5 things to ask yourself before buying a Leaf Blower

No sooner have you packed away your sun lounger than they arrive...Leaves. Inundating your garden, ruining your lawn, and blocking your drains and gutters. Burying everything in their path, so that by the time spring finally arrives, you struggle to find your barbie! Sound familiar? If so, it's time to buy a leaf blower. This piece of kit will save you time (and a sore back) as you keep your garden looking pristine through the colder months. Using powerful motors, a leaf blower lets you blow all the debris into one place for easy clean-up. Better yet, it's not just leaves that you'll clear away from your paths and driveways: select the right blower and your entire yard will be fitting for a Better Homes & Garden photo shoot, as you blow dirt, grime, twigs, bark and other dead vegetation away with ease!

Leaf Blower

But before you part ways with wads of cash, here's five questions you should ask yourself to help you choose the best leaf blower for your needs: 1. Petrol or electric? If you're after a high-powered clean-up machine, a petrol leaf blower is for you. A petrol leaf blower is the sure pick for lawn maintenance services and professional gardeners. Leaves, grass clippings, dirt and debris - whatever you need to clean up, a petrol leaf blower has it covered. A good petrol machine will be easy to start, comfortable to use and feature a throttle so you can control the jet of air. Alternatively, if you decide you want an electric leaf blower, make sure the cord reaches the length of the area you want to clear, or get the necessary extension cords. Typically, electric blowers are only best suited to small jobs. 2. Handheld or backpack? Leaf blowers come in two different styles: handheld or backpack. Which one you choose depends on how much power you want. The more powerful the leaf blower, the larger the engine, meaning backpack leaf blowers tend to be more powerful than handheld models. Another factor to consider is the size of the clean-up area. If you need to cover more space or for long, tedious yard work, a backpack model is designed for easy carrying. For smaller areas, a handheld leaf blower should suffice. 3. How fast? Using powerful engines, many of the best leaf blowers blow air at more than 200 kilometres per hour. For example, a lightweight 26cc petrol leaf blower packs a mighty 270km/h in blowing speed, while a 30cc backpack leaf blower will reach 450km/h! You'll have the job done in no time. They may also let you choose how powerful you want the machine to blow with speed-controlling options. 4. Which terrain? Will you be only be using your leaf blower on garden beds and lawns? Or will you use it on driveways and other paved areas? It might pay to choose a leaf blower with interchangeable working heads designed for different terrains. 5. How reliable? As with all outdoor equipment, it's critical to consider the reliability of the device. Is it certified for use in Australia? Does it come with a warranty? Make sure your leaf blower is fully certified with Australian electrical product standards and backed by an authorised Australian distributor who not only provide a warranty but promise excellent quality and performance. For low prices that will blow you away, check out Petrol Leaf Blowers at My Generator!

DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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