Marine Cooking Appliances

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Create the most delicious meals when cruising on the open waters with your boat oven. We sell boat ovens by top brands Thetford and Dometic, so you know they are designed for mobile adventures. Simply pick the model you like and enjoy your feasts wherever you go!


Boat Ovens for Every Galley

No matter where you are, even the middle of the ocean, you should be able to treat your family to a home cooked meal. That’s why boat ovens are a must! Whether you’re buying a brand-new boat oven or upgrading the one you have, our range of boat ovens has everything you need to cook up a storm.

Find a wide range of sizes and designs to suit your boat and cooking needs. Choose a mini grill with gas cooktop, cooktop only or stove. Need a sink? Get a combination unit complete with a hob and sink. When you’re on the water, you need to consider how you will power your boat oven. That’s why we sell both gas and electric ovens with top safety features guaranteed.

Because these ovens are designed with ease in mind, you can always enjoy the sparkling sight of your kitchen or galley, knowing that cleaning is a breeze.

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