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The following Dometic upright fridge models are in stock and ready to dispatch in 1 day: CRX50, CRX65, CRX80, CRX110, CRX140 and RM2350!

The Dometic fridge range consists of two upright caravan fridge types: 2-way compressor and 3-way absorption, and also a portable fridge freezer range. Both the Dometic caravan fridge and portable fridge ranges feature are extremely energy efficient (on either 12V power or gas depending on the fridge type), are supported by a national service agent network and extensive warranties.

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Dometic Caravan Fridge: 3-Way Absorption Range

The Dometic 3 Way fridge series is considered the forefront of Caravan & Recreational Vehicle refrigeration. These Dometic Upright absorption fridgesrepresent the latest mobile cooling and freezing technology, allowing complete flexibility when on the road with three-way power usage; 12/24 volt, 240 volt, or gas.

Since being invented in 1922, Dometic has pioneered the absorption technology to produce refrigeration systems without any moving machinery parts, so a Dometic Fridge operates silently and is vibration free. The strength of the global Dometic fridge brand was born on the invention of absorption technology.

Known as the ‘Dometic Caravan Fridge’ range, these Dometic 3 way fridges are also ideal for motorhomes, camper trailers, boats or other recreational vehicles requiring mobile refrigeration. Customers will opt for a Dometic upright absorption fridge over a compressor driven alternative large due to the amazing efficiency a Dometic caravan fridge will provide when running on gas – remote campers can keep their food and drink cold for weeks on end from minimal gas supply.

With a Dometic fridge, you not only get superior efficiency and flexible 3 way operation, you also get compact style and contemporary design to enhance the internal look of your recreational vehicle. Inside a Dometic Fridge, you can expect many models that include; interior lighting using energy-efficient LEDs, patented removable freezer compartment, fingertip door opening, door with magnetic seals, user friendly control panel, and flexible arrangement of shelves with leakage protection.

Please note, a Dometic 3 way fridge needs to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas-fitter.

The most popular Dometic upright fridge in the absorption range is the RM2350.Or if you're looking for a larger fridge, the newer RUA series in either 188 Litres or 224 Litres. Check out our review on the RUA series below.

3 Way Caravan Fridge: Dometic RUA Series Review

Dometic Caravan Fridge: 2-Way Compressor Range

While 3-way absorption fridges were the bee's knees in the past, compressor fridges have quickly become themost popular caravan fridges on the market. These caravan fridges are extremely efficient when running on a 12/24 volt power source and have been proven to perform better in high ambient temperatures than absorption models. Plus you do not have to carry a gas bottle around on your travels (a huge bonus if you're a safety nut like us!).

There are a few other things to consider when tossing up between the two caravan fridge types: absorption fridges take longer to cool than compressor fridges, and they need to be completely level to operate at their best.Caravan gas fridges also need to be installed and certified by a qualified and licensed gas-fitter / caravan installer - if this is ignored the fridge warranty is voided and it poses a huge safety risk!

If you're looking to purchase a caravan compressor fridge we highly recommend the Dometic CRX range, which are the leading compressor fridges on the market today. They provide outstanding enery efficiency and are reliable in high ambient temperatures and tilted positions.

We highly recommend checking out the Dometic CRX110 which is the msot popular caravan fridge on the market today.

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