Projecta 12V 600W Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter


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Product Description

Projecta 12V 600W Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter, 1 Year Warranty. Jam packed with features and delivering class leading performance, the IP600 is the perfect addition for anyone looking for ultra clean power whilst in remote locations. Its rugged construction allows permanent installation making it ideal for camper trailers, 4WDs and work vehicles.


  • Approved output socket: AS/NZ approved 240V sockets. Inverter designed to Australian standard AS4763
  • Remote control: LCD display and remote control unit provide information on battery voltage, power usage and load capacity
  • Wiring kit: Battery lugs with 900mm 6mm2 battery cable
  • Efficient design: Thermostatically controlled cooling fan
  • Mounting flange: Convenient and robust mounting points
Peak power:
Intelli-Wave inverters feature exceptional peak power performance (200% capacity for 3 secs, 140% capacity for 3 mins) allowing them to effortlessly run demanding appliances such as fridges etc. All Intelli-Wave inverters are designed to Australian standards for safety and peace of mind.
Shock & dust proof:
Constructed from extruded aluminium, Intelli-Wave inverters are dust proof and shock resistant. The circuit boards have been conformal coated to protect against moisture and other elements so they are suitable for use in a range of locations.
Remote control:
The remote control display* allows you to monitor the inverter’s performance and power supply levels while mounting the inverter out of the way and out of sight. Detailed information includes battery voltage (volts) power usage (watts) and load capacity (%) (*on selected models).
Safe & easy:
Safety is paramount around 240V and in particular with inverters. All Intelli-Wave inverters are fully electrically isolated and equipotentially bonded (EPB) as per AS4763, ensuring the highest level of safety.

The Intelli-Wave advantage:
Engineered with the professional user in mind, these super robust and reliable pure sine wave inverters have been designed to handle the rigours of industrial and RV leisure applications. Along with producing ultra clean 240V power, the Intelli-Wave range features class leading ‘Peak Power Performance’. This means they have the ability to power devices at 200% of their rated capacity for 3 seconds; in practice this means a 1000 watt Intell-Wave inverter can power an appliance that requires 2000W at start up. What’s more, it can run at 140% (1400W) of its rated capacity for a staggering 3 minutes.

It is no wonder Intelli-Wave is the number one choice for caravan, camper trailer and worksite vehicle manufacturers Australia wide.

Pure sine wave technology:

Intelli-Wave inverters produce ultra clean power, replicating what you would get from household mains power, ideal for the most sensitive electrical equipment.

Enerdrive Product Manual



Brand Projecta

GTIN 9315219966001

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category Power Inverters

Product Type Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Wattage (W) 600

Output wave form True Sine Wave

Battery Low Shutdown Protection 9.75V (±0.2V)

Input 12 V DC, 60A max

Current draw 0.65A (No Load)

Product Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 250 x 168 x 81

Net Weight (kg) 2.2

Approvals Electrical Safety, EMC

Cooling Automatic Temperature Controlled Fan

Fuse 110A (2 x 40A, 1 x 30A)

Output 240VAC, 50 Hz (Pure Sine Wave)

Ideal Battery Type 50-130Ah

Over Voltage Shutdown 65°C (±5°C)

Efficiency 85-90%

Output Power 600W Continuous (1200W Peak)

Note Equiootentially Bonded (EPB)

Battery Low Alarm Protection 10.25 Volt


Unboxing a Projecta Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Benny from Projecta


Projecta Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Start Up Power - Benny from Projecta


Projecta Intelli-Wave Pure Sine Wave Inverter - AC Transfer Switch - Benny from Projecta!


Projecta - Some Things You May Not Know About Us!


Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • Can I run an inverter from AGM or Gel batteries?

    The short answer is yes. People have been running 240V inverters from AGM batteries long before lithium was around. But people have traditionally used a lot lower AC current devices when caravan and camping than they do today.

    Inverters were never intended to run air conditioners, microwaves , coffee machines and the like.....that is until lithium came into the RV market.

    For low current devices (under 600W) it is fine to connect an inverter to your AGM battery system. AGM batteries can put out low current for a long period of time. When you need to go near 1000W or more , then you should consider a lithium battery.

    You can connect an inverter to AGM batteries but you need a lot larger size batteries than lithium (to cope with the high current).

    A general rule of thumb for AGM or GEL batteries is a 1000W inverter should be coupled with 2 x 120A batteries and a 2000W inverter will need 3 x 120Ah batteries.

    Conversely, some 100Ah lithium batteries (Enerdrive, Invicta) can power a 1000W inverter and some 200Ah lithium batteries (Enerdrive) will power a 2000W inverter.

  • Hi, the control unit is making a high pitch buzzing noise. Can you please tell me why

    Hi There,

    We would recommend contacting the manufacturer for technical assistance, sorry.


    For details relating to this product's warranty CLICK HERE


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