Pavement Compactors

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Get all your paving projects down efficiently with our range of pavement compactors. Compact soil easily for driveways, landscaping, and concrete foundation projects with a pavement compactor. Our pavement compactor range features leading brands including Stanley and Hoppt.


Make Easy Work of Landscaping with A Pavement Compactor

When you want to get paving projects done easily and precisely, a pavement compactor is the perfect tool for the job. These plate pavement compactors are lightweight enough to transport in a ute, while having the power to compact materials into a flat surface before pouring concrete or asphalt.

Quality Pavement Compactors by Leading Brands

Enjoy all the features you’d expect from top brands like Stanley and Hoppt, to ensure you can work easily and safely, such as an automatic oil stop, belt guard and low operating noise. The Stanley SGC-8000N generates 2.0HP ideal for the compaction of granular soils, while the more powerful Hoppt model generates an impressive 4.8HP. The Hoppt pavement compactor also features a unique rubber roll bar system for excellent compaction of pavers and bricks while minimising cracking and chipping. Both the Stanley and Hoppt models come with everything you need to get started right away.

Compare our plate compactors from top brands today.