Vitrifrigo DRW180A Stainless Steel 2 Drawer Fridge Freezer 150L

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Product Description

Vitrifrigo DRW180A Stainless Steel 2 Drawer Fridge Freezer 150L, 2 Year Warranty. The Vitrifrigo offers a complete range of Stainless Steel fridges, freezers, and dual configurations to meet most space and capacity requirements.

The stylish stainless steel finish provides a modern look to complement decor with sleek sophistication. Ergonomic, silent, reliable and safe; these units are a popular choice for both caravan and marine application.

The Drawer refrigerators are Vitrifrigo's answer to the high-end demand and are available in five (5) configurations: all refrigerator (RFX), refrigerator/freezer (DTX), refrigerator/freezer with built-in ice-maker (DTX IM), all freezer (BTX), and all freezer with internal ice-maker (BTX IM).
The DRW180A sports an all in one function that can serve as a Fridge + Freezer, Freezer + Freezer or Fridge + Fridge.

Features of the Vitrifrigo DW/DRW fridge series

  • One of the strongest positive catch/lock in the market
  • 316AISI stainless steel
  • No-frost ventilated fridge compartment
  • The Fridge/Freezer range - Fridge and freezer can be run independently from each other and either the fridge or freezer can be switched off separately from one another


  • 150 litres total capacity
  • All In One - refrigerator+freezer, freezer+freezer, refrigerator+refrigerator
  • R290 Gas - The DRW series uses R290 natural refrigerant with low GWP
  • Smart Handle - Waterproof digital thermostat with touchscreen display and vent-position system
  • 3-Star freezer - The lower drawer freezer reaches -18°C with an ambient temperature up to 43°C
  • Double Door Position - The DRW series are equipped with the DOOR INSIDE-DOOR OUTSIDE system
  • New Drawers - New generation soft close runners and internal dividers
  • Total No Frost - The new ventilation system ensures better food storage
  • LED light - High brightness LED light system for a better internal viewing
  • D-Power - Power supply with dual electronic control unit available (optional)

Product Card

Vitrifrigo Product Manual

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Product Drawing


SKU A-044961

Brand Vitrifrigo

GTIN 8053670654822

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Product Category RV Drawer Fridges

Fridge Voltage 12 / 24 V

Product Type Compressor driven Built In Two Drawer Fridge & Freezer with Cool Stainless Steel finish that operates on 12/24v DC power. Designed for Recreational Ve

Total Capacity (Litres) 150

Fridge Depth (mm) 595

Fridge Width (mm) 666

Fridge Height (mm) 874

Power consumption (DC 12V) 12V: 8 Amps

Power consumption (DC 12V) 24V: 4 Amps

Voltage 12/24 Volts DC

Installation Refer to the Product Manual / Installation Guide for installation instructions from the manufacturer

Net Weight (kg) 55

Avg Power Consumption 130W

Product Q&A

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  • How many Batteries, 12 volt would i need, to run this.What size solar Panel, would i need.I currently run a 130 Solar Blanket.And a 120 Deep cycle, battery..(Really only enough to run mobile ph charging, 12 volt ouggts for an hour).Thats exchanging

    Hi There

    The Vitrifrigo DRW1080A is a 12V fridge. It does not have 240V capabilities. We would sugest connecting the fridge direct to 12V. 

    A system like the following would be a great option for running your 12V system:

    We would not recommend utilising a 12V system to convert it back to 240V and running your 12V appliances from adaptors. You end up losing a lot of power from your batteries. For example a 1000W inverter will use approximately 100A at 12V when maxed out.


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