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Power Inverters & Adaptors

Power Inverters & Adaptors

Power Inverters & Adaptors

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The Power Inverter Range is the ideal power source for people needing to convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). These inverters allow you to plug and play house anywhere in the world; Producing a clean current without signal interference, it's perfect for running sensitive equipment such as computers, phones and TVs.

Simply hook it up to your car, 4WD, caravan or boat battery, and you've got power to run your 240V appliances just like at home. And, speaking of home, with your Power Inverter, you can keep running lights and refrigeration when there's a power outage.

This range also includes Power Adaptor Models for converting AC Power into DC Power; popular for when AC mains power is available and you want to run 12 / 24 Volt DC applainces.