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Product Description

Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Pro Roof Top Air Conditioner with ADB, 3 Year Warranty. The Dometic 7 Series Pro takes the reins from the Dometic IBIS 4, bringing you the ultimate upgrade in caravan air conditioning!

Introducing the new FreshJet RV air conditioner series. Featuring a streamlined design throughout the range, combined with superior cooling performance, optimised airflow, and the quietest operation yet. The Series 7 features the next generation of Dometic’s leading inverter technology, delivering the quietest and smoothest operation, perfect for off-grid applications.

Each model is designed to be compact and have a minimal footprint so you can utilise valuable rooftop real estate for solar panels and other needs. CleanAir ensures circulating air is fresh and clean thanks to the built-in air purification system. The new air distribution box (ADB) gives you complete control over the system, along with remote and full Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity, cooling and heating is only a touch of a button away.

The Freshjet 7 Series Pro is now compatible and can be controlled using the Dometic Climate app and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. 


  • Dometic FreshJet 7 Series Pro Roof Top Air Conditioner, 9620001685
  • Dometic FreshJet Electronic ADB, 9620001693


  • Superior energy efficiency. Reduced power consumption allows a longer run time on batteries and generators
  • CleanAir technology. Keeps your RV smelling fresh and clean thanks to the inbuilt air purification system
  • Premium air distribution box (ADB) with full connectivity. Air distribution box with touch control panel and remote, integrated ambient LED light and Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Next generation of Dometic inverter technology. The quietest and smoothest operation ever, perfect for off-grid adventures
  • Modern and fresh design. Aerodynamically shaped rooftop unit
  • Lightweight and compact. Ideal for optimised rooftop layout with solar panels and other devices


To learn more about the FreshJet 7 Series Pro, check out our comprehensive blog here!

Note: Fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation.

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SKU 9620001685-ADB

Brand Dometic

GTIN 6975399590071

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category RV Air Conditioners

Best for Vehicle Length (m) 7

Cooling Capacity (ISO5151) (kW) 2.9

Dimension (W x D x H) 70mm x 1090mm x 242mm (Air Conditioner) | 518mm x 579mm x 48mm (ADB)

Current Consumption Heating Max (A) 5.9

Installed Weight with ADB 41kg

Operating temperature range -2°C to 52°C

Cooling Capacity (W) 2900

Refrigeration Technology Compressor

Refrigerant Type R32

Heating Capacity (W) 2700

Current Consumption Cooling Max (A) 7.3

Number of Blower Speeds 4











Customer Reviews

Perfect timing Review by
Upgrading our caravan air conditioner before Christmas and is going away on the 26th was always a tight timetable. No one else had stock of the Series 7 but My Generator not only had stock but despatched the unit in time to arrive well before the installation. They also kept me in the loop so I could coordinate the install. Stressless purchase and delivery. Thoroughly recommend dealing with such a professional organisation. Finally piece of good news is their prices are right.
(Posted on 31 December 2023)
Dometic freshjet 7 pro Review by
The AC until was delivered ahead of schedule in good condition. It is now installed and working correctly
(Posted on 29 December 2023)
Great product Review by
Exceeds all expectations. Replaced another different brand unit and the ibis much better on all fronts. Noise level in particular is exceptionally quiet.
(Posted on 8 June 2023)
Simply brilliant Review by
Great product. Is what they said it would be
(Posted on 28 October 2022)

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Extremely Good Review by
The Dometic Ibis MK4 Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner purchase was very smooth, no issues with the ordering, pricing, delivery and the installation went well to. The unit runs very quiet and does the job nicely in our 18 foot caravan. Thanks heaps, Ross
(Posted on 16 July 2022)
Quick Delivery Review by
Good product, reliable
(Posted on 14 July 2022)
Domestic ibis reverse cycle aircon Review by
Service was the best, ordered, turned up 4days later . Fitted the unit to my MAN bus mobile home. Fit like a glove, no problems, nice and cold. Great product and service.
(Posted on 8 July 2022)
Domestic ibis reverse cycle aircon Review by
Service was the best, ordered, turned up 4days later .Fitted the unit to my MAN bus mobile home. Fit like a glove, no problems, nice and cold.Great product and service.
(Posted on 8 July 2022)
Excellent buy for a air conditioner Review by
The installation of the Ibis mk4 was a breeze due the great detail in the instructions. I have had many a air cond in caravans and this one is the best one by far, low vibration, super quite on night mode, three speed fan to often great cooling and a turbo mode to offer a quick cool down. I tried the heat during to cold spell in November and I found the heating to be adequate to heat the 18' van. The remote works any where in the van not like some where you have to virtually under the unit.
(Posted on 8 December 2021)
Aircon Review by
Aircon Works Well And Is Very Quiet.
(Posted on 28 November 2021)
excellent value and service. aircon works well and Review by
excellent air con and runs off my 2.2 Honda generator without loading it up. Runs very quiet and now we can get a good night sleep. Extra benefit is that I weighed the one i removed and the Ibis MK4 was 15kgs lighter. Love it.
(Posted on 13 October 2021)
Excellent Review by
Runs off my Kings 1500w inverter.Best Ac I’ve seen in a van.
(Posted on 15 August 2021)
Excellent Review by
Runs off my Kings 1500w inverter. Best Ac I’ve seen in a van.
(Posted on 15 August 2021)
Great company, product delivered on time after a h Review by
Happy with product.
(Posted on 21 May 2021)
The best online buying I have ever done,was easy a Review by
I haven’t fitted the air conditioner yet but so far couldn’t ask for anymore it’s been a brilliant experience
(Posted on 17 April 2021)
Ibis 4 roof top a/c Review by
Could not be happier, all freight arrived on time, retrofitted new one, old one out all in one day and working beautifully, and QUIET. Just what i was after.
(Posted on 15 February 2021)
Great Investment Review by
Wanted to change over our old air conditioner on van anc looked around at all models looking at already fitted ones asming people and reading reviews eventually decided to buy the Xomentic Ibis Mk4 very happy with it zo far
(Posted on 14 February 2021)
Living in Pilbara in this summer Review by
we are so glad that we choose this one. keep our motorhome cool 24/7. Every now and again hear some noise like we are sitting in an airplane is taking off. But most of time we don't hear any other noise but cold air blowing.
(Posted on 30 December 2020)
Very happy with the service Review by
Much better than our old ibis air conditioner.
(Posted on 6 December 2020)
Quiet cool air at last! Review by
I upgraded from an Ibis 3 to the Ibis 4. Peace at last. No more clunking noise from the compressor at night keeping me awake..... Just silent cold air. Easy for any handyman to install.
(Posted on 4 December 2020)
Exactly What We Were Looking For Review by
The air conditioner works well in our motorhome, keeping it lovely and cool. Because it is so quiet, you can leave it on while sleeping. There is no noise to keep you awake.
(Posted on 30 November 2020)
Excellent product Review by
Excellent product and great price. Perfect for our Motorhome.
(Posted on 23 November 2020)
best model ever Review by
had ibis 4 for 5 years never workt ok paid $800 for getting a check & regas valve fitted workt for 3mth had checked again by a good guy leak in evaporater to much to fix found my ordert ibis4 works great from the start freezing cold best buy ever thanks mygenarator
(Posted on 20 November 2020)
Easy to install and enjoying having the Van cool. Review by
Easy to install and so quite as well, just a light hum. Its fantastic on those hot days when we are home schooling the kids.
(Posted on 11 November 2020)
Very nice Review by
Removed old ibis mk2 and fitted new mk4 turned it on and wow i was amazed at its operation, i can sleep at night now and use my 2.2kva Honda to run it best upgrade to van since the 12v 240v fridge compressor driven dometic .
(Posted on 9 October 2020)
Dometic Air Conditioner for my bus Review by
Have recently had installed in my Coaster Bus and looks fabulous, operates fantastic and is so quiet.
(Posted on 8 October 2020)
Great service, great product Review by
The new aircon is great, nice and quiet compared to the old aircon.
(Posted on 8 October 2020)
Great air conditioning unit Review by
Very very quiet, just as the staff said it would be, simple to install.
(Posted on 26 September 2020)
100% Good Review by
Very good.
(Posted on 18 September 2020)
Excellent Review by
Very quite operation. Works extremely well.Can barely hear it working. Have not even tried the sleep mode.
(Posted on 25 August 2020)
Excellent Review by
Very quite operation. Works extremely well. Can barely hear it working. Have not even tried the sleep mode.
(Posted on 25 August 2020)
Great product Review by
Very easy to install, instructions were good. Works very well.
(Posted on 23 August 2020)
Great system Review by
This system is super quiet no more kicking in rumbles like our old Dometic and easily installed.
(Posted on 23 July 2020)
Product was simple to install and instructions cle Review by
Quality build, quiet, clear instructions and simple to install.
(Posted on 1 July 2020)
very very good Review by
This is our first air con. in our motorhome and it works great very quite and with a slim fit it is what we were looking for.It is quite and with the inverter it also runs at a low power. GREAT UNIT
(Posted on 27 June 2020)
Fantastic Air Conditioner Review by
We bought this unit to replace our old IBIS 3 which was malfunctioning. This unit is very quiet, the heating and cooling are very powerful and so much better than the old unit we are very happy.
(Posted on 28 May 2020)
Great value product Review by
Very easy to fit, once you organise how to get it on the roof! Very impressed with the smooth and very quiet running. Also a lovely soft start and stop. Much more convenient now with the remote control.
(Posted on 14 May 2020)
Worth the effort to change from Ibis 3 Review by
External cover extremely lightly constructed and poorly fitted, I hope it will stand up to the occasional branch strikes.
(Posted on 6 May 2020)
Excellent Air Conditioner Review by
We have been out in Western Queensland for the past 3 weeks and had this installed just prior to leaving. Compared to the one we had there is no comparison. It has performed beyond our expectations is quiet and cooled down our 21.5 foot van in minutes as promised. We are so glad that we chose this air conditioner and thank you also to My Generator for your prompt service for sending it to us promptly.
(Posted on 5 March 2020)
Good quiet air conditioner. Review by
We installed it in my son's pop top caravan and it was a relatively easy process. Very quiet when it runs and works very well. Much quieter than the one we have in our own van.
(Posted on 4 March 2020)
Easy install by 2 inexperienced men. Review by
Removal of the old 20 year old air con was very easy. Hardest part was removing the old sealastic from the caravan roof. Definitely 2 man job to lift it off the roof though. Installation is easy following the instructions supplied. I did order the extra duct ring & did need it to fill the gap between the unit on top & the panels inside. I have a Jayco Westport 24 ft. It did cost me an extra $110 for the electrician to hook up the wiring and check the vans 240 volt systems. It is a very quiet unit even on full speed and does a great job at cooling.
(Posted on 2 March 2020)
Excellent air conditioner Review by
The ibis 4 rooftop air conditioner was simple and easy to fit to the van, runs extremely quietly and easily copes with the extreme temperatures, keeps the van very comfortable inside.
(Posted on 14 February 2020)
Excellent air conditioner Review by
Works really well, is nice and quiet. Bonus is the neat slimline design. it was easy to install.
(Posted on 2 February 2020)
Easy to install Review by
Changed from a internal split system. Very quiet and no problems so far.
(Posted on 7 January 2020)
Good price free freight speedy delivery Review by
We decided to replace our Ibis 2 aircon in our van rather than buy a bigger generator to run the old. It was cheaper to buy the new ibis 4 as our 2 kva generator will run it.
(Posted on 27 December 2019)
Happy With this Air Con Review by
Given that we have only had the air con installed for a little over one week, so far we are really happy with it. We ran it last night on our Honda 2kva genny with the genny set on eco and the air con had no trouble. We are permanent free campers and we need a quiet trouble free air conditioner. My only suggestion is that more of the foam spacing batts should be supplied as we did not have enough for our install to properly fit the air con so we made some out of white foam. This does not take away the fact that we love this air con because of it's quietness and efficiency.
(Posted on 15 December 2019)
Excellent product Review by
The air con was easy to install, lighter than the old one, much quieter and supper cold within 10 mins.
(Posted on 3 November 2019)
Product performs well and is priced right Review by
Product was well priced and works well in the hot environment that we live in.
(Posted on 27 October 2019)
Fast, free freight, good price, superb product Review by
Ultra quiet cold air conditioning, runs with ease on 2.0 kVa genset, great features, like night-mode, turbofan, timer, easy installation, light weight, great low profile shape, in and outside, . The freight from "my generator" was fast & free. Even to the NT!!
(Posted on 24 September 2019)
Great product Great servie Review by
Replaced my old Dometic noisy rattling thing with the IBIS4. Have not needed to use it as we have not had the chance to get away but after install which was very easy with simple to follow instructions we started it up and gave it a run on both heat and cool. What a difference between the two. Whisper quiet. Looking forward to going away and the chance to be able to sleep in piece when we need the aircon.
(Posted on 8 September 2019)
I is 4 Review by
Great aircon brought 2 for our triaxle a lot quieter and less weight.
(Posted on 28 August 2019)
Ibis mk4 air conditioner Review by
Great aircon very quiet and works well a lot better then old one.
(Posted on 24 August 2019)
Awesome product Quick Delivery Review by
Haven't tried it in summer yet so looking forward to seeing its efficiency on a 35 - 40 degree day. Was around 24 degrees yesterday so I put it on and it worked very well. Cooled my van down quickly and kept everyone lovely and relaxed in the van (Me and the dogs, I'm a mobile dog groomer so keeping my van cool is essential on hot days).
(Posted on 12 August 2019)
We can hear the crickets. Review by
Upon much deliberating and reading reviews. The handbrake when presented with the facts, specs and my opinion helped me to choose the Ibis 4. Super fast delivery in perfect condition. Easy to install compared to the B3200 i removed. After instillation we started her up and thought it wasn't working cause the van didn't rattle. But my god does it work and on night mode you hear the crickets outside. So excited and pleased. REMARKABLE.
(Posted on 8 April 2019)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • I have an Ibis 4 installed in my van. What Freshjet unit would be the direct replacement?

    The Dometic Freshjet 7 Series Pro would be the direct replacement for the Ibis 4

  • Will this replace my existing Air Con?

    The Dometic Freshjet range utilises either a 360x360mm or 400x400mm cut out size, which will cover most existing Air Conditioners.

  • Would I need to use an air purifier in the van when this is installed?

    No, the Dometic Freshjet range is the first of its kind to offer a inbuilt air purifier. This is called the ClearAir system, which will keep the van smelling fresh and clean while greatly reducing allergens, viruses, bacteria and pollutants.

  • Does the Freshjet have a WIFI or Bluetooth feature?

    The Freshjet range offers WIFI and Bluetooth, meaning you will be able to operate your AC from your phone.

  • Does this AC come pre-gassed?

    The Freshjet range will come pre-gassed ready for install. This latest range of Dometic AC's are using a more sustainable R32 refrigerant. 

  • Do the new range of Freshjet have the same Air Distribution Box (ADB)?

    Yes, the new Freshjet units have one ADB that is standard across the whole range


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