Baintech 12V 40A DC-DC Battery Charger

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Product Description

Baintech 12V 40A DC-DC Battery Charger, 2 Year Warranty. New to the Baintech range, the 40A DC-DC 3-stage battery charger for Flooded cell, Lithium and AGM/GEL chemistries. The BTDC40 is a powerful 40A charger within a compact and rugged unit, able to withstand high temperatures (up to 70°C).

The BTDC40 is able to utilize up to 80A charging to the auxiliary battery using our new boost mode (Kit Sold Separately) and 40A when wired with a standard configuration. This is all still acheived in the same extremely compact package (373cm³) while still boasting all the features of a booster battery charger in a weather, dust and vibration resistant package.


  • 3-stage 12V Booster Charger
  • 40A max output (standard wiring) 80A max. with optional kit
  • Selectable output voltages for lithium, sealed lead acid or vented lead acid
  • Over current and temperature protected
  • High efficiency (Typical >96%)
  • Precise under voltage protection (No external isolator required)
  • Remote charge status LED indicator
  • Very low standby current: <3mA
  • Optional start assist and boost charge features increase amperage output to 80A max (kit purchased separately)


Yamaha EF1000iS Product Card

Baintech Product Manual



Brand Baintech

GTIN 9338936003774

Warranty Period: 2 Years

Product Category Battery Chargers

Output Current Rating (Amps) 40

Model BTDC40

Product Type 12v 40Amp DC2DC Battery Charger

Maximum Charge Current 40Amps

Temperature Setting Low/ Normal/ High (Battery Temperature Sensor Standard)

Charging Control Three Stages

Output System Voltage 12V

DC Output Single

Charger Voltage 12V

Output Current Rating 80A max optional kit, 40A max standard wiring

Selectable Battery Type Flooded cell, Lithium, AGM/GEL

Standby Current <3mA (Very low)

Charge Voltage Float - Gel/AGM (25 degrees)** 14.3V

Charger Efficiency 96%

DC Input Voltage 5V to 17V

Input Voltage 11VDC to 16 VDC

Dimensions 162 x 71.5 x 32.2 (L x W x H)


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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • What size battery charger do I need for my lead acid battery I have in my camper?

    A good battery charger rule of thumb for charging a lead acid battery, is using a charger with output current (amps) of 10-20% of the battery total stored capacity (Ah).

    So, for example if the battery is 12V 100Ah, the charger need to be minimum of 10A and maximum of 20A.  Often splitting the difference at 15% (so a 12V ~15A charger) is a good option. Happy charging!

  • Will this charger charge without the ignition wire attached or is it voltage sensing Like most other chargers?

    Hi There,

    The charger requires the ignition wire to be connected for it to charge.

  • Hi can you use the 40a dcdc charger on a 100amp battery .

    Hi There,

    Yes you can use the DC DC charger with a 100Ah battery


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