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Product Description

Baintuff 180w Foldable Solar Blanket, with Solar Regulator included, 1 year warranty. Go off-grid with the Baintech 180w Solar Blanket. Designed to charge your 4WD, RV and Marine batteries, this lightweight and compact blanket will produce up to 10A in optimal conditions. Made with high yielding superior Monocrystalline Sunpower solar cells, the Baintuff 180w Blanket is designed to perform even in cloudy conditions. Designed with ease of use in mind, the simple plug and play Anderson plug connection is secure, safe and easy to connect.

This is the latest model of the popular BAINTUFF 180W Solar Blanket which now come standard with Solar Regulator. It also comes wired with New Plug and Play Anderson connection, which enable the user to directly connect the RED Anderson 5m solar blanket lead to the solar regulator.

The Baintech blanket comes with a smart 20amp 12/24v PWM with chemistry profiles for 3 types of batteries – sealed, GEL, and Flooded


  • High efficiency - 180 Watts
  • Monocrystalline Sunpower solar cell
  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use – plug and play
  • All accessories and PWM included
Baintech 120w Solar


  • DIMENSIONS: 1830mm h x 775mm w (Folded size: 398mmx300mm) 
  • SOLAR CELLS: Monocrystalline

Have a look at the key features to keep you free camping for longer:

Solar technology has come an incredibly long way over the years. We now have ready access to the kind of solar technology that can harness the sun’s power with levels of efficiency we only ever used to dream of. Right at the forefront of solar technology is the BainTuff 180W Solar Blanket.

MASSIVE 180W POWER RATING: One of the most powerful solar power options on the market today, it’ll pump out up to 10 amps an hour on sunny days. - ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT: Weighing just 5kg it’s so easy to setup and pack up compared to traditional folding panels that can weigh three or four times as much. And when it’s packed away, it’s so small that you can store it under the bed or in a drawer!

EXTREME EFFICIENCY: We all know it’s rarely sunny all day, but the BainTuff blanket’s solar cells are able to harness maximum power even on cloudy or overcast days. The solar panel efficiency is up to 25%, while most of the similar products on the market are 18% or lower. 

CHARGE YOUR MOBILE DEVICES DIRECTLY: Connect your phones and tablets to the in-built USB ports for high-speed, safe charging of mobile devices.

STABLE POWER: Traditionally, portable solar charging has not been considered a stable source of power. A solar panel powered by unstable sunlight leads to unstable current and voltage, which will shorten your devices life or even damage it. THE BainTuff blanket’s voltage regulator keeps a consistent current running to your device prolonging its life.

AUTOMATICALLY BUILT-IN USB IC: Most folding solar panels with a USB connector cannot charge some types of mobile phones due to not having an automatically recognised USB IC. The special IC in the BainTuff blanket makes the charging current as powerful as possible so the charging rate is a lot quicker, whereas other kinds of folding solar panels only consume some of the output current, making the charging time much longer.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Extend battery life by up to three times by maintaining correct charge levels. Save the environment and your wallet!

The BainTuff Solar Blanket will instantly connect to any solar regulator via the included, industry-standard Anderson connection so there’s no need for complicated wiring or costly modifications to your existing 12v system.

Bainbridge BTBLANKET180 Product Manual
PowerTop Version 3 Product Manual



Brand Baintech

GTIN 9338936003156

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Portable Solar Blankets

Solar Panel Type Folding Solar Panels

Watts (W) 180

Dimensions (close) 398 x 300 x 78 mm

Net Weight (kg) 5.11

Popular Product Applications Camping solar panels, portable solar panels, solar blanket, folding solar panel, solar panels for camping fridges, Baintech solar blanket

Rated Power 18V 180W

Efficiency 18%

Dimensions (open) 1830 x 775 mm

Included Solar Regulator, 6m Power Lead, Red Anderson Connection and Alligator Clamp Connector


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Customer Reviews

Baintuff 180w solar blanket is spot on Review by
The solar blanket is awesome worth every cent.
(Posted on 20 March 2021)
1st class product and service Review by
Only received the Baintuff Solar Blanket a week ago, must say I’m very impressed with it. Very well made, strong backing. Folds easily both to deploy and to store when not in use. I purchased it as an extra solar change for our caravan, it performs perfectly, batteries are now fully changed by lunchtime.
(Posted on 10 July 2020)
1st class product and service Review by
Only received the Baintuff Solar Blanket a week ago, must say I’m very impressed with it. Very well made, strong backing. Folds easily both to deploy and to store when not in use.I purchased it as an extra solar change for our caravan, it performs perfectly, batteries are now fully changed by lunchtime.
(Posted on 10 July 2020)
Great quality Review by
Great quality price a little steep, but you get what you pay for.
(Posted on 8 July 2020)

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Quality at a great price Review by
I have made the mistake of buying inferior cheaper solar panels and always been disappointed. The Baintuff solar blanket is light weight, efficient and very visible on the ground.
(Posted on 18 April 2020)
Great Product Review by
Compact, light weight, stores easily in bag provided. Easy to set up, eyelets handy to use hanging from a tree, or propped up with sticks on the ground.
(Posted on 1 January 2020)
Great product at great price. Review by
Prompt delivery, great quailty and doing the job for which it is intended. Provides power to fridge in our ISUZU MUX in Shark bay. Many people have asked us regarding where we bought the blanket - beats having a generator upsetting neighours on camp site.
(Posted on 30 July 2019)
Very Happy Review by
The blanket is easy to use, and easy to store. I’m using it on single vehicle trips, and works well.On base camps with caravan or camper, it’s a supplementary top up to the other solar panels, so we have fully charged batteries all the time at camp. Technically we only have to leave to get more food or fuel. It’s quick and easy to set up,and put away. I’ve got a longer lead ( and larger in cable size for volt drop) made up, so my vehicle can remain in the shade, allowing the panel to be kept in the sun, all day.
(Posted on 2 April 2019)
Great quality product Review by
Quick delivery, well packed and the quality of the solar blanket is amazing couldn’t fault it at all, easy to unpack and pack up. Nice and easy to use great value for money.
(Posted on 15 March 2019)
Great product Review by
I was looking to buy a solar blanket above 150watt & my purchase is great value for 180watt. It’s compact & light so will do lots of trip
(Posted on 3 February 2019)
(Posted on 11 January 2019)
Great product Review by
Great product, easy to use and value for money comparative to what’s in the market for similar.
(Posted on 3 December 2018)
Perfect for off the grid Review by
We purchased this solar blanket to supplement our Baintech battery for when we went to Kangaroo island for holidays. We were totally off the grid (no electricity for over 3 weeks) & the solar blanket was great for topping up our battery when we sat & propped.
(Posted on 2 November 2018)

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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Is this solar blanket waterproof?

    Hi - Yes the solar blanket is waterproof and suitable for most outdoor environments.

  • what material is the baintuff blanket made of?it looks like a vinyl..

    Hi Ryan,

    The blanket is made out of a woven synthetic material, which makes it extremely durable.

  • Hi, there are 2 questions above that ask about use with lithium batteries. One answer says the PWM regulator will work ok where the other said it won't. Have I missed something? Thanks.

    Hi There,

    Certain PWM regulators are not suitable for charging lithium batteries.

    The regulator on this solar blanket according to the manufacturer is suitable for use with lithium batteries.

  • I am plugging into a BMS with a built in PVM. Can I buy only the blanket and save on the PVM and cables as I do not require them?


    We can only supply the full package. We don't sell the blanket on it's own without cables etc.

  • What's the difference between Mono & Polycrystalline solar cells?

    There's actually not a whole lot of difference when it comes to Caravan, RV and Camping applications to be honest. They are different cell types and are more relevant for home grid tied roof top.

    You will read that poly are better in low light conditions and mono are more efficient. But for roof top caravan's the difference is negligible.

    The most important thing is to get a well-constructed roof top panel from a quality brand and get the right sizing for your application.

  • I'm interested in the 180W Solar Blanket, I can see it comes with a regulator. It is usable with a lithium battery?

    Yes, the regulator is a PWM model which is compatible with lithium batteries. It is designed to ensure compatibility with all batteries as they are single stage chargers. Opposite to the multistage chargers which will require a specific algorithm to recognize a Lithium, AGM, or Gel battery.

  • Will the included PWN controller charge a lithium battery?

    The PWM will work with lithium batteries however it will not fully charge a lithium battery, it will generally charge lithium up to 90%.


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