Dometic NRX 115C 113 Litre Compressor Fridge & Freezer

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Caravan Fridge

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Currently FREE with the Dometic NRX 115C 113 Litre Compressor Fridge & Freezer is:

"Quality product"

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Prod ct is great and we buy from you all the time
(Posted on 14 January 2023)

"Great all round.."

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Perfect for the needs of a van conversion. Great product. Size is also great for the 2 of us when travelling..
(Posted on 5 January 2023)

"Well Done !!!"

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Replaced the old 3 way Dometic with the CRX110 fridge/freezer. Fitted perfect in the Motorhome, with no problems with installation or wiring. So happy with our new Dometic Waeco Coolmatic (wife loves it !!)
(Posted on 19 April 2022)

"Excellent quality pro"

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Ordered and received within a week, we are very happy with the performance and quality of this fridge.
(Posted on 2 September 2021)

"Good product."

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The fridge was easy to install using the standard mounting kit. Quiet running works well. Delivery was good an d was delivered to my door.
(Posted on 19 April 2021)

Product Description

Dometic NRX 115C 113 Litre Compressor Fridge & Freezer, 3 Year Warranty. This NRX 115C model from Dometic is an upgraded version of the Dometic Waeco CRX110 fridge.

Are you looking for a stylish and energy-efficient cooling solution that easily adapts to your needs? 
Here you are! The Dometic NRX refrigerator range can be used as a fridge, freezer or both at the same time. Their powerful high-end compressor gives you a choice of three operating modes to be set on the illuminated touch control panel neatly integrated inside the cabinet: Eco for maximum energy efficiency, Performance mode for a quick cool-down, Quiet for a peaceful night’s sleep. The elegant frameless door, incorporating a dark grey front panel and a convenient full-width handle, opens to a well-equipped interior: removable freezer compartment, multiple shelves, two crispers, plus a bottle holder and door shelf/shelves.

Fresh design, superior energy efficiency: the smart compressor-cooled NRX refrigerators provide plenty of cool storage. Their elegant frameless door, incorporating a dark grey front panel and a convenient full-width handle, opens to a versatile interior. You can easily remove the freezer compartment to use the full cabinet capacity for refrigeration.

Benefits with NRX Compressor Refrigerator:

  • 3-in-1 cooling solution: fridge, freezer or both at the same time
  • Energy-efficient high-end compressor with 3 operating modes (Eco/Boost/Silent)
  • Frameless door with dark silver front panel and full-width handle
  • Beveled rear side for maximal utilization of space on board
  • Reversible door hinge – can be fitted left or right as required
  • Dual function locks can also act as vents for your fridge
  • Standard or flush-mount installation frame available as accessory


  • Full-width door handle. Neatly integrated for easy access from every angle
  • Touch control panel. Flush-mounted inside the cabinet, with nicely integrated LED light bar
  • Removable freezer. The freezer compartment can be easily removed to make room for more fridge storage
  • Two crispers. For storing fruits and vegetables for optimal freshness
  • Well equipped interior. Freezer, shelves, bottle holder, door tray, crispers – it’s all there


SKU 9620001871

Brand Dometic

GTIN 9331391010387

Warranty Period: 3 Years

Product Category Upright RV Compressor Fridges

Fridge Voltage 12 / 24 / 240 V

Total Capacity (Litres) 113

Freezer Compartment (Litres) 8.2

Temperature range Refrigerator: 0 ~12°C | Freezer Compartment: -15°C ~ -5°C

Fridge Depth (mm) 568

Fridge Width (mm) 525

Fridge Height (mm) 745

Power Consumption ~ 1.27Amp/hr over 24hrs

Climate Class (EN62552) T

Colour Grey

Cut Out Required 535 x 755 x 608mm(W x H x D)

Refrigerant Type R134a

Weight (kg) 26


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Product Q&A

Ask Us a Question
  • How often do I need to service my Dometic RV/Caravan appliances?

    Dometic recommend servicing their gas appliances on a yearly basis, even if the vehicle has not been used. Additionally, bear in mind that insects can built nests in the gas appliances which will cause the appliances to stop working. It can also cause potentially dangerous scenarios.

    For other appliances, such as refrigerators and air conditioners, to ensure the appliances to work efficiently and last longer it is recommended to clean the condenser.

  • Hi, what compressor is used in the Waeco CoolMatic CR fridges?

    Hi Jake;  the Waeco CoolMatic CR range of fridges use a Secop compressor. 

    In Summer 2016, Dometic Waeco will release a newer version of these models known as the Waeco CoolMatic CRX range, and these fridges use a Waeco compressor. These newer models are available in the same size, and offer a couple of additional benefits such as removable freezer compartment, slightly reduced noise, and slightly better energy efficiency.  


  • The manual for the latest CRX models mentions that you need a MPS 35 Rectifier (listed as an accessory) if you plan on connecting to 12v and 240v, is this correct and where are they available from and the cost?

    Hi James, great question. The latest version of the Dometic CRX Manuals do make reference to an MPS Rectifier as an accessory... which is a little confusing because you definitely do NOT need this rectifier to run any of the Dometic CRX models on AC (240 Volt) mains power. All of the Dometic CRX models can be operated directly on a 12/24V DC or 240V AC power source. 

    The reason it is mentioned in the manual is that it is a universal manual, intended for a world wide audience...and there are some versions of the CRX models sold in other parts of the world (outside Australia) which are slightly different than the models in Australia. 

    In summary;  the latest versions of the Dometic Waeco CRX Compressor RV Fridges that we sell here in Australia do NOT need any sort of adaptor or rectifier to be able to run on either DC or AC power. Many thanks. 


  • Can you confirm which Dometic Waeco CRX models have the LAC (Low Ambient Control) (winter kit) fitted as standard? The CRX product manual states only CRX 110 & 140 models have this fitted.

    Hi there, the Winter Kit/LAC function is built into the Dometic Waeco CRX110 & CRX140 models only. These two CRX models have a permanent freezer (the 3 smaller CRX models have a removeable freezer). The LAC winter mode ensures optimum operation at ambient temperature of below 16°C.

    There is no LAC function inbuilt to the CRX80/65/50 models...nor can a 'winter kit' be fitted to these 3 smaller models.

    The Dometic CRX units are tropical rated fridges, which the specified operating temperature is 18-43°C. They will still maintain a normal fridge compartment temperature when the ambient is lower than 18°C, but will cycle off for longer periods, and depending on stock level the freezer temp may rise...Hint: if the freezer is stocked fully with dense products, then the temp will hold over for longer in the off cycle. 

    Many thanks

  • With regards to the Dometic Waeco Upright fridge models. Can I choose which side of the door the hinge goes on?


    Some models require the customer to choose a hinge position prior to delivery. You will notice a Left Or Right Hand hinge option on the product page.

    With all the other models you will be supplied with a hinge conversion kit. The door will come with the hinge on the right hand side as standard. You can easily change it over using the kit. Feel free to view the Installation instructions on the product page for each model.

  • Does the fridge auto select between 12v/24v?

    Hi - Yes it does!

    Thank you :)

  • 1) What is the thickness of the outside door (including the rubber seal)? 2) How long from payment to delivery to South Penrith NSW 2750?

    Hi - the thickness of the door including the rubber seal is approx. 60mm. 

    Once payment is received, you can allow 1-2 business days to arrive at your address in Penrith, NSW.

    Many thanks

  • Dometic WAECO CoolMatic CRX110 Fridge & Freezer 108L I am looking at the above unit and have a limit off 510mm on my entrance to the camper. What would be the depth size if I removed the door of the fridge freezer unit

    Hi George,

    We do not have an official measurement, but would expect the door to add about 30mm.


  • Does the fridge require a fuse on red circuit between fridge and battery?

    Hi Nathan, yes it does. The manual recommends a fuse of at least 15 A (at 12 V) or 7.5 A (at 24 V).  Many thanks

  • Hello, can you advise me how the CRX110 compares to an equivalent size evaporative fridge in relation to weight and interior space? Cheers, Paul

    Hi Paul, this Dometic Waeco CRX110 2 way compressor fridge has a total capacity of 108 litres, inclusive of a 9.5 litre freezer compartment. It has the following dimensions and weight:

    745 x 520 x 558 mm (HxWxD)

    28 kilograms

    A comparable 3 way absorption fridge model would be the Dometic RM8501 which has a total capacity of 106 litres, inclusive of a 9 litre freezer compartment. It has the following dimensions and weight:

    821 x 523 x 529 mm (HXWxD)

    28 kilograms

    If you need to consider larger or smaller 3-Way Absorption Fridge-Freezer models, you can browse our full range HERE.  Thank you. 


  • I'm fitting a new crx110 108litre frig I have removed the tabs inside the frig but there are no screw holes is it ok to to screw from the inside through the outside insulation to secure frig?

    Hi Ross,

    Thanks for your question.

    There are no holes pre drilled in the fridge.

    Dometic recommend drilling a hole no larger than the size of the screw that you will be using to secure the fridge.

  • I was told the Waeco CRX has removable freezer compartments- is that correct for all models?

    Hi Sam, in the CRX range, only the CRX50, CRX65, and the CRX80 models have a removable freezer compartment. 

    The two larger models in the ranf (CRX110 and CRX1140) do not have a removable freezer. Thanks

  • In reference to Waeco CR-1110 Fridge: 1) Is this fridge different than the CR-110 model? 2) Is the compressor a Secop Model Number: BD35F?

    Hi there - yes, the CR-1110 supercedes the CR-110, and now operates on 240Volts as well, without requiring an extra adaptor. 

    Relating to the compressor, it is a Secop Model BD50. 

    Thank you, Steve.

  • A lot of sellers are advertising this fidge as having a interchangable front door skin, yet the installation manual does not mention this, nor is there anything instructional video on the web. Can you help me

    Hi There, it isn't a product that we sell but am aware of other retailers that do sell the panel. You could contact Dometic on 1800 21 21 21 to confirm

  • Is the frame (Standard or Flush frame) required as part of installing the CRX fridge?

    Hi there, the answer is No. The frame is not required as part of the install. The frame is an option to help with presentation within your cabinetry; it tidies up the fridge perimeter in either a flush style or standard style (fridge door sits out proud). So the frame is just an option. 

    The fridge is fixed to your vehicle typically by the screw holes in the floor and there are side screw holes as well. Thanks.   


  • We currently have an old Waeco CR model refrigerator in our camper. How is the performance and offering of the newer CRX models in comparison?

    Hi there, the latest versions of the Dometic Waeco Compressor fridge-freezers are known as the 'CRX' range, which replace the old CR models.  The new CRX range has the same physical dimensions as the previous CR models, but slightly improved performance including;  greater temperature control, reduced noise, and better energy efficiency. More specifically:

    • Custom built Dometic Waeco compressor (Variable speed compressor) replaces Secop (Danfoss) compressor from previous models
    • Improvement in energy consumption (-10% to -30%)
    • Tropical rated:  designed and rated to work up to 43 degrees C
    • Interior Temperature Range:  Freezer -15 °C to -5 °C, Fresh: 3 °C to 12 °C, rapid cooling (without freezer): min. -6 °C ± 2 °C
    Our staff use them in their personal RV's and our customers have provided excellent feedback. We would not hesitate in recommending them. Many thanks. 
  • On the Dometic CRX110, when the temp drops below 16 deg C does the winter function kick in automatically of do you need to select?

    Hi there, the Winter Kit/LAC function is built into the Dometic Waeco CRX110 & CRX140 models. These two CRX models have a permanent freezer (the 3 smaller CRX models have a removeable freezer). The LAC winter mode ensures automatic optimum operation at ambient temperature of below 16°C.

    Many thanks

  • Are the Waeco CRX Fridges Tropical Rated?

    Hi there, yes is the answer. The Waeco CoolMatic CRX range is classified as having a Climatic Class of 'T'. 

    Fridges graded 'T' (which stands for Tropical) are designed and rated to work up to 43 degrees C. Thanks.

  • What size fuse needed on positive wire of 12 volt system for CRX110 or is there already a fuse in 12 vollt system?

    Hi There,

    Dometic recommend the use of a 15A fuse on the 12V connection for the CRX110.

  • CRX110. Looking at ventilation, Does the fan mounted to the fins, suck air away from the fins, or blow air over them.

    Hi There,

    It will blow air across the vents to assist in removing hot air from the cooling fins.

  • Hi, I am very curious about the rated power consumption of 1.2A/h. I assume this is consumption whilst fridge is running and not average consumption. If not, can you advise what the actual A/h are whilst running?Is this labelled on the fridge or just

    Hi There,

    The 12V power consumption supplied by Dometic is as follows:

    1.2 Ah/h (@12 V, +5 °C Fridge, -17°C Freezer , 25 °C ambient temperature) setting 3

    The rated current of the fridge is: 6.2A.

  • Can you please give me the coverage and the dimensions of the Dometic Waeco Standard Installation Frame CR-110-EST?

    Hi there,

    The Standard Intallation Frame for the CRX110 fits the external dimensions of the fridge, being:

    Height (mm) 745
    Width (mm) 520
    Depth (mm) 558 (with door)

    The cut-out requires (With Standard Frame)is:  524(w) x 747(h) x 505(d) mm

    Many thanks,

  • Is this fridge suitable for installation in a 4WD canopy which will be driven over very rough and corrugated tracks?

    Hi There,

    These fridges are designed for caravans and motorhomes.

    If using it in the back of a canopy you would need to make sure it is installed very securely and has plenty of ventialtion. 


  • Can the temps for fridge and freezer each be set independently?

    Hi There,

    Unfortunatley not sorry. There is only one temperature control module in these fridges.

  • Can a ply panel be fitted to the fridge door for presentation purposes?

    Hi There,

    You may be able to do that, though you would want to avoid covering up the latch mechanism so you can open the door.

  • Hi, I've read that the crx110 comes with a drainage plug system, I do plan on mounting this inside the canopy on the back of my 4WD. Can I access the drain plug without having to remove the fridge ? And how often do I need to drain it ?

    Hi There

    The water drain outlet is designed to be set up when the fridge is installed.

    Unfortunately it is not designed to be opened and closed as required.

    Please refer to page 21 in the following manual:

  • What is the minimum screw size needed to mount a CRX110 through the 4 blanks on the side walls and into the cabinetry?ie. how thick are the side walls?

    Hi There

    You would be best speaking directly with Dometic on 1800 21 21 21 as we are not supplied with that information.

    Kind Regards

  • Will this fridge tolerate operating in a semi-closed space? E.g. Mounted to the side wall of the cockipit on a boat.

    Hi, it is advised that there is sufficient ventilation around the refrigerator, especially behind it near the cooling unit. 

    The fridge does not come with mounting brackets. However, there are four screw holes inside the base of the fridge that allows you to fix the fridge to the floor.

    Hope that helps - cheers, Steve

  • Is the price the same for Left Hand hinge? How do I order?

    Hi, the Dometic Waeco CRX range of upright RV fridges come with variable door mounts & hinges, so they can either be left hand hinge, or right hand hinge. They come delivered right hinged as standard, but you can easily change them over to a left hand hinge. So there is no price difference when it comes to hinge side, it is the same unit and you can choose what side hinge you want to use. 

    In terms of placing an order, you can either add it to the shopping cart on the website, and then fill in your delivery and payment details online...or, you can call us on 1300 400 122 and place an order over the phone with our team. Many thanks :)

  • At what voltage will the fridge shut down?

    Hi, The refrigerator can be operated with a 12 V or a 24 V DC voltage supply.  To protect the battery, the refrigerator switches off automatically if the voltage is insufficient:

    12V cut-off voltage:  10.4 Volts

    24V cut-off voltage:  22.8 Volts

  • I have bought a second hand Waeco CR110. Manual mentions that I need an adaptor for the 240volt. It did come with a cable that can plug directly into 240. I cannot find the model number on the fridge so unsure if it could be a CRX110 which does not nee
  • ** Dometic Troubleshooting Tip ** - Try the fridge on 240 V AC mains power

    If it works normally on 240 v mains power, then the problem is almost certainly with your vehicle wiring, not the fridge.

  • ** Dometic Troubleshooting Tip ** - Is the Fuse In the Cable Blown?

    There is a fuse in the plug of most Dometic fridge cables.  The fuse can be accessed by removing the single screw.  Replace the fuse (with the same rating as original fuse) and reassemble.  This is not a common problem, but it can happen and should be the firwt thing to check.

  • ** Dometic Troubleshooting Tip ** - Have you cut or extended the cable supplied?

    Unless you do this correctly you will prevent your fridge from getting enough voltage to operate correctly.  The cable provided is the minimum thickness required for that length.

Customer Reviews

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Quality product Review by
Prod ct is great and we buy from you all the time
(Posted on 14 January 2023)
Great all round.. Review by
Perfect for the needs of a van conversion. Great product. Size is also great for the 2 of us when travelling..
(Posted on 5 January 2023)
Well Done !!! Review by
Replaced the old 3 way Dometic with the CRX110 fridge/freezer. Fitted perfect in the Motorhome, with no problems with installation or wiring. So happy with our new Dometic Waeco Coolmatic (wife loves it !!)
(Posted on 19 April 2022)
Excellent quality pro Review by
Ordered and received within a week, we are very happy with the performance and quality of this fridge.
(Posted on 2 September 2021)

View All Reviews

Good product. Review by
The fridge was easy to install using the standard mounting kit. Quiet running works well. Delivery was good an d was delivered to my door.
(Posted on 19 April 2021)
Excellent service Review by
The fridge works well and was easy to fit but compared to a household fridge is very overpriced (not Mygenerator’s fault).
(Posted on 27 December 2020)
Dometic fridge Review by
Excellent smart looking fridge plenty of food fits inside.
(Posted on 4 October 2020)
Good product Review by
Went from a Waeco 95lt top opening to the upright, feels and looks smaller but still fits plenty of food and drinks, still a epic upgrade from what I had and a lot easier to access in a tall car.
(Posted on 31 May 2020)
Good looking fridge with large capacity Review by
Just installed my new Dometic 108L 2 way fridge. It looks great and was fairly easy to install. Runs very quiet and reached desired temp reasonably quickly. We love the stainless steel finish and decided to get the flush mount kit for a perfect finish. Can't wait to try it out on our next trip after COVID-19 passes.
(Posted on 29 April 2020)
Re caravan fridge freezer Review by
The products I received were the exact fridge I needed for the space in my caravan. The fridge runs very well on the batteries also on 240 power it was exactly the fridge I wanted in the photo you provided. Even in the hot weather we are having is working great, thank you to all at My Generator.
(Posted on 9 January 2020)
A very quiet and efficient fridge Review by
Quiet and efficient, cools quickly and does not make much noise. Looks good and easy to install. A pleasure to buy and much better energy consumption than the 3-way fridges.
(Posted on 30 December 2019)
Great product and great service Review by
Purchased this on Thursday and received it the next day Friday. Easy to install, removed my old 3 way 90 litre and put the 108 litre in the same place without having to make any adjustments.The internal LED lights are fantastic.
(Posted on 20 October 2019)
Great product, great service Review by
I replaced an old 3 way fridge with the CRX 110 fridge and freezer and it is performing extremely well. Cools down quickly and is very quiet in its operation and it was easy to install.
(Posted on 4 October 2019)
dometic110 Review by
So glad i bought this fridge works great on 12 or 240, I have 300 watts of solar on my van and this fridge has little or no impact on my battery. Great product at a great price, leaves my old thetford 3 way fridge for dead. Thankyou my generator for great service and quick delivery.
(Posted on 29 August 2019)
Excellent replacement fridge Review by
This is a quick and easy replacement for our old three way fridge. Easy to install and not hard on the battery. Very happy with this fridge.
(Posted on 22 August 2019)
Excellent fridge /freezer Review by
Runs very well on both 240v and 12v. Keeps icecream frozen and the fridge cold. Runs well on 12v battery.
(Posted on 14 August 2019)
Good deal on a very good product Review by
The fridge is in my opinion the only brand for the job, easy to understand instructions and ease of installation and the little freebie cooler excellent in my wifes car.
(Posted on 5 August 2019)
Great service and a great product Review by
It replaced the old 3 way fridge and it is fantastic. very quiet and got down to temp very quickly. Really happy with the product.
(Posted on 26 June 2019)
Excellent product Review by
The fridge works well on 12 volt keeping everything very cool and at a minimum drain on the batteries. It has smooth internal lines for cleaning and in built thermostat and LED lights.
(Posted on 16 June 2019)
Working nicely Review by
I have been testing this fridge for a week now on my 12 volt set up. Everything is working nicely,. The fan can be heard when it cuts in but is not what I would call noisy. I checked the temperatures on all of the available settings and 3 degrees can be maintained on the coldest setting. The freezer keeps a bottle of water frozen even when the fridge setting is at its warmest. The power draw is as specified or less when the fan is not running. The only dislikes I have are the plastic door catches and the wasted space in the door.
(Posted on 6 June 2019)
A great fridge for the van- no more 3 way fridge f Review by
We purchased this fridge to replace the 3 way in our pop top caravan because I was sick of freezing veg one day and warm drinks the next depending on ambient temperatures. I chose this model because we've had a Waeco CF50 for >10 years of trouble free operation and it most closely fitted the existing cutout( I did remove a couple of mm extra to allow it to slide in easier). The mounting/ trim kit fitted well with the added bonus that this fridge stands on rubber feet allowing air circulation from within the van. This enabled me to close off the rear external van vent which should reduce dust ingress. I also intend fitting an internal top vent to allow blocking the top external vent too. We also received a small Dometic thermal heater/cooler as a bonus. I've used similar devices before with little success but tried this out on a 2 hour car trip. With no pre cooling and no cold items placed in it I just plugged it in and left it for 2 hours. To my absolute surprise on arrival I checked the cooler and it was nice and cool, no thermometer was used but I'm sure it would keep a few cans / lunch cold especially if they were cold to start with. Next test is to keep some country bakery pies warm :)
(Posted on 4 June 2019)
Great ! Review by
This CRX110 Fridge/Freezer is darn Terrific ! It just fitted neatly into the space in our Caravan where the Old three way Fridge came out ! I Turned it on and my Wifey put some Bottles of Wine and Beer into the Compartment and they were nice and Cold the next Morning ! Freezer Brick in the Freezer was as solid as a Rock ! We are more than Happy with this Fridge/Freezer ! Now I just have to Mount our Generator onto the Draw Bar of the Caravan and secure it from theft and we are set to go Places where there is just plenty of Sunshine and no Mains Power !
(Posted on 16 May 2019)
Excellent Review by
Great fridge, this is the second one we have purchased.
(Posted on 9 May 2019)
All round great product and service Review by
All round great product and service From my generator and the flush mount kit fits in exceptionally well, I will have no hesitation in recommending this product and the company to supply Pretty much ecstatic about the new fridge range and operating functionalities
(Posted on 6 May 2019)
Quallity product, easy to deal with, very prompt Review by
The CRX110 does everything its suppose to very well, packaged very well no damage or lost items, low draw on battery in caravan, a lot less than my old 3way fridge and easy to install. The only negative if there is one is that there could be another shelf position on the door, seems to be some wasted space that could be utilised.
(Posted on 24 April 2019)
Perfect for my application Review by
A perfect fit for my aluminium canopy build. It is lighter than a chest fridge and drop slide, and significantly cheaper. The latches are a bit light and I am a bit concerned they may break in time but overall a much better setup than anything else.
(Posted on 17 March 2019)
Great fridge Review by
We thought our old fridge was OK until it stopped working, now we realise how noisy it was.The new fridge is so quiet and works efficiently. Very happy with purchase.
(Posted on 16 March 2019)
Very good, delivered in good condition Review by
Excellent, easy to fit and works great.
(Posted on 25 February 2019)
An excellent product. Review by
An excellent product in quality and price. Early days but product has delivered all that was promised.
(Posted on 19 February 2019)
Great Unit, simple install Review by
Plenty of online review for this unit, all positive and correct in putting out how great a unit this is.
(Posted on 9 February 2019)
Looks good, fitted well, works quite quietly, good Review by
This CRX110 fridge freezer nicely fitted in the space previously occupied by the RM2350 90 litre 3 way fridge in our Avan. Only had it a month so far but it works well on 12volts. We are happy with the greater capacity, although the door shelf could do with a couple of optional positions, or even the option of a second door shelf. The door opening latch works ok, but feels like it could break if not operated carefully. Pressing the door in a little while operating the latch makes it open much more smoothly. Our only concern really is that the specifications give the low ambient operating temp as +10°C. We 're in Qld, so yet to discover if the freezer keeps frozen below 10°C.
(Posted on 8 February 2019)
Easy to use and convenient size Review by
I was looking for an upright fridge to use in my Ute back canopy. It had to fit into a specific space and offer good storage space. The CRX110’s height worked perfectly, and the 109 litres of storage space give me plenty of options for how to pack it. I do like the fixed freezer unit; good to know I’ve got a dedicated space for frozen items. Very happy with the purchase and both the price and delivery speed was second to none.
(Posted on 7 February 2019)
Great product Review by
The fridge is a great addition to my camper. Performed flawlessly on consecutive 35+ degree days. Only bug bear is that for the money why don't dometic add a digital thermometer like their portable fridges.
(Posted on 6 February 2019)
Great fridge at a great price Review by
This is great replacement fridge for our van. Easy to install and fast to cool down. Also low on power usage.
(Posted on 6 February 2019)
Very efficient little fridge Review by
Great cooling power and easy to operate, you can set and forget. Only reason we replaced the 3way for the CRX110 was because of lost storage in the fridge due to the cooling elements, we can fit a 1/4 more into the new fridge! Runs over 3 hot days solid on a stand alone 110 amphr battery on the second cooling mode ( we put cold food in it first ). Would of liked to test it further but we moved camp so the car topped up the batteries on our travels. Once at the new camp we swapped onto the van battery with solar and had no worries in the back of my mind about running out of power. Over all a great investment for us.
(Posted on 29 January 2019)
Replacement fridge Review by
It was exactly as I ordered. Very happy.
(Posted on 27 January 2019)
Will be using this company again. Review by
Great product easy to install, runs well and don't use much battery over 48 hours.
(Posted on 21 January 2019)
Excellent Product Review by
This fridge is great. Easy to install and light weight. It keeps items really cold. The automatic switching from 12V to 240V also make it easy to manage your 12V power supply.
(Posted on 14 January 2019)
Great fridge Review by
The fridge is great fitted in space of old fridge and works really well and doesnt use as much power as the old fridge.
(Posted on 19 December 2018)
Hoping this model is much better than the previous Review by
It would appear new technology has been built into the CRX 110 which should mean a better performing Unit.The control is more user friendly and the cold weather mode should make for better operation at cooler locations.This unit replaced the previous model so no modification was necessary to cabinet and wiring etc in our Van. We are hoping for a good result from this unit.
(Posted on 19 December 2018)
Excellent product Review by
Replacement item, works perfectly, easy to install (into boat), no problems with wiring, excellent low power consumption, adjustable shelves very usable, looks good.
(Posted on 16 December 2018)
Excellent product Review by
Great fridge, economical and reliable, fits the space perfectly, and works much more efficiently than a 3 way gas fridge.
(Posted on 10 December 2018)
So efficient Review by
Love new fridge / freezer. Just returned from our first trip with this installed. Never a problem, wine stayed cold - ice in freezer, even after 7 hour drive and operating on solar. Great price, all fixtures are of good quality. very happy!
(Posted on 27 November 2018)
Fantastic!! Review by
We purchased the dometic waeco upright for inside the canopy of our camping Ute - it's fantastic! Works like a charm and fits plenty of food including icy poles for the kidlets. Love it!
(Posted on 21 November 2018)
Outstanding Review by
We love this fridge! Automatic 12v to 240v changeover. Low power draw on 12v and heaps of room for the beer!
(Posted on 7 November 2018)
OMG...the only way to go is these fridges Review by
Done a whole heap of research, as i just brought ourselves a slide on camper, ( a oldy but a beauty) and we needed a fridge, as the old banger had seen better days, And this fridge meet all our requirements,,,and fits as snug as a bug in a rug, and so easy to install and wire up,,,and even better the MRS loves it, she fits everything we need in it and more,,and fair to say,,,happy wife = happy life,,,and would recommend the fridge to anyone,,,,cheers
(Posted on 7 November 2018)
great service Review by
First up service from the my generator people is a1 .very helpful .the crx 110 fridge seems to be great value and so far the power usage on the 2nd highest setting is brilliant doesn't look to use any more power Than my cfx 40 .
(Posted on 26 October 2018)
Great little fridge Review by
I bought this to replace my RM2350 unit which was 15 years old. The CRX110 is almost identical in size and was very easy to install. The temperature dropped to 3 degrees after only a couple of hours on 240v. Have not tried on 12v yet but don’t envisage any problems. The compressor is so quiet I had to put my ear against the fridge to hear anything. Extremely happy with the price and delivery speed from Mygenerator.
(Posted on 11 October 2018)
Excellent caravan fridge Review by
Easy to install and operate, works well, great replacement for RM2350 3-way fridge/freezer.
(Posted on 30 August 2018)
Excellent Review by
Product is excellent and great price. Easy to install.
(Posted on 20 August 2018)
CRX110 Compressor Fridge Review by
Great replacement for 3 way RM8501 in our motorhome. 3 way on gas just didn't cope above 32 deg in Australian summer. I had previous experience with a CR1140 so went that way, have plenty of solar power so no more switching between gas and 240v.
(Posted on 13 July 2018)
The only fridge to have in a caravan. Review by
The fridge looks good is easy to install and works brilliantly, 200% better than the 3 in 1 that it replaced.
(Posted on 5 July 2018)
Great Fridge / Freezer Review by
I installed the CRX110 in my caravan and have just returned from a trip with the van. The Fridge worked great and kept the produce refrigerated in transit. My caravan battery system coped excellently whilst keeping the fridge at the correct temperature. I have no regrets buying this Dometic WAECO Frige/Freezer. Great value for money and an excellent product.
(Posted on 29 May 2018)
Good value Review by
Easy to install. Quality product and power efficiency.
(Posted on 3 May 2018)
Good old fashion service Review by
Our previous fridge failed just before leaving for a trip. Search on line revealed My Generator not only had our model CRX 110 Dometic/Waeco, but it was at the most competitive price. Fitting was a breeze as my husband had the unit fitted and working perfectly within a few hours. Thank you all at My Generator for fast,helpful service. Glennis.
(Posted on 2 May 2018)
Great Fridge easy to install and operate.
(Posted on 29 April 2018)
Awesome service Review by
I have only just started using the fridge, everything is working great.
(Posted on 13 April 2018)
Easy to deal with quick turn around time Review by
Good value for money.
(Posted on 9 January 2018)
The service was great, and I was really happy that Review by
I bought the Waeco Caravan / Boat fridge with the installation kit. It was a fantastic purchase process and was very easy to use. It arrived promptly and I was very happy with the bonus Cooler bag.
(Posted on 3 January 2018)
Excellent so far Review by
As requested, so far my experience in a month or so of ownership of the CRX 110 has been excellent. The unit is so quiet and low in battery consumption.
(Posted on 18 December 2017)
Excellent Fridge Freezer Review by
Very efficient low power consumption unit. Works great from solar panels with stylish finish. The fridge & freezer unit is outstanding after replacing the original 3 in 1 unit.
(Posted on 17 December 2017)
Great Product Review by
Great Fridge, but would ideally like to have a similar fridge with a bigger freezer .
(Posted on 13 December 2017)
Very Happy! Review by
The fridge is easy to install and works well. Much better than the 3 way Dometic it replaced.
(Posted on 29 October 2017)
Excellent Product Review by
Fridge works exceptionally well even in 30+ temperatures running on 12v. Fridge was easy to install - very happy with product.
(Posted on 22 October 2017)
Absolutely brilliant fridge Review by
Best money ever spent, excellent service, speedy delivery. Now for a aircon!
(Posted on 4 October 2017)
good service Review by
working well
(Posted on 13 September 2017)
Good to excellent Review by
Fridge fitted perfectly. Slid the old 3 way fridge out and the new unit in. Two electrical wires together and I was ready to go. Maybe still a bit expensive but this mob was the cheapest I can find including delivery.
(Posted on 10 September 2017)
a very good purchase "absolutely fabulous" Review by
Light weight ,easily handled, a breeze to install and works like a charm. Previously we had another well known brand that was so noisy I have to keep checking if the Waeco is running.
(Posted on 19 August 2017)
Waeco fridge freezer Review by
Works well and fits well :)
(Posted on 3 August 2017)
Very good Review by
Pleased with the product fitted into the opening and screwed into the side with out having to use a frame.
(Posted on 2 August 2017)
Works well Review by
The fridge works very well , and uses considerably less power than the previous one, I was very impressed by the speed of delivery, I ordered it on a Monday , and received it 2 days later on Wednesday. Impressive ! Rolf.
(Posted on 27 July 2017)
Fantastic Review by
Very happy, already installed in my caravan and running to-day!
(Posted on 25 July 2017)
Great service Review by
Great product, easy to install and use. If I can do it, anyone can.
(Posted on 17 July 2017)
Great Product - Great Service Review by
The fridge is very quite and users much less power than the last model.
(Posted on 17 July 2017)
Great product, works well as intended. Review by
Fitted into the space of my old RM360 in my 1975 Viscount van nicely and now we can run on 12v when traveling and overnight stays and with some solar during day camps. Product feedback: Top shelf (blue) cover easily damaged when shutting door, is it really necessary? Second shelf in door should be about 3 inches lower and about 1 inch deeper to be more useful. i.e. store cans.
(Posted on 10 July 2017)
Could not be happier Review by
For the size of this fridge its heaps bigger internally than our old three way and handles the heat up here.
(Posted on 7 July 2017)
Product and Service Excellent Review by
The Waeco is an excellent product. Easy to install and was operational immediately. The look of this fridge is very sleek and easy on the eyes. Adjustable shelving throughout lends itself easily to personal choice of placement. Very pleased with it.
(Posted on 26 May 2017)
Great piece of kit! Review by
Installed it in my Roadstar Caravan. Much better than the old Electrolux 3 way it replaced
(Posted on 7 May 2017)
Outstanding service. Review by
We are so happy to have upgraded to this model fridge. No more hassels with gas running out. It runs smoothly and doesn't seem to struggle in the warmer weather like our old fridge.
(Posted on 3 May 2017)
Great service Review by
Fridge is as described has auto switch between 12v / 240v fits original 3way fridge space with mm to spare on sides nice looking unit. Temperature selection is by button selection in 4 increments instead of dial selection. Think I would prefer the old dial selection where you have greater control over temp. Very quiet.
(Posted on 28 April 2017)
Excelent Review by
Great people to deal with at My Generator took only 4 days to get here, we have used the fridge a couple of times now and it has performed fantastic has no problem running off 12v while traveling the lovely dirt roads that we have here, its quite spacious inside and easy to setup fit nicely into a poptop van, runs quiet and the automatic switch to 240v when plugged in means you dont have to remember to switch it over. As for the price its our first time buying one so seemed alot to us but saying that all camping stuff is pretty expensive anyway, but compared to other sites and fridges the same it was on par with the others but they had good knowledge of the product and fast delivery. Thanks
(Posted on 22 April 2017)
great service ,backup and product Review by
Great service, prompt delivery, quiet and efficient product
(Posted on 20 April 2017)
Dometic (Waeco CRX110) Review by
Great replacement for the old Electrolux RM350 in the caravan, same size, fitted straight into the space. Fridge was cold within 15 minutes on low. Great presentation, lightweight and using the standard frame looks a treat.
(Posted on 22 March 2017)
5 star performance Review by
I chose this product to replace the old fridge in my motorhome and was very pleased with the ease of installation. This fridge is very roomy and functions extremely well even in very hot conditions without too much strain on my battery as I mainly rely on solar energy. I will be more than happy to recommend the Waeco Coolmatic to all of my travelling friends.
(Posted on 10 March 2017)
well built, stylish fridge, packed well, delivered Review by
Great replacement fridge for my boat with stylish appearance, both inside and out. Nice having an interior light and easy controls over temperature, which can't be accidentally altered !
(Posted on 16 February 2017)
Excellent service and product Review by
Love my new fridge has all the features I wanted, auto change over great and so simple.
(Posted on 13 February 2017)
A good product Review by
This is a great fridge,it is installed on my boat in place of a '3 in 1', power consumption is much less and after switching on the freezer was very cold only after 20 mins of operation. My only complaint is that one of the LED globes is not working but I can live with that.
(Posted on 21 January 2017)
Very happy with product & service. Review by
Pleased with the fridge, working very well.
(Posted on 23 November 2016)
waeco coolmatic110 ltr Review by
Great fridge for our motorhome, far better product than most otherd. Our old one is still going well but a bit worn out on the inside. Cheers, time to start wearing this out
(Posted on 21 November 2016)
Good product assistance before purchase. Review by
Works well. Could do with a rear mounting strip like the 3way dometic units.
(Posted on 27 October 2016)
YES! Review by
(Posted on 23 October 2016)
Great service Review by
Best upgrade for camper fridges, easy to install and very efficient. Better option than standard 3 way type fridge
(Posted on 30 July 2016)
waeco coolmatic 106 ltr Review by
Product arrived within two days of order, great service and price, best price on internet
(Posted on 31 March 2016)


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