Pramac 10.8kVA Three Phase Silenced Auto Start Diesel Generator, P11000-AMF 3ph

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Product Description

The Pramac P11000-AMF 3ph Generator comes with an Automatic Mains Failure Panel included (RRP $1,299): 

Automatic Mains Failure Pane 

The Pramac AMF is required for automatic mains backup.  Also referred to as the 'Automatic Transfer Switch', this controller permits to transfer the user’s load onto the generator when the mains voltage fails. Conversely, as soon as AMF system detects the power grid, it stops the generator. 



With a very low noise level, the Pramac P11000 Three Phase unit is the ideal generator for use in residential areas or outside normal working hours. It's equipped with an ever reliable Yanmar Diesel engine, first class components and complete instrumentation, including the AMF panel required for automatic power backup to mains power.

The water-cooled engine features an electric start to provide continuous output of 9000 watts in Three Phase form. Add to this the long-run 24L fuel tank and it’s no wonder this generator is such a sort after diesel genset for residential and small business back-up power.

To complete the package, a 36-month warranty with a national service network has your backup power needs covered.

**Please note that there are no outlets fitted to this generator.**

Pramac P11000 400v Product Card

Pramac P11000 400v Installation Guidelines

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Pramac P11000-AMF 3ph Product Accessory Info




SKU PF113TY4002

Brand Pramac

GTIN 8018539052362

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Portable Generators

kVA 10.8

Max Output (kW) 8.6

Continuous Output (kW) 8

Max Output (Watts) 8600

Continuous Output (Watts) 8000

Model P11000-AMF 3ph

Phase Three Phase

Fuel Diesel

Fuel Tank Capacity 24 Litres

Starting Method Electric

Fuel Consumption @ 75% PRP : 2.65 l/h ; @100% PRP : 3.45 l/h

Oil Capacity 3.8 Litres

Outlets Hard Wired with Automatic Mains Transfer Panel

Noise @ 7m 68 dB(A)

Engine Yanmar 3TNV70-HGE

Net Weight (kg) 325

Running Time (Rated Output) @75% PRP : 9.06 hrs | @100% PRP : 6.96hrs

NOTE Product specifications provided by Manufacturer. This is a portable Water Cooled diesel generator designed for short term/standby applications. For pr

Displacement 854 cm³

Voltage 400

Engine Type Water cooled

Engine Speed 3000rpm

Frequency 50Hz

Voltage Regulation Compound

Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • I can see that with an auto-start generator, an “AMF Panel” is required for mains power backup, and for solar back up a “2 wire auto start controller” is needed. But if I'm on solar and mains, do I need both to go with my auto-start generator?

    Hi, firstly you are completely correct; to use your auto-start generator for automatic power backup, you need either:

    • An AMF panel for automatic backup to mains power, or
    • A Two-wire auto start controller for automatic backup to off-grid solar systems

    For homes on solar and on mains power:
    In this case, the solar charge is either used within the household consumption or fed back into the grid, meaning there are no storage batteries like there is for an off-grid solar system. So,if you require an auto-start generator to automatically start up to restore power to your home (which is on solar and mains power), you would need an accompanying AMF panel - an electrician would undertake the connection. When a blackout occurs, the AMF panel would signal for the generator to start and restore power to your home.

    For homes with an off-grid solar system:
    The Two-Wire auto start controller is only for off-grid solar systems, whereby the controller is connected to generator and the solar battery system. When the batteries run low on power, the controller signals to the generator to start up and restore power to the batteries.

  • What engine oil should I use with this Generator?

    Hi - the generator requires standard engine oil;  either 10W-30 or 10W-40.

    This is available from any local service station. Many thanks 

  • what are the physical dimensions of this generatorthanks

    Hi Andrew,

    The dimensions are as follows:

    Length (L) mm 1400
    Width (W) mm 650
    Height (H) mm 975
    Dry weight Kg 325


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