Lithium DC to DC Battery Chargers

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Keep your second or auxiliary battery charged up to the max with a lithium DC to DC charger. The right charger ensures your second or auxiliary battery stays at its correct voltage and 100% charged all the time.


Another brilliant thing about a lithium DC to DC charger isyou can use itto isolate your second battery from your vehicle’s main battery, which ensures the battery doesn’t run flat from all the power-hungry appliances (such as a fridge or air con).



Boost Your Battery



It’s important to ensure that auxiliary battery charging is managed in a way that maximise the charge. That’s exactly what you get from lithium DC to DC chargers by Redarc, Enerdrive and Baintech. Everything is designed to manage and maximise the charge to your batteries.



They deliver multiple source charging for DC systems, which means they cancharge from either an alternator linked to a battery, or solar power with the in-built Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Controller.



Going off road? Every lithium DC to DC charger in our online store is designed to meet the rugged demands of Australian conditions.