Truma Aventa Comfort Reverse Cycle Roof Top Air Conditioner

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Product Description

Truma Aventa Comfort Roof Top Air Conditioner (AVENTA MARK2-KIT) with reverse cycle heating. This unit is an extremely powerful and aesthetically pleasing comfort solution.

With two comfort functions in one device, the Aventa comfort offers powerful cooling and energy saving heating. With 1700 watts of heating power, the energy saving heat pump function ensures a pleasant on board temperature.At the same time, the air is dehumidified and cleaned by means of a honeycombed shaped air filter system.

The Aventa comfort is extremely lightweight and also features LED lighting which can be dimmed. It can be retrofitted quickly and easily in standard roof vent cut out of 400 x 400 mm. Best for vehicle length Up to. 7.5 metres.

Quality features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Slimmest air distributor on the market
  • Powerful cooling
  • Energy saving heating
Fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation.
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Brand Truma

GTIN 4052816036472

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Product Category RV Air Conditioners

Best for Vehicle Length (m) 7.5

Cooling Capacity (ISO5151) (kW) 2.4

Heating Capacity approx. 1.7 kW (Note: Heating is not possible at an outside temperature of less than 4°C)

Roof Thickness (mm) 25 - 50 (Note: With additional roof thickness adapters, unit can be fitted to roof thickness up to 110 mm)

Number of Blower Speeds 3 + sleep mode (2 speeds in heating mode)

Installation Fitting and Install instructions come with the unit, but it is advised a qualified installer (electrical contractor) undertakes the installation.

Remote control Yes

Note Will operate on most premium brand inverter type generators (check with your generator supplier for compatibility)

Functions Sleep function for quieter interior cooling, timer function, Powerful cooling, Energy saving heating

Airflow (high fan) 400 m3/h

Roof opening (W x D mm) 400 x 400

Operating temperature range 4 to 43°C

Electrical Rating (single phase) 230 - 240 volts

Current Draw (Cooling/Heating) 4.2 A / 3.7 A

Dimensions (WxHxL mm) External: 660 x 248 x 1008 | Internal: 523 x 46 x 670

Net Weight (kg) 33


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Customer Reviews

Great product Review by
Great product. Works well.
(Posted on 6 February 2019)
Fantastic Truma AC - Highly Recomennded Review by
We purchased our AC before Xmas it was installed and used for 7 days it wasnt turned off.. We experienced temperatures up to 42 degrees in the sun and the AC worked like a super star even to the point it was cold during a heat wave outside. We turned the AC to sleep mode and were surprised by how quiet it was. AC has a slight purr, biggest thing we noticed was in the quiet of the night when cycling it cut in and out with a little jolt, other than that we would highly recommend this unit. We have a 16’ imported van and we have the Truma Heating so we already knew it would be fantastic. We have never looked back .. Truma rocks!
(Posted on 6 January 2019)
Quite popular unit, fitted many Review by
Simple install, very quiet . light weight, slimline.
(Posted on 1 January 2019)
great unit Review by
This unit was bought to replace the same type of unit which was done in under 20 min's. Fantastic AC the old unit the compressor failed on a 40 deg day and it was 6 years old and bounced about for 290,000 K's so it was worth replacing with the same.
(Posted on 6 December 2018)

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Thanks My Generator Review by
Very happy with the price of our Truma aircon through My Generator, which was the cheapest available including shipping. Very easy to fit into the Jayco and a lot quieter than the old Dometic.
(Posted on 28 October 2018)
Truma Aveta Confort Airconditoner Review by
Product looks great and was easy to install Have used it for last Ten days and had no problems Great for overall weight as only 33 kgs.
(Posted on 28 June 2018)
Efficient and quiet running Review by
We hav only been running the air conditioner a few times, but have found it efficient and surprisingly quiet while running. It is also so easy to adjust, and we are very pleased with the remote controls easiness to operate. It will get a work out I'm sure during our next holidays early in 2018.
(Posted on 5 December 2017)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Will the Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator handle the start up surge on this aircon unit?

    Hi - short answer is yes. The technical departments of RV air conditioning manufacturers (e.g. Dometic, Air Command, Truma etc.) will typically recommend a 2400w or 2800w inverter generator for most RV aircon models.

    In our experience, the Yamaha EF2400iS or Cromtech 2400w Inverter Generator are the best generator models to run caravan air-conditioners. These models have the capacity to handle the startup power requirements when the Aircon compressor kicks in.

    Of course there are other inverter generator models (slightly bigger or smaller) that customers do use to run their Caravan/Motorhome Air Conditioner - some 2000 - 2200w  or  2800 - 3000w generator models. It can depend on the particular setup of the van... However, as mentioned, the most popular models are the Yamaha 2400w or Cromtech 2400w and this is what we would recommend for an RV Aircon also. 

  • With air conditioner ratings, why are some specifications for the same model different between suppliers and information sources relating to things like cooling capacity?

    Hi, good question. With ratings such as cooling capacity, two different numbers can both be correct – they can just relate to different requirements and conditions.

    Often cooling capacity figures displayed for the product are from the electrical rating conditions. The other main method of testing ratings of air conditioners is to ISO5151 standard – this method is under standardised controlled conditions and allows more direct comparison between models.

  • What is the difference between ‘reverse cycle' caravan air conditioners and ‘heating element' caravan air conditioners?

    Hi, great question. These descriptions relate to how the heating/cooling works in air conditioners. ‘Heat Exchange’ units use heat exchange to cool and an electrical heat element to warm. It’s not the most efficient heating method, but it works no matter how cold it is outside.

    Reverse cycle units are the more common type and they use a compressor whether heating or cooling. This is more efficient method but for some models can be an issue when there’s ice in the outside air.

    There are more Reverse Cycle models available and it is the most popular type of RV air conditioner – customers that opt for Heating Element style air conditioners typically plan to spend long periods in cold temperatures.

  • Looking at a roof top caravan air conditioner - What are the noise ratings (dBA)? And which is the quietest?

    Unfortunately caravan air conditioner manufacturers don’t provide dBA ratings with their unit specifications, which is a pity because it is a hot topic among caravan enthusiasts.  

    All of the models we stock are premium brands and we have had no feedback from customers that the noise of their caravan air conditioner model purchased from us is too loud, or keeping them awake/disturbing them during the air con operation.

    Referring to specific models, a couple of the more popular caravan air conditioner options are:

    • The Harrier Inverter Air Conditioner has a variable speed inverter compressor, making its operation very quiet for its size (its designed for vehicles up 7.5 metres in length). 
    • The Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK3 model (designed for vehicles up to 6.5 metres in length) has improved its high speed fan operation from previous models, also making it a very quiet roof top caravan air conditioner.
    • The latest release from Dometic; The Dometic Aircommand MK4 model (designed for vehicles up to 7 metres in length) features a new-generation compressor with inverter technology which ensures that vibration is minimised, creating a more pleasant environment. In addition to this, the quiet environment that the Ibis 3 achieved has been replicated. Both of these features make it one of the quiestest air conditioners in the market.
  • The Aventa Air Conditioner has twin condensers, whereas most other RV aircon models have only one. What is the benefit of twin condensers?

    At higher ambient temperatures the twin condensers enable the Aventa unit to cool a van more quickly and doing so without high current draw.

  • Which generator should I be using for this Air Con unit? Can I use a Yamaha 2000w or do I need a Yamaha 2400w?

    Hi - the technical departments of the air conditioning brands will typically recommend a 2400w or 2800w inverter generator for most models. In our experience, the Yamaha EF2400iS is the best generator model to run caravan air-conditioners. It has the capacity to handle the startup power requirements when the A/C compressor kicks in.

    Some people will use a 2000w generator for smaller air-conditioner models, but it is worth noting that any generator's capacity is reduced as ambient temperature gets higher (often when you most need an A/C) and when the extension leads get beyond 3-4 metres. This is often when you need more than 2000 watts. So again, we would recommend the Yamaha EF2400iS to run most caravan air-conditioners, or the Yamaha EF2800i if you need a bit more power.  

    The last thing worth noting is that Dometic have recently released (as at Jun 2016) a new model of Air Conditioner called the Dometic Harrier Inverter Rooftop Air Conditioner – it’s the first model to use an inverter compressor in a Caravan Air Con application, which significantly reduces start up requirement. The Harrier model will comfortably start and run from a 2000w generator. This new A/C model may be worth considering if it fits your van and your requirements.


  • Can I run one of the 50hz A/C units with my Honda EU7000 inverter/generator that produces 240v at 60hz?

    Hi Jim,

    Unfortunately these units are not designed to be operated on 240V @ 60Hz.

    You would require a generator that operates at 50Hz.

  • What size generator do I need to run the Truma Aventa Comfort air conditioner?

    Hi Riley, Thank you for your inquiry. Dometic Australia are the national distributors for Truma. Their technical department advise that a 2.4 to 2.8kVA inverter generator is required to run the Truma Aventa model.

    We would recommend the Yamaha EF2400iS Inverter Generator as a suitable model. This is one of the best selling generator models to run Caravan Air Conditioners.

    If you would like slightly more power up your sleeve, then you could opt for the Yamaha EF2800I Inverter Generator Model. 

    Many thanks. 

  • How can I best optimise the performance of my roof-top air conditioner?

    Hi there,

    Here are some tips to best optimise the performance of your roof top air conditioner:

    • Clean the filters of the air distribution box regularly.
    • If your caravan has been sitting in direct sunlight for a long period of time, use the 'ventilation' mode with the windows open for a while before switching to the 'cooling' mode.
    • Avoid opening doors and windows as much as possible when the air conditioner is running.
    • Regularly remove leaves and dirt from the ventilation grilles of the roof top air conditioner. Make sure you do not damage the grilles in the process.


    Thanks for your question.

  • We have this aircon and it is awesome. BUT the operating Manual says: "Maintenance - Filter changes should be carried out depending on the amount of use, but we recommend a change at least every 12mths". Where can I get information on new filters please?

    Hi Tracy, thanks for your question;  for new filters, you can contact Dometic who are the Australian distributor for Truma products. Dometic's number is: 1800 21 21 21. 

    Many thanks.


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