48V AC to DC Battery Chargers

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Our 48V battery charger range is built tough to get the job done. When you’re looking for a 48V battery charger, look to our range of AC-DC battery chargers from Enerdrive and Victron.



Tough And Durable 48V Battery Charger

What are you looking for in a 48V battery charger? You need something that will withstand vibration and exposure to dust, or moisture found in typical on-board or industrial applications. That’s what you get with an Enerdrive 48V Battery Charger. Enerdrive’s ePOWER Industrial Battery Charger is extremely durable thanks to a fully sealed die cast aluminium enclosure.

Which 48V Battery Charger?

We sell a wide range of 48V battery chargers to suit your needs. Check out the 15A, 25A, 35A, 40A, 50A and 60A battery chargers depending on your application. With top of the range models from Enerdrive and Victron, you know you’re getting a best-in-class battery charger that will last the distance. No matter the battery, you’ll find a 48V battery charger to match. Enerdrive’s Battery Charging Flexibility provides over 25 algorithms to choose from that suit 90%+ of the batteries on the market today. Victron also provides the perfect chargers for any type of battery, as the charge voltage can be precisely adjusted to suit any sealed or unsealed battery system.