Gentech Honda 3.4kVA Generator

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Product Description

This 3.4 kVA portable generator will be the hardest working tool on your worksite - it’s your top choice for powering lights, pumps, and small tools around the farm and job site.

Not to mention the reliability and quality that comes from a Honda GX200 engine. This one compact package is packed with everything you need for over two hours of operation running on a single 3.6 litre tank at 80% load. Need power for longer? Simply add on the 8.5 litre long-range fuel tank for extra running time.

The design incorporates a recoil start and 2 x 15 Amp outlets. It has a noise level of only 67 dBA and weighs in at only 40 kg. Add on the lifting bar kit, wheel kit or wheelbarrow kit for easy transportation from your ute to the job site.

The package is complete with a 2 year generator warranty backed by a national service network. The Honda engine comes with a 3 year warranty.

This product is ‘Honda Australia Approved’ - meaning that the Honda engine used in an Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) product, has been engine match tested by Honda Australia, is a genuine Honda engine and meets their strict quality and operational standards, and is backed by their national service agent network. The following table outlines the new extended warranty for the different Honda engine types:

Honda Engine Warranty



Brand Gentech

GTIN 9334786000246

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Product Category Portable Generators

kVA 3.4

Continuous Output (Watts) 2800

Max Output (kW) 2.8

Continuous Output (kW) 2.8

Fuel Unleaded Petrol

Fuel Tank Capacity 3.6 L

Starting Method Recoil

Outlets  2 x 15 Amp outlets

Max Output (Watts) 2800

Cont. Working Time 2.32hrs @ 80% load

Engine Honda GX200

Alternator Type NSM

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 650 x 460 x 425 mm (L x W x H)

Wheel Kit 2 Wheel Kit

Engine Warranty 4 year warranty

Engine Warranty 3 year Engine Warranty

Note Product specifications provided by Manufacturer. This is a portable air-cooled petrol generator designed for short term/standby applications - for pri

Frequency 50Hz

Voltage 240V

Noise @ 7m 67 dBA

Net Weight (kg) 40


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Customer Reviews

A good generator Review by
I got it to power the house during blackouts. In the hills, trees cause a good many of these. Last one June 2012, lasted 6 days. I have a home built stand alone solar power system. The battery lasted 6 days but was discharged completely. Why get the gen? To charge the battery when there is no Sun. (Upwey is in Melbourne....) The 3.4kVA was sized for my charger (a 2kW, 0.99 power factor charger, 240V AC to 55V 40A DC) The Gen runs the charger easily. Every time I started it, it needed one pull. The harmonic distortion was shown using my oscilloscope to be as specified, around 5% THD and this is very good. Loaded verses unloaded voltage was also very good. See for the gory details of my test, with oscilloscope results of loaded/unloaded.
(Posted on 20 July 2021)
Great genny for great price Review by
Great generator for a very good price. In fact price is pretty much the same (and even lower priced) as rubbishy stuff from Bunnings etc. Pretty hard to go past the tried and true Honda engine, starts first time every time. The only complaint I have is that after only a couple of weeks of use a weld cracked on the rollover frame. It was not a structural weld, but just one that holds a bit of flat plate that has the "gentech" sticker on it so more of an annoyance than anything, but still a bit of a small quality assurance fail. Two things I'd like to see as improvements: 1. A bigger fuel tank 2. A bigger more effective muffler Although I understand both of these simply come as supplied with the Honda engine.
(Posted on 25 October 2017)
Very satisfied Review by
Great product fast service would recommend this firm to anyone looking for a gen.
(Posted on 28 September 2017)
Fantastic value and service Review by
Great generator for our purpose. Reliable start and power.
(Posted on 31 July 2017)

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Good quality product Review by
Although I have only used this basic generator a few times, it seems to be a good quality product, which I would recommend to others. The price, including shipping, was quite reasonable compared to similar products from other companies.
(Posted on 16 June 2017)
Great piece of machinery Review by
In SA we had power outages three times in a short space of time. After the 2nd outage we ordered the 3.4kva Gentech. We had hardly received it when the 3rd outage happened. Luckily I had pre bought the oil, petrol and Stabil. The oil had to be topped up as with petrol. It was easy to start and speed is governed automatically. I ran two fridges and a freezer and it was idling. I want to add the VCR, TV and lights if it is night time. Very happy with this generator. It could do with a better silencer on the exhuast as it sounds like a generator on a building site, but this is only nit picking.
(Posted on 9 February 2017)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Hi, there are two generators listed, one is a Gentech, one is a Dunlite - They look similar, but slightly different pricing. What is the difference in the generators? Regards, Neville

    Hi Neville, great question. Dunlite & Gentech are both built / distributed by an Australian company called Welling & Crossley. They have been Australian owned and operated since 1926, and are recognised as an Australian leader in the manufacture and supply of petrol & diesel power equipment and generating sets for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

    Welling & Crossley's range of portable generators has always been Gentech. Then around 20 years ago, they acquired a similar portable generator brand in Dunlite. Each brand has excellent recognition throughout Australia. So both brands now come out of the same Welling & Crossley factory and so the models are not just similar, but the same – either branded ‘Gentech’ or ‘Dunlite’.

    In the instance where the price is slightly different, this just relates to stock levels and availability of that particular model. In any case, there are Dunlite/Gentech portable petrol generators from around 2kVA to 16kVA in size, mostly powered by genuine Honda engines and are the trusted option for tradesmen, farmers, industrial applications, domestic requirements, small businesses and much more... similarly, the Dunlite/Gentech diesel portable generator models up to around 9kVA in size are powered by the likes of Lister Petter and Kohler engines and used for all matter of commercial, industrial and rural power requirements.

    All Gentech/Dunlite products are backed by comprehensive warranties from the manufacturer (Welling & Crossley) and come with national service agent and spare parts support. Thanks. 

  • Do the Gentech Generators use Genuine Honda Engines?

    Hi Glen, thanks for your question. The answer is a definite yes! The Gentech Petrol Generators use 100% authentic Honda engines purchased from Honda Australia. The engines come with a full 4 year commercial warranty on their GX model engines, along with a 2 year generator warranty for frame, alternator etc. You can have the engine serviced or inspected by any approved Honda service agent around the country - there are more than 400 accredited service agents.

    We are aware of some cheaper brands using imported "Honda" engines in generators and other power equipment which are not authentic engines from Honda Australia. We do not stock any products that use non-verified Honda engines. Gentech have over 20 years of Australian Generator experience and along with Dunlite and Powerlite, they are one of our best-selling portable trade generator brands. They are built in Australia and designed for longevity and to handle demanding working environments.

    Cheers, Steve



  • What is the power output wave form? Pure sine wave, modified sine wave?

    Hi Jeff, this is a conventional generator using a brushless alternator that produces a power output with harmonic distortion of +/- 5%.

    conventional generator is designed to run appliances with resistive and heavy loads, e.g. power tools, farming equipment, domestic applainces without microprocessors. Conventional generators can handle 'overloading' for short periods, where an appliance will surge (usually when starting up) briefly. However, conventional generators are not intended to run sensitive electronic equipment (e.g. TV's, laptops, mobile phones etc.). Conventional generators are built tough and are popular for trade, construction, farming, industrial use, plus certain domestic requirements. 

    The type of generator that produces pure sine wave output is an inverter generatorAn inverter generator can run sensitive electronic equipment. Note that Inverter generators cannot handle large 'overloading' that conventional generators can. Too much overload on an inverter generator will cause the generator 'trip the breaker' and stop producing power. These inverter generators are quiet, fuel efficient and are designed for recreational use, small home backup, DIY tasks, small mobile business and small events. 

     Finally, its worth mentioning AVR Generators This type of generator has an Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) fitted, so they reduce large voltage fluctuations that can potentially damage appliances. These types of generators are commonly used for Domestic backup applications and small business backup requirements. 

  • Can I use this generator to charge my power tool batteries?

    Hi there,

    Charging battery packs is fine from a conventional generator, we'd recommend having a steady load on the generator and don't connect appliances that will cause the load to jump around during charging.



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