Kubota Generators

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Kubota generators are renowned worldwide for their superior reliability and long service life. We sell a wide range of diesel generators, from 6 kVA through to 30kVA, so you can be sure there’s a solution for almost every application - whether you need one for your home, business, construction site, mine site, or hire.


Powered by genuine Kubota engines, everything about Kubota generators is designed with the user and environment in mind. They are easy to maintain and transport, safe to use, and boast reduced emissions and quiet operation, thanks to the muffler, well-designed enclosure, and noise absorbing duct. Best of all, these gensets offer years of exceptional performance and fuel economy.

Best Selling Kubota Lowboy Generators

If you’re searching for a reliable backup power option for off-grid solar applications, the GL6000 compact 6kVA Diesel Generator is powered by a Kubota Z483-Eb 2-cylinder, vertical water-cooled engine. The AVR alternator delivers single phase power, and it has a 28-litre fuel tank for long running time. As a bonus, this generator comes fitted with a Deep Sea DSE4520 Two Wire Auto Start Controller. For more grunt, check out the Kubota GL9000 Lowboy 8.8kVA generator. These Kubota generators boast a compact, low-profile design meaning they can fit snugly into places where other generators take up more room. This is a huge advantage on worksites or at events, where space is at a premium. Leave the generator in the back of your ute or install it discreetly at your home or office ready for backup.