Renogy 2000W 12V to 230V/240V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (with UPS Function)

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Renogy 2000W 12V to 230V/240V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (with UPS Function)
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Currently FREE with the Renogy 2000W 12V to 230V/240V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (with UPS Function) is:

Product Description

Renogy 2000W 12V to 230V/240V Pure Sine Wave Inverter (with UPS Function), 1 Year Warranty. The perfect addition to any off-grid system, whether for a van or a cabin, the Renogy 2000W Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter acts as a DC to AC converter that allows you to power your household appliances. Unlike modified sine wave inverters, this 2000W inverter is a pure sine wave, capable of producing cleaner, smoother, and more reliable electricity to operate tools, fans, lights, and other electronics without interference. Many off-grid systems require a 12V solar inverter to power everyday electronics and this one includes multiple protections to help things run smoothly and safely. The AC priority switch function enables the inverter automatically switch from the battery (DC) to the mains (AC) and vice-vercer whenever the utility company takes/loses power! 


  • PS Function: Rapidly switches between battery and AC power in 50mS.
  • Incorporates internal backup DC fuse for enhanced safety.
  • Comprehensive electronic protections for ultra safety.
  • Pure sine wave power gives you cleaner, smoother electricity.
  • AC priority switch.

Easy-to-Use Remote Control
A 3-meter cable in the package helps you control devices remotely when installed in an inaccessible place.

Stable Output Voltage at Full Load
Provide protection of connected devices, ensures efficiency and accuracy of sensitive devices, and improves your system performance.

Intelligent Heat Dissipation
Optimize system performance to run smoothly and efficiently, even in extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent operation at its peak.

Durable and Reliable Aluminum Design
Durable aluminum casing with low radiation and anti-interference properties ensures reliable performance and sleek design.

Strong Applicability to Harsh Environments
Optimized efficiency in all temperature scenarios, maintaining peak performance.

Unwavering Power On-The-Go
Compatible with most commonly used appliances, providing reliable power in various scenarios.


SKU R-INVT-PUH1-201235

Brand Renogy

GTIN 00810009711865

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Power Inverters

Wattage (W) 2000

Weight (kg) 4.8

Voltage 12V

Operating temperature range 0°C-40°C

Dimensions 442 x 220 x 92 mm


Powering the Future for 13 Years and Counting


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Can I operate the inverter with a 24V system?

    No, this inverter is designed for a 12V battery system only.

  • Can I utilize this 12V inverter to charge my batteries?

    No, inverter is meant solely for converting DC power to AC power. To charge your battery, you would need to consider a Inverter Charger.

  • What size inverter should I purchase?

    1. Check your appliances: Identify the wattage rating of each appliance you plan to power. For example, a standard kettle might be 1500W.

    2. Calculate total wattage: If you intend to run multiple 240V appliances simultaneously, add their wattage ratings together. For instance, if you plan to run a kettle (1500W) and a microwave (900W), your total would be 2400W. Therefore, you'd need a minimum 2400W inverter.

    3. Consider usage: If you can stagger the use of appliances to avoid running them all at once, it can reduce the load on the inverter.

    4. Match battery voltage: Ensure the inverter matches the voltage of your battery system. If you have a 12V battery system, choose a 12V inverter. If it's a 24V system, opt for a 24V inverter.

    5. Check dimensions: Verify that the physical size of the inverter fits your installation space. Some inverters can be quite large, so measure your available space accordingly.

    By following these steps, you can determine the appropriate size of inverter to meet your power needs while considering practical factors like battery voltage compatibility and physical installation space.

  • How do I connect a 12V to 240V inverter? What cable size is recommended, and is it included?

    When connecting the power inverter to the battery, Renogy recommend to use the thickest wire available in the shortest practical length. The package includes 20mm²*6m cables with battery terminals.

  • I want something that can charge my battery, can this inverter do this?

    No, this inverter is designed solely for 12V to 230/240V conversion. Consider an Inverter Charger for battery charging purposes.

  • Will this 12V to 240V inverter work with lithium batteries?

    Yes, as long as the lithium battery is rated for 12V applications.

  • Can I use the Bluetooth Module to monitor the Inverter from my phone? Which Bluetooth Module would you recommend?

    Unfortunately, there is no Bluetooth Module compatible with this inverter. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Is the Inverter a charger as well?

    No, the Renogy 2000w is a pure sine wave inverter only. 

  • What is the max wattage I can use on this inverter?

    It is a 2000w inverter with a peak power draw of 4000w, noting the peak draw of 4000w is only for a very short time and needs to be operated at or under 2000w.

  • Can I install this myself?

    All inverters that use 240v power should always be installed by a certified electrician 


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