Exotronic 12V 100Ah Smart Bluetooth Lithium Battery


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Product Description

Exotronic 12V 100Ah Smart Bluetooth Lithium Battery, 5 Year Warranty. Exotronic Lithium Batteries are perfect for Caravan/RVs, 4x4s, Marine, backup power and many other applications.The battery has been vibration tested and is machine sealed for reliable waterproofing.  Making this battery particularly suitable for off-road and marine applications and those wanting extra reliability. 

Not for under bonnet or cranking/starting applications.


  • Real Time Bluetooth Monitoring
  • IP66 Water Resistance and Dustproof
  • On/Off/Reset Button
  • Pre-trip Audible/Visual Alarm for 60 seconds at 10% State of Charge
  • 1.2A Active Cell Balancer
  • A Grade Aluminium-cased Prismatic Cells featuring Safety Rupture Disc
  • 0-100% Useable Capacity


LiFePO4 is one of the safest types of lithium batteries. This type of lithium has excellent safety in for almost every possible failure such as: Over-discharge, over-charge (to 20V), short-circuit, drop, heating, crush, nail penetration, seawater immersion, thermal cycling, low air pressure.
The casing is made from heavy duty ABS plastic.
The cells used in this battery contain rupture discs designed to release pressure in the cell if a failure occurs, preventing the risk of high pressure developing in the cell and compromising safety.
The most common cause of fire in lithium batteries is caused by over-charging.  This is one of the functions the JBD BMS protect against.
BMS Protections Include:

  • Discharge/Charge Overcurrent
  • Short Circuit 
  • High/Low Temperature 
  • High/Low Cell Voltage (Overcharge/ Overdischarge)


Using A Grade prismatic aluminium cased LiFePO4 GFB cells.

GFB Lithium produces lithium cells trusted by many manufacturers such as BMW and Volkswagen.

1.2A Active Cell Balancer prevents the cells from out-of-balance events and extends the life of the battery by ensuring the cells wear evenly. 

Parallel Connection:

Connect up to 4 batteries in parallel to increase capacity

LiFePO4 batteries have no memory effect so are safe to be stored for long periods, only requiring a charge at least once every 3 months.


These cells are designed to last 3,000 cycles at 100% discharge cycles.  Typically 10-12 years usage in many applications.

On/Off/Reset Button:

  • Press the button in to turn on the battery
  • Depress the button to turn off the battery
  • Press the button twice to reset the battery after a trip, alternative connect a dark-start capable lithium charger

Bluetooth Smart:

The JBD BMS include Bluetooth, allowing real time viewing of the individual cell voltages, battery temperature, current, state of charge, state of the charge/discharge MOSFETs and alarms.


SKU Exo-Li-100-00

Brand Exotronic

Warranty Period: 5 Years

Product Category Batteries

Battery Voltage 12V

Amp Hours (ah) 100

Battery Length (mm) 330mm

Battery Width (mm) 175mm

Trip Current (10s) 110A

Low Voltage Trip 10V

Weight 12.4kg

Operating Temperature Storage -20°C – 60°C

Capacity Measurement 14.6V to 10V at 0.3C at 25C

Cycle Life (0.3C) >3000 100% cycles at 25C to 70% Capacity within 5 years

Maximum Continuous Charge Current 50A

Balance Current 1.2A

Peak Current (1s) 170A.

Height (mm) 225mm

Battery Ventilation Required 10mm Clearance on all sides

Operating Temperature Discharging -20°C – 55°C

Terminal Torque 14Nm Max (12Nm Recommended)

Float Voltage 13.5V

Nominal Continuous Charge Current 30A

Maximum Inverter Size 1000W

Continuous Current 100A

High Voltage Trip 14.6V

Battery Capacity 100Ah

Ideal Storage Conditions 25C, 40% SoC (approx. 13V)

Operating Temperature Charging 5°C – 45°C

Case Material ABS

Absorption Voltage 14.0 - 14.2V

Mounting Orientation Upright

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