Invicta 12V 200Ah Lithium Battery with Bluetooth + BMPRO 30A 12V DC Battery Charger + BMPRO 25A 12V AC Battery Charger


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Product Description

Invicta 12V 200Ah Lithium Battery with Bluetooth + BMPRO 30A 12V DC Battery Charger + BMPRO 25A 12V AC Battery Charger, 7 Year Warranty.

Pack Includes:


Invicta 12V 200Ah Lithium Battery with Bluetooth:

The Invicta Lithium 12V range has been specifically designed for replacement of similar size Lead acid batteries. The family is comprised of the popular sizes found in the lead acid range but with the added benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) technology and is ideally suited to deep cycle longer run time applications.

Invicta batteries are available in 12V, 24V and 36V single battery systems. They are used in a range of applications including 4x4, caravans, marine and commercial/industrial. Invicta uses aluminium encased LiFePO4 prismatic cells that are bolted together using a solid busbar for strength. A strengthening frame is also utilised to reduce movement and vibration often associated in off-road vehicles and marine applications.

Invicta batteries also have an integrated BMS that protects the battery from over charge/discharge, temperature, and short circuit. Invicta 12V200Ah and 12V300Ah also include inverter friendly capabilities.


  • Large number of cycles >2000 (100% DoD) Up to 8 times cycle life of SLA lowering your total cost of ownership.
  • Safe and stable chemistry & Integrated BMS The use of LiFePO4 along with the integrated BMS ensures protection against over charge / discharge, temperature and short circuit providing the highest degree of safety.
  • Greater capacity utilisation – 60% more than SLA Gives longer runtime than equivalent SLA.
  • High energy density (less than half of the weight of SLA) Lowering total weight of application.
  • Fast recharge Battery is charged and ready to be used sooner.
  • Flat Discharge Curve Longer run time & more efficient use of capacity.
  • Extremely low self-discharge rate Can sit unused for longer periods of time.
  • UL1642 at cell level.

Bluetooth Capabilities:

Bluetooth monitoring is available on selected models via a free mobile application. The app allows you to monitor the status of the battery’s volts, remaining capacity, current draw, and status of the Battery Management System (BMS). The Bluetooth capabilities can also be used to help troubleshoot system issues.

Bluetooth Pairing

Tested Independently:

The Invicta batteries are independently tested by BMRPO to ensure the highest standard of quality. The real-life testing shows that Invicta easily surpassed over 2000 cycles over 1000 days of continuous use under Australian conditions.

Commercial and Industrial Applications:

Invicta is used in both commercial and industrial applications. The Invicta batteries are IEC 62619 (selected models) and IEC 62133 certified. These certifications are independent and rigorous tests that ensures the battery and BMS can withstand short circuit, propagation, high impact, thermal abuse (extreme heat and cold), and over-charge and discharge situations.

Series and Parallel Configurations:

The Invicta batteries are capable of being paralleled. Please see the Installation Guide below for conditions.

Safety Notes:

  • Invicta batteries can be installed on either of its sides however not upside down
  • Invicta batteries are not for under bonnet use
  • Invicta batteries are not for starting applications
  • Invicta batteries must use a charger with a lithium profile setting
  • When using an inverter with an Invicta battery ensure that the in-rush current of the inverter does not exceed the pulse discharge of the battery
*PLEASE NOTE: The product image is not the actual product. The image displayed is the 12V 100BT Model

Victron Product Card

Product Brochure

Invicta S Series Installation Guide

BMPRO MiniBoostPro 30A 12V DC to DC Battery Charger with Solar Input:

BMPRO’s MiniBoostPRO is a compact DC-DC charger with solar input, specially designed for the RV market. The MiniBoostPRO offers effective charging of your caravan, 4WD or camper trailer’s house battery from the towing vehicle’s electrical system.

Blending both solar and auxiliary inputs, the MiniBoostPRO provides a combined charging current of up to a maximum of 30A, with a preference to solar. It features proprietary technology designed to charge from modern car alternators.

The MiniBoostPRO provides a multi stage charging profile.
It functions when wired directly to 12V batteries and enhances BMPRO’s BatteryPlus35 and J35 battery management systems.
A range of protective features built into the MiniBoostPRO will guard your caravan or camper trailer’s charging capacity.


  • 30A multi-stage DC-DC charger
  • Dual input solar/aux up to 30A
  • Multi battery chemistry selector
  • Suitable for modern smart alternators
  • BMPRO BP35 and J35 compatible
  • BMPRO signature durability and ease of use
  • 2 year warranty

Product Manual


BMPRO 25A 12V Automatic Battery Charger:

25 Amp, 12V battery charger, BatteryCharge25 is an automatic battery charger with seven charge states. Depending on the size of the battery, output current is adjustable to 5, 15 or 25 Amps. It delivers high-performance, intelligent charging. Use it with all types of 12 Volt Lead Acid batteries, such as AGM, Gel, Calcium, or Wet, as well as with LiFePO4 Lithium batteries. You can also use the charger to recondition sulphated lead acid batteries or revive drained LiFePO4 batteries. Moreover, it is ok to leave the battery permanently connected to the charger without damage or adverse effect on its performance.

Use BatteryCharge25 to service your car, caravan, bike, truck, boat, jet ski, as well as farm equipment or communications. The portable battery charger has protective circuits to prevent it from sparking and overheating. It also features an informative LED interface, which indicates the stage of the charge cycle, selected battery chemistry, and battery charge rate.

25 Amp battery charger will increase your battery’s life and performance. It is multistage with seven stages, which are: desulphation, soft charge, bulk charge, absorption, analysis, recondition, and float.
Use the charger in power supply mode with a constant voltage of 13.6VDC or up to 20A. This is to power appliances or tools that are otherwise 12V battery powered.


  • Made in Australia
  • 7 STAGE – Micro Digital Processor
  • Suitable for charging Lead Acid, AGM, Gel, Calcium
  • Includes LITHIUM (LiFePO4) charging profile
  • Adjustable Amp output
  • Suits batteries 80-800 Ah
  • Rugged casing
  • Power Supply Mode

Product Manual


SKU P12200BT30D25A

Brand Invicta

Warranty Period: 7 Years

Product Category Batteries

Battery Voltage 12V

Amp Hours (ah) 200

Battery Weight (kg) 24.2

Nominal Voltage 12.8V (Battery)

Nominal Capacity 200Ah (Battery)

Cycle Life (DOD – 80% under controlled conditions) >2000 (Battery)

Battery Output Voltage Range Gel: 14.2V, AGM/Wet: 14.4.V, LiFePO4: 14.6V (DC Battery Charger)

Battery Capacity 80-800 Ah (AC Battery Charger)

Dimensions Battery: 483 x 170 x 241 mm | DC to DC Charger: 160 x 131 x 41 mm | AC Charger: 368 x 230 x 70 mm (L x W x H)

Operating Range (temp) Charge (0-50), Discharge (-20 - 55) (Battery) | -20°C to 80°C (DC Battery Charger)

Input Voltage 9-15V DC (auxiliary), 9-25V DC (solar) (DC Battery Charger)

Net Weight (kg) 28.1

Charger Type Multi-stage (AC Battery Charger)

Certification IEC 62619 & IEC 62133

Battery Types AGM, Gel, Calcium or Wet, LiFePO4 (DC and AC Battery Chargers)


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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • How does the battery cope with mechanical or physical damage?

    Under the IEC and UN38.3, the batteries undergo a range of mechanical abuse testing. This includes testing the effects of impact, drop and vibration abuse. In order for the battery to pass the testing, it must not leak, vent, rupture, disassemble or ignite.

  • How are the Invicta batteries tested?

    All Invicta batteries are tested independently by BMPRO. Invicta easily surpassed over 2000 cycles over 1000 days of continuous use under Australian conditions.

    Invicta batteries also feature an IEC 62619 (selected models) and IEC 62133 certification. These certifications are independent and rigorous tests that ensure the battery and BMS can withstand short circuit, propagation, high impact, thermal abuse (extreme heat and cold), and over-charge and discharge situations.

  • Do Invicta batteries have an integrated BMS?

    All Invicta batteries have an integrated BMS that protects the battery from over charge/discharge, temperature, and short circuit. The BMS is also tested as part of IEC 62619 certification. Invicta 12V200Ah and 12V300Ah also include inverter friendly capabilities.

  • What warranty comes with the Invicta batteries?

    As of 2020, all Invicta batteries have a 7-year warranty available in approved applications. Please see the Invicta Warranty page for full terms and conditions. 

  • Why is Invicta lithium better than an AGM battery?

    Compared to an AGM of a similar capacity (e.g. 100ah vs 100ah) Invicta is less than half the weight. They can also be recharged five times faster, have a more efficient use of capacity and double the runtime. Additionally, they can sit unused for up to 12 months.

  • Do I need to charge a lithium battery differently to a lead acid one?

    LiFePO4 batteries operate a bit differently to lead acid batteries, but an appropriate charge is still best for maximum battery life.

    A constant current (restricted by the charger output) will flow until the battery reaches a charged percentage of 90-95%. Once it reaches this point, the current will reduce and the voltage will increase - rising to a cut-off voltage (in reality around 14.7V).

  • Why is the LiFePO4 battery used for lead acid replacement applications?

    LiFePO4 is the safest form of Lithium in terms of temperature range and when considering overcharging/discharging, short circuit and penetration possibilities. Other benefits of LiFePO4 include:

    • High thermal runaway point
    • Similar voltage to SLA (3.2V per cell = 12.8V)
    • Good all round performance (flexible for many applications)
    • Environmentally friendly (phosphate is not hazardous to environment or health)
    • Slow capacity loss (sit for longer before re-fresh recharge is required)
    • High cycle life
    • Cost effective
  • Does an Invicta Lithium Battery need to be installed in a specific location?

    No, Invicta Lithium Batteries can be installed in any rotaion in the same location as your current Lead Acid battery.

    Please note, the BMPRO Lithium range should not be installed under a bonnet.

  • Do all Invicta batteries have Bluetooth connectivity?
  • What is the integrated battery management system (BMS) for?

    The Integrated Battery Management System in Invicta Lithium Batteries ensure protection against over-charge / discharge, temperature and short circuits.

  • Can the Invicta Lithium Range be connected in series or parallel?

    There are strict conditions that need to be met for the Invicta Lithium Range to be connected into series or parallel systems.

    Please note the following:

    • Not all SNL batteries can be configured into a series or parallel system. Have a look at the part number of the battery. If the part number contains an "S" as a suffix (eg. SNL12V100S) then the battery can be configured into a system of up to (not exceeding) 4 batteries in series.
    • If the part number does not have an "S" as a suffix (eg. SNL12V100BT) then series configuration is strictly prohibited.
    • All Invicta Lithium Batteries can be configured into a parallel configuration up to 4 units in parallel (there are specific conditions to a parallel setup - refer to the instruction manual)
  • Is the cost of ownership of an Invicta Lithium Battery lower than an SLA?

    Yes, the total cost of ownership of an Invicta Lithium Battery is lower than that of an equivalent SLA:

    • Save up to 50% in battery hardware costs over the life of the system
    • Reduce labour replacement costs by up to 7 times
    • Greater capacity utilisation allows reduction in overall system size or greater output from your current system size


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