MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

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You can’t complete your solar system without a MPPT solar charge controller. Here at My Generator, we stock models by leading brands including Victron, Morningstar, and Genasun. These brands offer a generous 5-year warranty to back up their high-quality units, so you can rest easy that your solar power kit and battery are protected.


Benefits Of an MPPT Solar Charge Controller

A Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controller is an efficient solar charge regulator that will help you preserve the life of your batteries. The benefit of an MPPT solar charge controller is that it actively monitors and adjusts its input to regulate a solar system’s current and will step down the voltage and boost the current. When cloudy, your MPPT solar charge controller will automatically decrease the amount of current drawn to maintain a desirable voltage at the panel output. When the sun comes out again, the controller will allow more current in again. This delivers efficiency ratings of 90% or higher.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller by Leading Brands

Choose from a wide range of MPPT solar charge controllers here at My Generator. We sell leading brands including Victron, Morningstar, and Genasun all who offer an impressive 5-year warranty on their products! Check out the BlueSolar and SmartSolar units by Victron in a wide range of VOC and Amp options. Shop MPPT solar charge controllers today.