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Unlock The Power: Explore Our Battery Bundles Ranging From 101Ah To 200Ah

Discover a diverse selection of battery bundles designed to cater to your caravan's power needs, ranging from 101Ah to 200Ah. Our collection ensures that you can choose the optimal caravan power management system for your journey.

Navigating The Selection: How To Choose Your Perfect Power Companion

With an extensive range spanning various capacities, selecting the right model may seem overwhelming. Simplify the process by considering your specific power requirements. Evaluate the appliances you intend to run, their power draw, and the duration of your off-grid adventures.

For instance, if your needs include powering lights, a compact fridge, and charging a phone for short periods, a bundle featuring a 125Ah battery and a DC to DC charger may be ideal. However, if you aim to run more substantial appliances like a laptop or a coffee machine, explore bundles equipped with a minimum 200Ah battery, DC to DC charger, AC charger, and an inverter.

Don't be daunted; our friendly product experts are ready to assist! Call us at 1300 400 122, and let's find the perfect caravan power management system tailored to your needs.

Empowering Your Journey: The Advantage Of A Power System

Consider elevating your caravan's capabilities with a power system. A power system offers a pre-wired board with integrated chargers, fuses, breakers, and sometimes an inverter. This eliminates guesswork, ensuring seamless compatibility and enhancing your overall power distribution.