable generators don’t have a centre tap. 

    Many thanks.

  • Hi, what grade oil is best for this generator? I am using 10w-30 with other 4 stroke engines.


    Yamaha recommends to use Yamalube 10w-40 engine oil for the EF7200E.

  • I am buying a Yamaha Inverter Generator from you. If I plan to not run it for a period of 4-5 months, so should I just use a fuel stabilizer?

    Yes, a good fuel stabiliser will keep your fuel fresh during periods when you are not using your generator and in your case this should be fine.

    Other good practice recommendations are:

    • Drain the excess fuel in the carburettor after use. All Yamaha generators have a fuel shut off valve (petcock) that you can switch off while the generator is running to use the residual fuel and ensure it does not sit in the carburettor
    • Start up your generator every few months for a short period to lubricate internal parts of the unit and even apply a small load to the generator ensure everything is in working order for when you need it next.


For details relating to this product's warranty CLICK HERE


    For details relating to our delivery process CLICK HERE

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