DCS 12V 75Ah Lithium Battery, Right Hand Positive



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Product Description

DCS 12V 75Ah Lithium Battery, 4 Year Warranty. All DCS batteries now feature their comprehensive Bluetooth System available on both Android and Apple operating systems shows a lot of cool things.

DCS Batteries are the ideal drop in replacement & upgrade from AGM, Gel or other lead acid batteries for any application. DCS gives you the ability to upgrade your current batteries to lithium ion technology that can deliver a minimum of 2500 cycles and has tremendous advantages in weight, performance, reliability and service life compared to that of traditional lead acid batteries.


  • Cell status showing real time cell balancing operation
  • BMS MOSFET temperature ( great info when your winching or running a large inverting load or your trolling motor to know how hard your pushing the electronics)
  • SOC% estimate (using impedance tracking the App learns the SOC after the first 10 cycles)
  • Battery pack voltage and cycle count
  • Amp meter showing charge and discharge current
  • Connectivity distance up to 10m
  • Now there is no need to install battery monitors or shunts in boats, campers or vehicles. You have all the info you need at your finger tip.
  • The SOC estimate is accurate on single batteries, the more batteries that are expanded in parallel the less accurate the SOC becomes.
  • This free application provides the perfect tell-tale about the battery packs state of health as it ages
  • Assists installers & integrators to quickly diagnose any system issues


  • BMS (built-in): Automatic cell balancing, over discharge/charge
  • Cycle Performance: 2500 cycles @ 100%DOD
  • LCA: 750
  • Engine Cranking: Max 2500W starters motors
  • Case: ABS (flame retradent plastic)
  • Terminals: Top mount M8 stainless steel / copper
  • Parallel Connection Only: Yes
  • Series Connections: No
  • Warranty: 4 years standard install || 3 year under bonnet


SKU DCS-12V-75Ah

Brand DCS

Warranty Period: 4 Years

Product Category Batteries

Battery Voltage 12V

Amp Hours (ah) 75

Nominal Voltage 12.8V

Nominal Capacity 75Ah

Normal Charge Voltage CV/CC* 14.0 - 14.6V

Standby (Float) Voltage 13.5 - 13.7V

Maximum Charge Current 75Ah

Recommended Charge Current for Maximum Life <-50A

Maximum Discharge Current <-200A

Net Weight (kg) 8.2

Operating Range (temp) -30° - 80°C

Voltage 11.5 - 14.6V (Cycling Voltage)

Dimensions 260mm x 169mm x 210mm (LxWxH)

Rated Power IP54

Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • In an under-bonnet application, will any chargers or componentry need to be changed when upgrading from Lead Acid to lithium?

    All the input current ratings are on each battery specification page.
    So if you get this information we can go about sizing the battery correctly

  • Will these units be suitable for a 7.5 tonnes truck engine bay, where it will be seeing a lot of rough off-roading?

    Matching a battery to a vehicle, needs to consider the space for the battery and then the input current from the alternator.


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