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Searching for the best 3 phase generator? Our team of experts has scoured all the land and come back with 4 powerhouses that will go the distance.

Because three-phase generators allow for greater electrical loads than a single-phase generator, they are a great choice when you're looking for higher horsepower without a costly fuel-guzzling engine.

So whether you need power for large industrial machines, office building backup or large events, our pick of the best three-phase generators have got you covered.

What makes a great three-phase generator? We looked for units that beat the competition on a number of factors:

  • Durability

  • Reliability

  • Efficiency

  • Value for money

In no particular order, here's our pick of the best 3 phase generator models on the Aussie market:


Portable petrol: Powerlite 3 Phase 8kVA Generator

For portable power, we reckon you can't go past Powerlite, a trusted Australian generator manufacturer with over 50 years' experience. In fact, they're one of our top selling trade generator brands. And this 3 Phase 8kVA generator proves why. Powered by Honda with its famous GX390 engine, it's great for farm and general trade/construction use, including powering portable electric tools and appliances, excellent motor starting and welder performance.

This Powerlite 8kva Three Phase model is great for farm and general trade use, including powering portable electric tools and appliances, excellent motor starting and welder performance.

It comes down to the super-reliable Honda GX390 engine, which provides 7,000W continuous power. The unit has a recoil start and you can customise it with accessories such as a long-range fuel talk, earth leakage protection, central lifting bar and more. It comes with a three-year warranty for the Honda engine and a two-year generator warranty from Powerlite.

Petrol Generator Review, Powerlite Honda 3 Phase 8kVA Generator


Portable Diesel: Powerlite 3 Phase 7kVA Hatz Generator

Another of our Powerlite favourites is its 3-phase 7kVA generator. This time, the generator runs on diesel and is powered by the German made Hatz engine for 5,500W continuous power.

You can't go wrong with this generator if you want to power small machines, pumps and mixers at full load for extended periods of time. At 3.2 hours, it runs a little longer than the petrol Honda-powered equivalent and has the added bonus of diesel efficiency. There's a recoil start, a wide range of accessories is available to meet your needs, and a full two-year warranty.


Large Portable: Gentech 3 Phase 16kVA Generator

There's a lot to love about this portable 3 phase generator by Gentech. At the top of the list is the Honda V Twin GX690 petrol engine with electric start. Then there's the 27-litre fuel tank, which delivers an impressive 6.6 hours of operation at 80% load. Add the fact that the unit is fully assembled in Australia by one of the nation's leading manufacturer of generator sets, and you have a machine that's really built tough.

Perfect for welders, compressors and heavy-duty equipment, this workhorse will become the new employee of the month around the construction site or farm. You can also opt for the remote start and wheel kit as optional extras.


Stationary: Pramac Diesel GBW22P 3 Phase Generator

When you want a generator to deliver large amounts of power output for long periods, reliability is number one on your shopping list. The Pramac GBW22P is ready to meet the demands of small business backup or continuous power supply in construction applications.

Famous for their state-of-the-art technology, Pramac generators are manufactured in Europe and have become one of the leading backup generators in the market. Pramac generators boast multiple configuration options across the whole range, including a two-wire auto-start capability for direct mains connection. So when the GBW22P detects that mains power has failed, the generator will automatically kick in. Another top feature is the super-silent technology, meaning the unit hardly makes a sound.


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DISCLAIMER* Please note, this advice is general in nature and we strongly recommend consulting the product manual and where relevant, a professional installer.

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