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Enerdrive B-TEC 200Ah Lithium Battery Only

Enerdrive B-TEC 200Ah Lithium Battery, 5 Year Warranty

$2,086 RRP: $2,825 Save: $739

40 Reviews
Enerdrive B-TEC 300Ah Lithium Battery

Enerdrive B-TEC 300Ah Lithium Battery, 5 Year Warranty

$3,179 RRP: $4,221 Save: $1,042

2 Reviews

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Heading away to your local beach hideaway? Or maybe you are heading up north to Cape York? Wherever your adventures take you be sure to have a 4WD battery in your setup to power your appliances, devices and campsite lighting!


If you're planning for you adventures to take you off grid then we highly recommend ensuring you have a 4x4 battery in your vehicle!

The Heart of Your Power System:

A 4WD battery is the heart of your power system in your vehicle. Using an auxiliary battery will ensure you do not use the starter battery and run it flat. This auxiliary battery should be paired with a battery charger to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

We offer an extensive range of 4x4 battery bundles pairing the right size battery, with the right size charger. We also have created bundles with inverters, battery monitors and solar panels if you’re looking for higher power requirements.

Enerdrive 4WD Canopy Bundles:

We cannot discuss 4x4 battery bundles without mentioning the Enerdrive 4WD Canopy Systems. These compact units are designed to power all your electrical equipment in the back of your 4x4. There are three models to choose from depending on your power requirements and can include a DC charger, AC charger and inverter. Best of all, they can be paired with any brand or type of 4x4 battery including AGM, Gel, Wet Sealed and Lithium!

The Latest Caravan/4WD Battery by Enerdrive: The B-TEC 200Ah 12V Generation 2 Battery