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Mastervolt ChargeMaster 12v 10A Battery Charger, 2 year warranty. Mastervolt Battery Chargers - PowerCharger, ChargeMaster & Mass.

A long life for your battery!

Do you want to charge your batteries safely, reliably, and preferably quickly, even when you are in a marina with poor shore power or a limited power supply? Do you also value batteries that have a long lifespan while maintaining their capacity? Mastervolt offers you the best possible solution. The Mastervolt 3-step charging method ensures more power and a longer life for your batteries. Our battery chargers integrate multiple functions, charging your battery safely and completely even when they are depleted. Fast battery charging is guaranteed by the efficient use of the available shore or generator power (all Mastervolt battery chargers have a power factor correction). Mastervolt is Green by Heart.

Which battery charger best meets your needs?

Three types of battery chargers:
Charge Pro™: Range of waterproof battery chargers for recreational use and sport fisherman. Multiple outputs allow for flexibility.

ChargeMaster: Suitable for recreational and semi-professional use. Easy to install, it includes a detailed display and easy three-button controls. The ChargeMaster safely charges multiple battery banks at the same time.

Mass: For the tougher tasks in professional and semi-professional situations. With its integrated alarm functions and various certificates, the Mass is the best choice for professionals.

Charging Lithium Ion batteries
Although Lithium Ion batteries are increasingly popular, there can be a lack of clarity when it comes to the charging process. This is not a problem with a Mastervolt system as the Mastervolt battery charger communicates directly with the Li-ion battery.

Make the most of your shore power
The current control function allows you to easily switch the battery charger back to shore power to prevent blowing the shore fuse, even when the shore power drops.

MasterBus compatible
All ChargeMaster and Mass battery chargers can be easily connected to a MasterBus network with only one cable and one connection. What’s more, you have the option for central, local or remote monitoring, configuration and control of your system.

Robust connections
Solid metal-to-metal connections prevent corrosion and/or overheating.


SKU 110300

Brand Mastervolt

GTIN 9319786326343

Product Category Battery Chargers

Output Current Rating (Amps) 10

Model 110300

Nominal Voltage 12v

Temperature range -25°C–60°C, >40°C derating -13°F–140°F, >104°F derating

Charge Current Third Output n.a

Total Charge Current 10A at 14.25V

Protections over temperature, over load, short circuit, high battery, low battery

Output System Voltage 12V

Dimensions 180 x 121 x 50 mm (L x W x H)

CSI/DC Alarm no

Sound Level <30 dbA at 1 mtr

Full Load Consumption (230v AC) 170 W

Temperature Compensation no

Charge Voltage Bulk (25 degrees)** 14.25V (6 hours)

Fastening Screw

AC Connection socket

Charge Current Second Output n.a

Inverter Nominal Input Voltage 230V (180–265V) – 50/60Hz

Charge Voltage Float - Wet (25 degrees)** 13.25V

MasterBUS Compatible no

Cos Phi >0.95

DC Consumption <1 mA

Charge Voltage Float - Gel/AGM (25 degrees)** 13.8V

Charge Characteristic* IUoUo, automatic / 3-step for gel/AGM/ wet/Lithium Ion

Display/Read-Out 1 LED

Recommended Battery Capacity 25–100Ah

Number Of Battery Outlets 1

Cooling maintenance vario fan to ensure optimized cooling

Charger Voltage 12V

Net Weight (kg) 1

Protection Degree IP65

Current Control Function no

Voltage Compensation automatic

Charge Voltage Absorption (25 degrees)** 14.25V (6 hours)

Approvals CE, E-mark, ABYC A-31

Supplies Your System Without Battery No

Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • What size battery charger do I need for my lead acid battery I have in my camper?

    A good battery charger rule of thumb for charging a lead acid battery, is using a charger with output current (amps) of 10-20% of the battery total stored capacity (Ah).

    So, for example if the battery is 12V 100Ah, the charger need to be minimum of 10A and maximum of 20A.  Often splitting the difference at 15% (so a 12V ~15A charger) is a good option. Happy charging!


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