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Product Description

Dometic RUC 5208X Fridge & Freezer 153 Litre, 3 Year Warranty. The Dometic RUC 5208X model is an upright compressor refrigerator that features a narrow cabinet design that allows for greater flexibility in the kitchen area of recreational vehicles without compromising on storage volume.

The Dometic RUC refrigerators provide the reliable refrigeration performance that the RV market has come to expect from Dometic refrigerators. The T-rated cooling system ensures excellent performance in both high and low ambient temperatures, making the RUA refrigerator an excellent choice for all conditions. The built-in control panel is intuitive and easy to use, allowing users to select a temperature range and a variety of pre-set modes. The control panel also features a built-in service mode that creates simple diagnostics if required. Coloured error messages are displayed alongside an audible alarm if errors occur.


  • Narrow Footprint. Can easily firt through the RV door.
  • Tropical Rated Cooling System.
  • Intuitive Design of Control Panel.
  • Touch Control. TFT color display with unique rotary touch control.
  • Perfectly Controlled. Full-width crisper with humidity control.
  • Interior Led Lightning. Elegant LED lighting illuminates the cabin.
  • Built-in Door Storage. Perfect for storing bottles and cans
  • Narrow Storage Cabinet. Optimized storage cabinet holds a generous amount of food and drink.
  • T-Rated Cooling Unit. Ensures great cooling performance even in harsh conditions.

Installation Guide



Brand Dometic

GTIN 695121841887

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Upright RV Compressor Fridges

Model RUC5208X

Fridge Voltage 12 / 24 / 240 V

Product Type Dometic RU series compressor driven refrigerator for 12 volts DC, 24 Volts DC and 240 volts AC operation, designed for recreational vehicles

Total Capacity (Litres) 153

Freezer Compartment (Litres) 13

Fridge Depth (mm) 677

Fridge Width (mm) 550

Fridge Height (mm) 1191

Cut Out Required 1181-1186 (H) x 530-535 (W) x 611mm (D)

Capacity (Litres) 133 LItre

Voltage 100-240 V AC and 12/24 V DC

Accessories Hinge Reverse Kit

Avg Power Consumption 0.76 kWh/24h

Popular Product Applications Caravan fridge, Dometic caravan fridge, caravan compressor fridge, 12V upright fridge, 2 way caravan fridge

Net Weight (kg) 40

Door Hinge Position Right Hinged (Door reversing kit available separately)

NOTE Testing/Certificates: EMC, RCM


Dometic Caravan Fridge: RUC Series Review


2 Way Fridges vs. 3 Way Fridges for Recreational Vehicles


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • My vehicle has a battery management system, will that cause a problem?

    Battery management systems switch off the power supply to the refrigerator as soon as the vehicle engine is switched off for longer than 30 minutes. The refrigerator requires a constant DC power supply to operate. If your vehicle has a battery management system, just be aware that it may switch of the DC power to the fridge. Dometic recommend deactivating the battery management system.

  • When should I defrost the refrigerator?

    Defrost your refrigerator as soon as a layer of ice forms in the freezer compartment. The freezer compartment will require periodic manual defrosting, recommended if the frost layer is higher than 3 mm.

  • Do we need additional parts for the RUC5208X door reversal?

    For RUC5208X door reversal, an accessory hinge and latch kit is required (not included). Contact us at 1300 400 122 or in our online chat.

  • If the refrigerator has an automatic cyclic defrost system, why is manual defrosting still needed?

    If the refrigerator is used for extended periods in high humidity and/or high ambient temperature conditions, frost may build up on the evaporator fins behind the internal fan cover, which can reduce the cooling performance. In this case a manual defrost is recommended. The freezer compartment will require periodic manual defrosting, recommended if the frost layer is higher than 3 mm.

  • Can I store heavy objects such as bottles or cans anywhere on the refrigerator?

    Only store heavy objects such as bottles or cans in the refrigerator door, in the vegetable compartment or on the bottom shelf.

  • Does it have a security feature to prevent accidental adjustments?

    The device has a child lock feature to prevent accidental adjustments or children from using the controls.

  • The refrigerator is suitable for use with what voltage?

    The device is designed to be operated from a 12 V DC or 24 V DC on-board supply as well as from a 100 – 240 V AC mains.

  • Where can the Refrigerator be installed?

    The device is suitable for installation into caravans, motorhomes or boats. The refrigerator is only suitable for installation in a fitted cavity. Once it is installed, only the front of the appliance may be accessible.

  • Can the fridge be inclined?

    The refrigerator can withstand a short-term inclination of 30°, for example on boats.

  • Does it have protection against reversed polarity and short circuit?

    The refrigerator is equipped with an electronic system to prevent the polarity being reversed. This protects the refrigerator against reversed polarity when connecting to a battery and against short circuiting.

  • Can the device be installed in an open area?

    The refrigerator must be installed in a recess so that it stands secure when the vehicle is in motion. It is recommended to install the refrigerator in a sealed location in order to prevent dust and heat from entering the living space of the caravan or motorhome.

  • What is the cooling capacity of the device?

    The RUc fridge can refrigerate goods between 0 °C and +8 °C. The freezing temperature range is between –20 °C to –10 °C.

  • Can I use extension power cables or power strips with the device?

    To avoid voltage drops and loss of performance, keep the connection cable as short as possible and uninterrupted. Therefore, avoid additional switches, plugs or power strips.

  • What is the door airing function used for?

    Use the door airing function if you do not intend to use the refrigerator for a prolonged period of time. This prevents mould from forming when the refrigerator is not in use or put into storage.

  • The refrigerator has a mild odour, is this normal?

    When using the refrigerator for the first time, there may be a mild odour which will disappear after a few hours. Air the living space well.

  • Does it have an indicator when something is wrong with it?

    Yes. On the display, if there is an active error indication, the backlight and screen will not turn off. The display enters error screen. In the error screen, the middle section is highlighted in red and shows the relevant error code.


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