Choosing The Right Pressure Washer For The Job!

When it comes to a pressure washer, it can be confusing to select the right unit for your application. Naturally, you want to purchase a unit that will last, but this will depend on the frequency and duration of use. Let's first define frequency of use, and duration of use, then take a look at some factors to help you decide.

Frequency of use: This means how often your likely to use the pressure cleaner.

Duration of use: How long you plan to run the pressure washer when using the machine.

Okay, so we understand there are lots of variables when it comes to the factors above, like the area to be pressure washed, and the time it will take. So as a guide, we'll try to define these variables into the best value and quality to suit your needs.


Domestic High Pressure Washers:


"I want to pressure clean my car and walking paths around my home every season"

In this circumstance, the pressure washer would be used for smaller cleaning jobs that would take less time to complete. Therefore, it would be categorised as low frequency and low duration of use for your pressure washer. This type of use would be in the Domestic High Pressure Washers range, which has a range of both Domestic Electric Pressure Washers and Domestic Petrol High Pressure Washers.

Domestic Electric High Pressure Washers:


"I want to pressure clean my car and walking paths around my home every season, and don't want to keep fuel around the house"

To define your requirements further, if you have a power source always local to the area your using your machine, and you don't wish to keep petrol around your home, we would recommend a Domestic Electric High Pressure Washer.


Domestic Petrol High Pressure Washers:


"I don't always have power local to my pressure cleaning area, and I always have fuel in the shed. I'm comfortable refuelling my pressure washer when needed"

In this instance, we would recommend you use a Domestic Petrol High Pressure Washer, which are more mobile and can easily be moved and shifted around the pressure cleaning area as you require.

We also consider this type of unit to be safer than the electrical option, because as we all know, electricity and water do not mix! It can be unsafe for the user if operational safety precautions are not followed carefully and the cord is not kept out of the way at all times.

So, there's is a brief overview of the Domestic Pressure Washer range. Now, let's talk Commercial!


Commercial High Pressure Washers:


Purchasing a Commercial High Pressure Washer would be decided if the unit is in a business setting or it's expected to run in excess of 3 hours at a time, 2 or 3 times a week (or more). This application type would be considered a medium to heavy use of the machine that requires higher quality grade equipment.

As with the Domestic Range, the Commercial Range has several options depending if you have a local power source or if you'd prefer to refuel your pressure cleaner:


Professional Hot Water Cleaners:


For even heavier pressure washer applications, where you require sterilization and or to lift heavy grime from a surface such as animal fats, grease or chewing gum, a Professional Hot Water Cleaner may be the best option.

These units work so efficiently due to three elements:

  • Heat - the high water temperatures creates a high-speed molecular action and as a result, the water's surface tension is reduced. A benefit of this is that the cleaning agent you're using becomes more active and
    effectively penetrates grime at a molecular level. This produces a much cleaner wash, and then a quicker dry.

  • Agitation - the impact that results from water pressure and volume hitting the surface.

  • Cleaning Agents - the detergent/soap used in a Professional Hot Water Cleaner, breaks down the chemical bond between dirt/grime and the surface. Through use of surfactants, these cleaning agents can emulsify the grease and oil so they combine instead of repelling each other. This emulsion allows the water wash to carry away dirt, oil and grease all in one.

So there you have it! Now you know you can clean more efficiently with the use of hot water, and when you cross that with the pressurised jet blasting power of the Powershot HotWash Hw-1310 Single Phase Hot Water Cleaner or the more budget friendly and convenient Powershot HotWash HW-1408 Single Phase Professional Hot Water Cleaner, you can expect some serious cleaning power to get the job done thoroughly and efficiently!

Within our range of Professional Hot Water Cleaners you are sure to find the right tool for the right job.


Final Considerations:


Now another important thing to note is that the pressure washer accessories you choose also can impact how your machine performs.

Choosing the right high pressure nozzles and hose fittings can potentially reduce your run time and increase your efficiency. To read all about pressure washer accessories check out our dedicated blog post here.

Still have questions on which pressure washer range or model is suitable for your needs? Our expert team at My Generator are always on hand to assist with any inquiry you may have. Give us a call on 1300 400 122 or message us in our live chat.



DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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