Large AVR Petrol Generators (8.1kva and above)

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Need to run heavy equipment and sensitive equipment? No need to buy two different generators – a large petrol AVR generator will get the job done.

This range of AVR generators provides the versatility of running both heavy equipment and more sensitive appliances. Petrol AVR generators use an automatic voltage regulator to maintain a stable voltage output. Our selection includes Pramac generators, which are extremely popular for home solar or mains back-up.

Large Petrol AVR Generators

Choose from generators ranging from 8kVA up to 13.9kVA with brands including Genelite, Gentech, Dunlite and Pramac generators. Our largest generators in the range are provided by Pramac generators. When you buy a Pramac generator, you can be confident you are investing in high performance, durability and reliability. Even the largest Pramac generators work at extremely low noise levels, making them ideal for use outside of working hours or in residential areas.

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